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My Testimony

Bengt dePaulis
July 19, 1999

My name is Bengt de Paulis. I was born 1950,in Sweden, and lives south of Boras, Sweden, in my home village of Fritsla, together with my wife Maarit from Finland and 3 girls Laila, Lena and Anna-Maria.

I was introduced to the Principle movement by Aila Willits från Finland, while living in Stockholm 1979, and Blessed by True Parents 1982 in Seoul Korea.

During the 20 year I as well as many others have witnessed and defended the Divine Principles, I have gained more and more understanding how everything is being fulfilled in this wonderful revelation.

The breakdown of communism, immorality spreading (not the least in my own country of Sweden). Ethnical conflicts and war. The same time as there is a strong trend towards globalisation of economy and information (internet, EU, NAFTA, Euro=common currency). All adding up to a global economy and a global world Family.

When we read the Swedish newspapers and hear on news of more extreme sexual violence and transgressions, my thoughts go to the correct sexual explanation of human sin that the Principle gives.

It is no mere coincidence this is happening now.

We clearly are living in The End of Times, as the Bible long ago predicted would come, with the living Physical Messiah on earth. And as he time and time again pointed out, we now see the fruit of the first Adam and Eves sin, in spreading adultery and sexual transgressions. All unholy is disclosed! (Clinton-Levinsky affair)

All the cards are on the table in these web pages. Everyone can read all prophecies that Sun Myung Moon had fulfilled during the 53 years (since 15 of August 1945) he has spoken.

No other then the Lord of the Second Advent has this ability to see and lead the human spiritual development towards an absolute sinless world. A true Heaven on Earth.

During these 20 years I have experienced many things, both positive and negative.

I am well aware of the warnings in Scripture about wrong teachings and antichrist appearance at the End of Times.

In this way you could say that in the beginning of the 80's I evaluated the risk of spreading a false Gospel, against the risk of missing and rejecting the returning Lord, and not supporting hid mission. My conclusion was that the spirit was in this message and the man who brought it. This was not an easy decision, since at that time 1979, there was VIOLENT opposition against the Unification Church all over Europe, and especially in the US. It was like if there were 9 positive things and 1 negative experience within the movement. Then the 1 negative person got all the media attention and headlines in Sweden. My conclusion was that IF this is the Returning Lord then there must be strong spiritual evidence that confirms it. Like Jesus being well testified already at his birth. As an answer to this thought I got a reference to the book written by the famous Arthur Ford, about his life as a medium. One whole chapter was about a stunning Ford-session during 1964-65, which was arranged by Bo Hi Pak for Sun Myung Moon.

This chapter had a clear testimony that:

Mr. Moon is one of those who is directing the thought of people back to these simple Principles stripped of all superstition, stripped of all ecclesiastical and religious symbolism. He is doing exactly what Jesus in his life tried to do - what every man who has ever been a channel of revelation has tried to do. God has never had anything to reveal to man except these two things: ( 1) that God is and (2) that Man is a part of the Divine Creation. And what God is, in their concept, every man is in the process of becoming. Mr. Moon is not antagonistic - (in nothing he says).

Mr. Moon in deep meditation can project himself and be seen just as Jesus has been able to project himself and be seen by the saints. This is one of the marks - of the Messiahs always.

This part of the text, especially the bold line, has become like a declaration of faith for myself over the years.

In the beginning it was 3 parts that upheld the revelation Moon brought to Korea already in 1945.

1. The Divine Principles (the religious part and the foundation for all other texts).
2. VOC Victory over Communism
3. Unification Thought.

Victory over Communism was an ideological alternative, written by Sung Han Lee, based on the Principle, as a doctrine that completely disclosed the false doctrine of Communism. It opened the door for a spiritual true alternative, that God exists and loves human beings and therefore has again sent his son to the earth to create a Heaven for all, by removing the original sin.

Man have asked me why rev. Moon is so much against communism.

I think the main reason is that in a communistic society there is no freedom of speech or thought. And therefore a new revelation like the Principle can not be freely proclaimed.

Therefore one of the first missions of many of the returning Messiah is to break down communism by the New Truth, and thereafter freely spreading it all over the globe.

One humoristic thing was that I tried to fulfil my mission by going out on the streets with a anti-communist sign-board. Of course I did not have any success in Gothenburg. But at least I tried to follow the providence with my small effort.

