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Petition To Our Elder Brother Hyun Jin Nim

Vi Apigo-Ko
January 26, 2010

Dear my elder Brother Hyun Jin Nim,


How are you my dear elder brother? I am hoping that you remain the brother I had known, the bold, the powerful, the intelligent and full of confidence son of the great Rev. Sun Myung Moon, as I read and feel through your speech.

My dearest brother, may I tell you that you are very precious to many of us, especially in the Philippines, because you started the program "Global Peace Festival." That is wonderful. You together with our great leaders in the Philippines can gather thousands, no millions of participants to listen to you as the representative of our True Parents. Really amazing. That is the image I have about you that I keep in my heart. And I'm quite sure many of our Philippine members have even deeper appreciation to such an ability.

And I would always want to think that way when your image comes into my mind.

Now that the providence of God is moving forward, Father changed many things. He relieved you from many positions you enjoyed, and asked you to transfer ownership of the companies you are handling. Hyun Jin Nim, may I petition you, to please follow your parents. I understand you are a very intelligent man, so I believe you understand many of the reasons, if not all the reason as to why Father is doing what he is doing now. So please I plead to you our elder brother Hyun Jin Nim to please do what your mind is asking you to do. "Obey Thy Father and Mother." Your parents are not ordinary parents like other parents in the world. Please try to understand this, if it is difficult emotionally, then just base your judgment on your intellectual mind. I understand how it is for you emotionally. You are a man. So as a man, I understand you have a pride. Hyun Jin Nim, you can also be proud as a filial son. Don't you think so?

When I heard that you went to the Philippines, despite of your father's instruction not to do GPF this time, I felt very distressed for many reasons. First, it is detrimental to the providence in my country. Second, it will entail more indemnity. Third,.., Fourth… and so on.

You love my country I know, that is why you still want to go on with your projects. Of course many of us, appreciate such a project. But please don't divide us like this. You may try to persuade leaders in the Philippines to go to your side, but I am sure many will resists and I am one of them. Many Filipinos' faith is based on your father's position as our Messiah and our Savior. We believe that your Father is totally one with God. And since we also love our country Philippines, we want to connect our country to your father's direction. This time Father said, don't do the GPF, then we will not do GPF. Then when he says, bring millions of participants for the GPF, then I think Filipino together with the Philippine leadership can easily do that, just as you have seen in the past.

Hyun Jin Nim, you may be distressed because the changes that Father is doing now is also based on the suggestion and recommendations of your two younger brothers. Are you not proud that you have such wonderful juniors and a wonderful elder sister? As an elder brother, I even want to think that you have taught well your younger brothers that they became what they are now. But if you get angry and hurt because they have amazing results based on their recommendations and activities, then I would think that you did not really give time to teach them something so that they can realize their potentials to the fullest, instead I would think that you had give them hard time and even persecuted them so that they would not rise up to rival with your position and influence. Am I right?

If you did the later, then I would think that you really are hand picked to fulfill a great and wonderful position the providence of God in our present age. I would say, as much as I understand, that you are placed in the position of Esau. Not a simple Esau as recorded in the Bible, but a huge, big, cosmic level or even greater than cosmic level Esau. May I congratulate you then if my analysis is right, because you become the KEY to the kingdom that we are longing for. Not only we who are alive are waiting for this kingdom, but also our billions of ancestors who are anxiously praying and working and influencing us to keep on going to build our earnest God's Kingdom. And you know what? If you are the chosen Esau, you are holding the KEY. The KEY that you are holding now fits only to one door knob.

Just like Esau has only one way to go to be able to create the family foundation for God's Kingdom, you too has only one way, as far as I understand. If you decide to fit that KEY to the right door, then all of us, in the Philippines will surely rejoice. Who knows? You might be invited here and there to speak on how you did it. You know I will tell you a secret, many of us are also struggling just like you, I too has also have such struggle of course in a very minute level. Sorry for this revelation, I ask your forgiveness because I can't fully overcome this area so it has to go to your shoulders. But I tell you I am trying to overcome, and I am pretty sure many of our brothers and sisters are also trying to overcome so you won't have too much burden, we share the same burden. Hyun Jin Nim, may I tell you, everybody will rejoice, both those are very close to you now and those that are not close to you right now, if you become successful and victorious because we can also share your victory.

