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Experience with God: I looked to the sky and I read: "The Messiah is on the Earth"

Concepcion Garcia Abadia
January 24, 2011

I was born and raised in a small rural town, in a traditional catholic family. The values of purity, fidelity and filial piety, where the common living values at that time. But in the process of growing up, I realized the contradictions inside of myself and in others.

I went to mass almost every day and received the communion very often. During a long period of my life, I feel Jesus very closed. When I was about 17 or 18 years old, I was walking on the street with two of my friends, suddenly, I looked to the sky and I read: "The Messiah is on the Earth". That experience, shocking me, but I didn't talked to anybody about this with fear to not to be understood.

Any of the priest or nuns that I consulted a that time, gave me a clear answer to my questions about Jesus, God, the Bible etc. Them I started to search by my own in a different Christian groups etc. Finally, after years of difficulties and some bad decisions, I found out the Unification Church.

To listen the divine Principle was like received a fresh waterfall from the sky, it was like a personnel revelation to me. It gave me answer to all the questions that I had have during all my life. I was thinking inside, this is it!! this is what I was searching for...

After listen more and more the content of the lectures, I understand the real suffering course of Jesus, the position of His mother Mary. The true nature of God and His aching heart during more than 6.000 years of sinful history. And more than anything I realized the true personality and stature of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. After studied and live the contents of the Divine Principle, my life has been change forever. Even unworthy, my heart is full of gratitude and appreciation toward Reverend Moon, who gave to Humankind the great treasure of the Unification Principle, the revelation given directly by God to Reverend Sun Myung Moon. 

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