The Words of the Zaccarelli Family

Father and Mother, please come to Europe soon

Carlo and Barbara Zaccarelli
April 2, 1971
Dorney Cottage, UK

Dear Mrs. [Won Bok] Choi,

Our love to our Father and Mother and you. In our hearts are still alive the memories of the precious experiences we had in Korea. We are still sharing them with our brothers and sisters.

When I returned from Korea Barbara's parents invited us to their home in Bristol and there was a family celebration. They were very happy to meet us and to see that we were very good together. A local newspaper published an article about us and the ceremony of 777 couples. In January we went to Rome, where Martin gave us your card. Thank you for such a lovely surprise.

My parents invited us also, and they were very surprised to meet Barbara. They wanted to teach her Italian.

After these visits we could settle in England, under the guidance of Dennis and Doris. There are now four centers here and we have been helping in leading one of them. I have spent much time in painting large boards for witnessing, they seem to be very effective.

At the present Barbara is very busy preparing to go Ireland. She is leaving with Dawn Eton, our South African sister. We are also praying for our Father's next trip. Please come soon.

Our greetings for Parents Day, to our Father and Mother, and to you and the Korean Family.

In His beloved Name,
Carlo and Barbara Zaccarelli 

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