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Unification Principle PowerPoint Slideshows

Charles, Eleonore, and Renata de Watteville
February 26, 2003

These 3 introductory presentations to the Unification Principle are all taken from the first part of the teachings entitled the Principle of Creation. It is part of the larger teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Rev. Moon is the founder of the Unification Church and numerous international and interfaith organizations such as the International Family Federation for World Peace.

The Hunger Within - Introduction and the need for a new expression of truth.
Principle of Creation - God's nature and the purpose of creation.
Our Invisible Life - The spiritual world and spiritual growth.

PowerPoint Files

Below are the PowerPoint files that we used to make the Unification Principle videos. They are in MS PowerPoint 2000 format and are completely automated. Hopefully they will be beneficial to your spiritual life and ministry.

IF YOU DOWNLOAD ANY FILES, IN RETURN, WE ASK YOU TO SEND US AN E-MAIL MESSAGE We have invested many hours of work in these slideshows and it means a lot to know that people are using them. Please share anything you want about your spiritual life, your ministry, how you have used or plan to use the slideshows, or your feelings about the slideshows.

Thank you and God bless you, your family and your ministry.

Charles, Eleonore, and Renata de Watteville


Each presentation is between 3 and 6 MB.
If you are not able to download the files we also can mail you a CD with all language versions for $5.00 plus shipping. Send us an e-mail at

Note: If you do not have PowerPoint, you can download a free viewer from The current location is Each file is compressed into zipped files for easier downloading - they are large files.

Hunger Within (Zip file - 3,161 KB)

Our Invisible Life (Zip file - 3,351 KB)

Principle of Creation (Zip file - 5,665 KB)

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