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2006 Korean Speech Contest

Moonsook Choi Yoon
March 27, 2006

Dear Leaders and Members,

This is Prof. Moonsook Choi Yoon, and I teach Korean at UTS.

With your support and prayers, the 2005 Korean Speech Contest was very successful.

One point of disappointment was that not many out of the UTS area participated through videotapes. This was due to such short notice of the expansion of participants beyond UTS. A few, including some in Washington, D.C., were able to participate. We are so grateful for them.

Since UTS Korean Speech Contest became noticeable last year, we expect more numbers to participate in 2006.

We ask for your prayers and support to encourage the students who are so committed learning True Parentsí language in their 50s and 60s.

We will send you the videotapes of the 2005 Korean Speech Contest. Please play it for members and encourage them to participate.

Due to financial difficulty, we cannot yet to think about extending the contest to children under 18 years of age.

For now, our primary purpose is to help adults 18 and older gain confidence that "it is possible."

We hope that you can understand this.

Please see the other information on the Web site about the contest.

Contest Standard (33KB: PDF))

Testimony (9KB: PDF)

The deadline for the preliminary speech on videotape is April 29.

The final will be in the middle of May It will be announced.

For the smooth preparation of the contest, please send us your contribution soon. Send it to:

Unification Theological Seminary
30 Seminary Dr.
Barrytown, NY 12507
Attention: Korean Speech Contest

Thank you very much.

I pray for your victory and good health.

Prof. Yoon

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