The Words of the Zaccarelli Family

The search for Father's children continues in Ireland

Barbara Zaccarelli
September 3, 1971
Dublin, Ireland

Dear Father and Mother,

Greetings from the Irish family. The search continues in Ireland for Father's children. This month many new people have visited the Center and have been studying here with us.

Dublin is not a very large capital city, and so we are becoming better known here all the time. In the center of the town, as also in the suburbs, all available spaces are used for posters, advertising political groups or for writing anti-British slogans. Dawn and I set to work to use this medium to spread the news that the Divine Principles have reached Dublin; we make our own posters and stick them in group of four around the center of town. The posters show the family base of four positions. Another way in which we intend spreading Principle is by using a board with the diagrams of Chapter I painted on it in order to teach the Divine Principle in the street.

Ireland is a land divided between North and South as our Homeland is, although the division is rather different here. The south is a Republic with Dublin as its capital and the north is British. The South, where we are, is 95% Catholic and in the North there is more of a balance between Catholic and Protestant, but a deep-rooted hatred divides them showing how far Christianity has digressed from the "love your neighbor" which Jesus taught.

There are those who seek a united Ireland, but unfortunately by violent methods.

Our search continues to find those willing to dedicate themselves to the restoration of this beautiful land to the Father.

Love and prayers to the Korean Family and all our True brothers and Sisters.

In Father's Name,
Barbara Zaccarelli 

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