This was in the beginning of the 80's and there were no signs of the cold war ending soon or that the Berlin wall would crumble (1989)

I soon returned to just giving Principle lectures. Over the years I translated much of the material into Swedish, that you can see on the web pages today. This was very inspiring and rewarding. I have never ever been led so strongly into different spiritual books and texts. Within and outside the movement.

Most of the negative experience I have had over the years is the almost total indifference from the people I have met.

Many ministers in Gothenburg has received the material. But they all totally reject the idea that anyone else then Jesus is the one Returning Christ.

This is like an exact parallel to the rejection of Jesus 2000 years ago by the scribes.

Unification Thought is the philosophical interpretation of the Principle. Done by the late Dr. Sang Hun Lee.

1980 I was sent (interesting word- was sent. In those days you just followed. Today I am more rebellious ;) to England for the mobilization in Leeds. Leeds was the "Swedish" city.

We witnessed and gave out leaflets in the daytime. And did fundraising "pub-running" in the evening. I see it in retrospect as an indemnity time. For me it was most rewarding when I could sneak (Lucifer?) away to the library and read all the old books about the spiritual world. Very spiritual rewarding.

Faith Jones who later (1984, after Moons son Hung Jin Nim went over to the spirit world) went all over Europe, channelling messages from Jesus, Hung Jin Nim, was a former medium and member of a spiritual church in Leeds, became my best friend then in 1980. She also came to Sweden.

She told us how she was thrown (?) out of the spiritual church when she defended Sun Myung Moon and his revelation.

In 1985 my wife and I started our family. 1987 we moved to Gothenburg, as pioneers. We had our first daughter Laila in 1988, Lena 1990 and our last Anna-Maria in 1992.

In 1996 I started to work with web pages. At that time Damian Andersson and Paul Ettle where the pioneers. Even if Gary Fleisher, as the real Internet pioneer, already had an ftp archive since the middle of the 80's. Through my work I was greatly Blessed by being sent to web courses and being responsible for the web production at my work. In the evening I continued with the church pages from my home computer. It has been very rewarding with many positive remarks from brothers and sisters on the net. And even a Swedish web magazine giving positive responses to the web.

Many brothers sisters helped us to fill the spiritual/prophetical pages:

Dr, Young Oon Kim, Korea
Michel Butler (Nostradamus)
Jesús González Losada , Uruguay (True Love and Forbidden Love & Historical references )
Kevin McArthy, USA (Christian belief about Jesus and his mission)
Signature CB (Besant)
Carlton and Mihoko Johnson (links)
E. Gubser Danmark, (Universal Link)
Dan Fefferman (message of St. Paul) and others I am sure I have forgot to mention here.

In the end of 1998 I got the STRONG impulse (spirit world?) to make a diskette with a summary of the best of the web pages. This has become a new way of witnessing. To give a diskette and say a few words, is much easier and nicer then to hand over a whole speech, or a pamphlet. Since diskettes are old-fashion, because of the CD. I can get hundreds of old second hand diskettes for free!

The Swedish web pages on the net has developed since 1996. As time progressed I have added more material in Swedish (news) and add links to material that is coming over the net.

The problem right now is that so much information is coming, that it takes my full time and energy just to keep track of the links to the best material.

At the same time it is much encouraging that the log file tells about over 200 different people every day accessing the Swedish web sight.

Negative over the years has been the ONE-SIDED negative coverage by the media.

For example: after the Waco tragedy where several were killed, the Swedish news the same evening had an interview of a female student from the Stockholm university KTH. How told how she was conned into a Moon-workshop in the US.

Where was the logical connection between these two movements. I don't doubt a second the students story. But why bring that up in connection with the Waco tragedy.

All most all negative experiences seamed to come from the movements activities on the other side of the Atlantic. These were few in numbers but had a profound negative effect for us trying to uphold the name of True Parents and Divine Principle over here.

I hope someone makes an academical research on the Swedish media coverage of the Unification Movement, which for sure was biased.

For the last 3 years I have been in contact with the Swedish Swedenborg church, here in Gothenburg. Since Swedenborg is so clearly mentioned in the Principle, I wanted to get a real good understanding of his teaching. They just started a rebranch here in Gothenburg, so I could come in as a pioneer. To my disappointment though the minister rejects the Principle (what else to expect). They strongly believe that the Second Coming, was fulfilled with Swedenborg's revelations. They are not open for the physical Second Coming, that the Principle speaks of. They are still very nice friends to us. To me this makes it even clearer that we need True Parents Blessing. Truth (Swedenborg and the Principle) shall make us free spiritually. but only the Blessing will take away the Original sin!

