The Words of the Zaccarelli Family

Reflection of the 8th European Blessing Workshop

Barbara Zaccarelli
April 2003
Grävenswiesbach, Germany

This was the first time in Europe that parents were invited to a Blessing Workshop together with their children. Everyone found this to be a very valuable way of preparing for matching and blessing.

The lectures were mainly from Siegfried Klammsteiner and Tim Miller. The lectures stimulated lots of discussion. We found it very beneficial to be in groups of first and Second Generation. I particularly found myself learning from other ‘children’ as they expressed their hearts about their family experience and their hope for the future. Similarly during those few days, opportunities arose for parents and children to share deeply with each other.

Through the lectures and discussions many questions were answered. Parents could realize that the awesome task of matching our children begins with our own relationship with our spouse. Our children, on the other hand, could see through the lectures that God has always had to work through people who are not perfect and that the unity and love and trust between parents and children will enable parents to be channels through which God can work in the matching process.

Geros Kunkel explained clearly the matching procedure, which is there to support us. Also on testimony night he and his wife shared honestly with us as did Emanuel Bauer and his wife Limi. To see these beautiful Second Generation families and to hear of the difficulties they have overcome was a wonderful testimony which gave great encouragement and hope to our children. To conclude they had prepared a PowerPoint presentation which started with their parents blessing and their family pictures with brothers and sisters and concluded with their own blessing and children. (The Kunkels have two children and the Bauers are expecting soon).

Other lectures helped us to remember the meaning and value of the Blessing and the importance of lineage. How important it is to God that our Second Generation can grasp the value of the lineage, which they inherit from their parents. None of us want our children to betray what we sacrificed for. This makes it so important that we don’t forget the foundation upon which we stand. God had to sacrifice those closest to Him for the restoration process which is still going on.

As ETF, or STF Europe as they are now called, were attending the workshop, the supporting parents committee also had the opportunity to meet with the leaders and discuss many important matters concerning the safety and education of the young people on their teams. The ETF entertained us all with lively songs and dances and in general their bright spirit, helped to keep a strong positive spirit throughout the whole weekend.

So at the end there was a very high feeling with gratitude to those who worked so hard to make the workshop successful.

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