The Words of the Zaccarelli Family

Witnessing of the Divine Principle in Syria

Carlo Zaccarelli
August 17, 1970
Damascus, Syria

The University from the main gate, a main Place of witnessing

Dear Father,

First of all I want to express my gratitude to Heavenly Father and all of you in the Korean Family, for this opportunity to bring Father's word to the people. Also I pray you will excuse me for writing you so late, because of the particular situation in this country. I received from June Darby, who came for a short visit in Damascus. So here is the report from the Church:

First I came to Damascus on January 1 1970, coming from Rome by plane to Beirut, then by taxi. I was at the airport of Rome an hour later than the flight time, because of some troubles with my passport. I found that the plane was also late, 4 hours, so could get to Damascus on the 1st of the year, as I had planned. But I stayed for a week on a hotel, before finding a room in an Arabic family, so as to get accustomed with Arab life. My first months were spent learning the language in the University, and contacting people to know them and their problems.

Damascus is a city of about 1 million inhabitants 80% are Muslim, 20% Christian from different faith, as Catholic, Lutheran, Orthodox, Maronite, Armenian Catholics. I tried to meet people in the University, where is greater freedom also to talk girls. Because of many old traditions, especially from Muslim religions it is rather difficult for girls to be free to talk to only one or to go to cinema etc. From the very first day I went to find people Father guided me showing the best prepared ones, and also telling me through them, what I had to do organize Father's work. I worked as draughtsman, but for a short time, since it is necessary to have a permission for work. Fortunately my physical parents sent me money from Italy, so I could pay the room. But the great hospitality of Syrian people was used by the father is the time when I had no money. Just when I needed it, someone would invite me to dinner, and even to go and live with him for a period in his house. I could not get a room in the house of students until July, 25 since there was no room free before this time. It is a building of about 500 rooms and it is very easy to speak to the students who live in it. Many contacts were made in this way, also I not have to go a search for new people, since those I knew already would introduce me to their friends, and so on.

Damascus is a provincial city, where everybody knows everybody. So I could contact many in this way. Although I spoke to many about the Divine Principle, and nobody until now has been studying thoroughly, so I am sad to say that there is not an official member until now. But I am working now with some employers, and students of architecture, so we will see.

I include some pictures of the room where I am now living, and also of the student's house and the university, where I often go to find new people. In this time I am speaking mostly with Amir and Mustafi (see the picture) who are studying the last year of Architecture. Arab people are very religious, they all mostly go to the services in the works and are very concerned in their prayers. Although there are many misconceptions in their religions, still Father can use their religious attitude to see a higher truth. Muslims are not against the Christianity, although they believe that Mohammed gave the last revelation, and nothing else will follow.

I could see how subtly Satan has been binding people with fears of external enemies, and with the love for material pleasures. Also I see how they are very sincere and ready to follow any one who shows a stronger character and will. I could see many of the problems that Jesus must have faced, in trying to break through their hearts.

In the summer vacations most of the students go out of the city, to enjoy their holidays in the country side. I went quite a few times to find them there, and it was really a good opportunity to meet many of them. But because of the local way of life, I feel better go slowly with their, trying first to get their confidence, before introducing them to truth.

Until now many seeds have been sown, we are waiting to see the fruits in a short time.

The main happening in Damascus will be the International Fair, from 25 August to 20th September. I promised to find there a job during its opening, and I expect to meet many people there who will come from all Syria and other Arab nations. I can speak Arab quite well now, so I talk directly to anyone.

I would like to ask where the Holy Ground is in Syria. Until now I have been praying on the mountain which you see •on the picture, from where it is possible to see the all city. By night it is a most beautiful sight, and I see Father has blessed this land with beauty and giving to their people all the natural gifts they need. I pray that this land will quickly turn back there after so many years of struggle.

I presented a request to the University for my continuing study of Engineering. I will have an answer after about a week.

This is the report of the activities. I pray to be able to inform you very soon of the birth of an Arabic Child. Two weeks ago Syria was blessed by the visit of June Darby from Jordan and Akihiko from the Japan Family, in his trip around the European and Easter Centers. It was a wonderful occasion of sharing our experiences and feelings. Also we could learn more about the developments of the activities in Japan and in our Fatherland. We sang together on the mountain, and prayed for the Unification of Arab countries under Father's Word.

Unfortunately Remi could join us because of some troubles with his passport. But Ressie, his spiritual daughter could come and have her first experience with Father's children. We all felt the great joy of our Father for this 'fleeting, and we hope we'll meet again, so as to know Arab world better and to give the Father the opportunity to speak freely to direct our steps. Also we long to show our Parents many true children, that they may start the new history of this country.

My grateful thoughts and prayers are with our Father, Mother and all the Korean Family. This guidance has been so strong in this period of searching for children. I think the Heavenly Father for this opportunity to serve Him, and work together with our brothers and sisters all over the world.

I send my love and gratitude to you, to the Korean Family and particularly to our True Father and Mother.

Your son
Carlo Zaccarelli 

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