The Words of the Agustin Family

Memorandum of Understanding - MOU Between IPLC and UTS America Officially Signed

V. Agustin
April 30, 2010

This is to officially inform you that the MOU between IPLC and UTS America was officially signed today at exactly 12:00 PM April 19, 2010 at 2nd Floor UTS Extension Campus at 4th West 43rd St, New York City between IPLC official represented by V. Agustin and UTS official represented by Dr. Tyler Hendricks (President) and witnessed and signed by Dr. Kathy Winings (Academic Head of UTS) and Dr. Lylia Corporal-Sena and Rev. Edward Prangan for the IPLC... Rev. Edward Bosque (Director-Lovin Life Learning Centre) acted as our guest witness.

IPLC now a satellite campus of UTS America.. in other words IPLC can now offer graduate programs (the process to make it happen begin right after the signing of the MOU)... an academic advantage for God's Providence in the Philippines...

Victory for God and True Parents Day and Wedding Anniversary...


V. Agustin 

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