The Words of the de Lima Family

Love the Public Mission more than the Hometown

Geovando de Lima
November 23, 2005

I want to thank God and True Parents to be able to be back on STF after visiting my hometown Rio Branco, which is a three-day bus ride away from Sao Paulo. After visiting my hometown, my family who are not members of the Unification Movement, my friends and the FFWPU center, I was thinking of coming back again to STF. To everybody I met, I spoke about my experiences during my past 13 months on STF Latin America. It was not easy for me! I felt like on a different planet, different from what I was living on STF. I realized, that the reason was, that the 13 months on STF have transformed me into a different person, more aligned with Godís viewpoint. I felt Godís heart in a similar way I imagine True Parents do, who live in a world of heavenly culture that is still so different from ours. My family did not understand my mission on STF and didnít accept that I would return and my friends tried to show me the things that the material world offers. In my prayers I searched for strength, courage and I got help from spirit world who arranged, that my elder sister, who is part of an evangelical group, understood the purpose of True Parents and my mission on STF. She helped me to make my family positive about my involvement with STF.

After my return, I quickly tried to adapt myself again to the heavenly atmosphere of STF, so I joined a team that was in the middle of a condition. I tried hard to connect myself with the words during Hoon Dok Hae. On the last day of the condition the captain spoke about the final victory, which is the victory that we need to achieve, in order to make a pure offering to God and True Parents. On the frontline I was just thinking about how to achieve such kind of victory. Knocking on the doors, the people did not open, or did not want to talk to me. It was a very rainy day. I felt a deep loneliness, remembered Jesus, who was so much rejected by the people, True Parents, who still today cannot enter certain nations and God, who always is being forgotten by His children. I tried to find strength, approaching the people, wanting to change this situation. I tried without stopping and finally met a man, to whom I explained my purpose for doing fundraising. He told me that he did not need my product, as he did not have any children, wife or family. In this moment I felt a strong pain in my heart and tried to love him and finally he offered me some money without wanting anything. During all the day I felt Godís heart and finally I could meet Him!

In order to support True Parents, to find God and bring all His children back to Him I am back to this family which is called STF Latin America!

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