The Words of the Zoehrer Family

National Leaders World Assembly 2012

Peter Zoehrer
January 22, 2012
Unofficial Notes

Just now, after Hoon Dok Hae, we have been listening to the most incredible video report of Nepal. More than 30% of parliamentarians are already active members of UPF. They are now preparing for elections and are confident to gain majority. Our Nepalese movement has regular ODP TV broadcasts and over 20 000 Nepal citizens have absolved the 7 day content.

Nepal is expecting the 10th Avatar, who -- according to prophecy -- will abolish evil and introduce the age of purity and peace to this world. The prophetic descriptions of the 10th Avatar fit True Fathers Personality and life nearly 100%. Therefore The people of Nepal are very prepared to welcome True Parents as the incarnation of the 10th Avatar.

The other extremely inspiring report was presented by the Philippine leader on the resurrection of people through Hoon Dok Hae. He reported about one Japanese, who has started a revolution in South East Asia after having read the Cheon Jeong Gyeong 100 times. He has been traveling around the countries giving his inspiring testimony and thus effecting 100s of members with the new, irresistible "hoondok-virus". 

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