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Yeon Ah Lee (Moon) - Our Educational Mission Tour

Vi Apigo
April 8, 2010

We are still in our mother's womb, 8 months. We are still gathering our sources from our mother and preparing to be born. Because the mother is already telling us what our mission is when we are born, it's positive that your imagination will soon come true. May I share to you a very touching experience when we had a national meeting last March 17. Rev. Yeon Ah Lee, the wife of our very own Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, came to gave a speech. We didn't expect her coming although, we were informed the night before the meeting.

She spent short time to deliver her speech, however, after her speech almost everybody has tears in their eyes. That was a very profound experience for me too, because it is my first time to hear her speak in person. I felt she is full of love, understanding and spirit that in a short time, she can touch the hearts of many of us. Those tears are tears of joy and gratefulness, I guess.

At first she thanked the leadership and members of the PBMK because of their effort. In eight months the PBMK had done something. It may be very small but considering that we are still in the womb, she considers it really grand.

Her main topic is about the importance of the three main events in our lives, which Father has been mentioning in his speeches. These are the birth, marriage blessing and death. She said she is very amazed at the fact that Father was emphasizing the importance of Seong Hwa ceremony this time. She said in the past we had emphasize overly the importance of the Marriage Blessing but we forgot to give emphasis after the Blessing which is the preparation for the next ceremony which is the Seong Hwa.

She said that they (the leadership under Rev. Hyung Jin Moon and Pres. Kook Jin Moon) are making ways now on how to guide each member from birth to death. One of their projects after birth is education of the children. Then they are also working out a system that will guide families after the Blessing.

Isn't it wonderful brothers and sisters to have leaders who's concern is to guide members from birth to death! I am one to those who are really inspired and received so much hope through the leadership of Rev. Hyung Jin Moon together with Pres. Kook Jin Moon and with the support of all other True Children who are with True Parents.

Let's move on brothers and sisters! Remember we are so blessed because we were met by the Messiah, I mean he gave us a chance to meet him and be with him and work with him.


Vi Apigo 

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