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True Parents birthday celebration

Peter Zoehrer
January 23, 2012
World leaders meeting in Korea
Unofficial notes

Last night -- before midnight-prayer we saw an impressive new video on True Parents life.

It is now on DVD and we could buy a copy for our countries. The midnight prayer by True Father was rather short.

This Morning at 8:00 AM True Parents birthday celebrations begun. The VIP guests who participate the ILC conference in SEOUL have come to Chung Pyung and joint the celebrations with the international leaders.

When the gifts from the different nations were presented, I saw that also North-Korea has again sent gifts (a painting and a large box of high quality Ginseng).

Among the birthday wishes the cards of Bush senior, Bush junior and Neil Bush were read out. Neil wrote, that he really wanted to be physically there, celebrating with True Parents and is sorry that he could not travel this time. He also stated proudly that he has finished reading Rev. Moons auto-biography and was deeply moved by it.

Kook Jin Nim, in his toast speech reminded us, that we should be alert when his father is making prophetic statements about the future. He mentioned, that True Father proclaimed the downfall of the Soviet Empire during a conference in Geneva. Something which was difficult to believe then has come through just several years later. In 2007 True Father has been giving again a very prophetic speech regarding the Pacific rim era where he stated, that the island nations in SE-Asia should cooperate and protect each-other (including the Korean Peninsula) in the face of a increasingly dominating China... This has become a shocking geo-political reality today and we need a Abel UN more than ever. We need to fight for our freedom, less we lose it. Again he made an appeal for a strong Korea. In the beginning of human history, Abel should never have been the victim... Also today, only a strong Abel can guarantee peace...

Let's toast to our True Parents, who have been teaching us to be strong Abels...

There were brilliant performances after the Luncheon. A famous Albanian singer made True Mother happy by singing "Mama", the Italian hit song and True Father by performing his famous poem as a song.

Tomorrow we will have a rally near the Blue House in Seoul (with around 4000 people). It was not easy to get permission from the city. No other church has done so in the past. There will be Police escorting the rally.

The Cheon Bok Rally has been repeatedly announced over the radio.

Peter Zoehrer 

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