The Words of the Allard Family

Rediscovering the Divine Principle

Jeff Allard
May 5, 2010

Inspired by the activities of many of the True Family and the recent witnessing initiatives around the world, the Family Church in Scotland has decided the revive a regular Divine Principle Workshop program.

Our first one-day seminar took place on Saturday, 17th April in Livingston. We were honored to have Jack Corley, with his experience of presenting Divine-Principle programs all over the world as our lecturer. Undaunted by the cancellation of all aircraft flights due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, Jack drove from Dublin to Belfast, took the ferry from Belfast to Stranraer, where he was met by car for the last leg from South-West to Central Scotland. There was a good turnout of members and guests from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle.

Jack opened with a video from recent activities in China that he has participated in, an eye opener for all participants. Then we covered key sections from the Divine Principle including the Principles of Creation and the Human Fall, using some recently-introduced content.

It seemed that all participants enjoyed the program as they generated a good spirit throughout the day. As a bonus, Jack shared insights from Father Moon at the next day's Sunday Service in Edinburgh. 

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