Hyun Jin Nim, I saw and still see how Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim, transformed and still transforming the internal situations of our church, our most beloved family, especially here in Korea. Many weakened faith or even dying faith are rekindled because of your younger brothers' recommended changes in our family and because of the devotions and activities your younger brother had initiated in the church. And also many members got great hope and inspiration from the wonderful activities of another younger brother. In just barely two years of working together, they had accomplished great things that inspired not only our church but also non members. They may not be as great as you in gathering millions of people, but please consider that they are working out the unseen parts. Actually I am seriously praying for their success in repairing the damaged unseen parts and successfully create a system so that those people whom you had gathered in your GPF in the past can directly benefit from what Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim are doing now.

Hyun Jin Nim if what I am telling until here are all nonsense to you because I am missing the point, then forgive me. If you have gone to our country Philippines against your will, but was forced to go there through the strong recommendations of our elder leaders, then that would be an entirely different story. I think we have to make a separate petition to our elder leaders.

In this case can you please forward this letter to one couple whom I know is very closely working with you. Rev. Pyeong Hwa Kim (formerly Rev. Byung Woh Kim) and Mrs. Kim.

Dear Rev. Kim,

I was very shocked when I heard that you were one of those who gathered in a meeting to remove In Jin Nim as your replacement in the leadership in USA. Maybe at that time, you thought that she cannot handle it well because she is young and she is a woman. But now that she has inspired and rekindled the faith of our brothers and sisters in USA which is also your desire, then I would like to ask you to please reconsider your original decision and start to support her activities and projects. May I humbly request you our dear former Continental Director.

And if you have suggested to Hyun Jin Nim to go and continue the GPF in the Philippines, then I would like to suggest that please retrieve your suggestions to him. If you look at our brothers and sisters in the Philippines, especially those who are younger, they are not happy. Do you think they will rejoice because their trusted leaders are now divided? You have loved the Philippines and served our country for many years with the purpose of bringing us closer to God and True Parents. You had touched many hearts of our VIP in the Philippines so they can at least come up and support whatever projects our True Parents are doing. Thank you for that. But the recent turn of activities in the Philippines really created something that is detrimental to our country. The coming of Hyun Jin Nim to do GPF in the Philippines created something good for the recipients of his speech but also created division among our brothers and sisters.

Rev. Kim, we know in our hearts and conscience that we should follow Hyung Jin Nim as our True Parents representative. I am sure about this, since Father transferred leadership to his youngest son. And also when I attended on Hoon Dok Hae at the Palace in Chung Pyung, Father in one moment, asked the leader sitting in front and beside Rev. Kwak, "Whom should you follow, Hyung Jin Nim or Rev. Kwak (Father calls them by their name)? Then that leader sitting just beside Rev. Kwak answered "Hyung Jin Nim imnida" Then Father asked him why, then he enumerated several of his reasons why he should follow Hyung Jin Nim. In this one occasion I feel that Father is telling all other leaders and members in that Hoon Do Hae and all of us to be clear about whose instructions should we follow.

Rev. Kim you could be one of those leaders who did not believe that Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim are not capable because they are young and without experience in leadership. However, now they are proving to everyone's eye that they are great leaders, don't you think they are worth leaders? If you think so, then please allow them to express their talent and their potentials to the fullest. If we allow them to that, all of us will benefit from them. I feel that you are also looking for somebody whom you can work with to fully express your God given leadership potential. I have a dream that if we allow the leadership of Hyung Jin Nim a success, all of us will also become successful. May I request you then or petition you to please support the leadership of Hyung Jin Nim, through Rev. Yong in the Philippines, and also encourage Hyun Jin Nim to do the same.

Rev. Kim, you may just laugh at my request. It is OK. I know I am just a simple ordinary struggling member of our church. And just a simple minded woman, who dreams to live in a world without division, without anger, hatred and jealousy, in a world full of joy and happiness and love and concern and rejoicing when somebody succeeds. How I like to remember the feeling I have kept in my heart until now the moments I had with our church when I first joined in. How I cherish the feelings when I knew that the Messiah has come and I have a chance to live with him and work with him while he is on earth. And when I look at the eyes of every brothers and sisters, everybody is rejoicing because of this, and we just love and cared and protected each other.

Maybe you too longed for those days when you first joined the church back in the 1960s. You must have a deeper longing than me, and a deeper experience because you are directly guided by the Messiah. Don't you want to bring back that atmosphere? If that atmosphere was absent, it would be very difficult for me to believe what the Divine Principle is saying. But in the center where I joined in, there was genuineness in their love and actions. So I can easily nurture the truth that I have learned from the Divine Principle. I supposed you too had similar experience in the early times of your life with True Parents. You may just laugh as I mentioned but nevertheless, I would request you to please consider this petition.

Thank you so much.

With all my prayers and respect,
Vi Apigo-Ko 

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