The first time I ever heard the name Sun Myung Moon was somewhere in the 70's. When news media reported of a mass wedding of several thousand couples in Korea. The report was neutral and not negative in any way.

I think what made many leave the movement over the years is the discrepancy between faith (=expectations) and reality.

When I joined 1979, it was openly spoken that everything would be finished until 1981 (3 x 7 year courses).

Of course it was never fulfilled!

A good explanation given by True Father himself is: "because of rejection and persecution from Christians the providence in the US became a failure.

This third 7-year course was prolonged with three more 7 year periods, until the year 2000." /Speech 95-12-10-17

So instead a long march trough the dessert started, with the worst part being the Danbury-incarceration 1984-85. After the release so many things started to happen at an ever faster pace: the fall of the Berlin-wall the fall of Soviet communism

You could talk about the credibility of a prophet or Messiah:

When Jesus walked on the earth, only a few followed him. Because he was so controversial and rejected by the scribes, and traditional Judaism.

But after his death, resurrection and when the Holy Ghost came at Pentecost, Jesus became a VERY credible Messiah!

So time in the providence is the crucial parameter. When Sun Myung Moon already in 1945 started to proclaim the fall of Communism and a coming Kingdom on Earth, there were very few Koreans who could believe in this.

But today after the fall of Communism and when millions around the world are being Blessed by True Parents, this credibility as the Second Coming is enormously greater.

To increase this credibility even more in Sweden I have collected all these web pages. They are all pieces in a puzzle that all in the right place clearly confirms the Second Coming through Sun Myung Moon and his wife Hak Ja Han, True Parents.

Through the things happening in Chung Pyung Korea, we see that the time of global cosmic resurrection is drawing nearer, that is being prophesied in the Scripture.

The coming two years will be most interesting spiritually, considering all the prophecies made by: Nostradamus, Arthur Ford, Edgar Cayce , Jeane Dixon, W.B. Yeats, the pope XXIII, Martinus and Sun Myung Moon!

They all proclaim similar more or less time specific message: In the very year 2000 a New Kingdom for Mankind will start- with the return of the Lord!

Nostradamus: " Not far from the age of the great millenium, When the dead will come out of their graves. Long awaited he will never return in Europe. He will appear in Asia; One of the league issued from great Hermes, He will grow above all other powers in the Orient."

Edgar Cayce: "And these [changes) will begin in those periods in '58 to '98, when these will be proclaimed as period when His Light will be seen again in the clouds."

Pope John the 23rd: "Finally a wondrous miracle will take place in the sky above New York City December 25, 2000 when millions will witness the sensational appearance of a messiah who will announce the beginning of a second paradise here on earth."

Arthur Ford: "The end - of - an - era theme, the idea of a new start for mankind in the approaching year 2000".

Jeane Dixon: This child, which has been the subject of some of Jeane Dixons strongest and clearest visions, comes from a simple farmers tribe. She says, Humanity will know the enormous strength of this man about the year of 1980, and his power will "grow enormously" until 1999, at witch time there will be "peace on earth for all men of good will".

Yeats:" whole structure of history and it's meaning, in a 2000 year cycle structure."

"After the peace treaty was signed in Versailles on the 28th of June 1919, between the Allies and Germany, W.B. Yeats published a poem with the title "The Second Coming". (1920)

Anthony Brooke: "How can we, then, best prepare ourselves for this climax of events which is so soon to occur?"

Fatima: "Then shall His light again be seen within the skies of all men. Then, toward the turn of the century, shall He appear, as one "not born, yet in flesh, to walk and dwell among men."

Martinus: "on the threshold to a new age"

Pastor Lucard: "This is the dawning of a New Age and how happy it makes the Fathars heart to see it come to earth." (channeling for St. Paul in Calif. early 60's)

Korean Prophecies: Ku Kam Nu Ryok, CHUNG GAM NOK, MA SU AN, YUL GUP BEE, YOK KAE CHUNG,

As well as Sun Myung Moons own words: Father (Sun Myung Moon) will be able to embrace and bless all families and bring them into the Garden by the year 2000. /Speech 97-12-02

So far ALL of Sun Myung Moons prophecies have been fulfilled.

Here you can speak of a 100% credible prophet! 

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