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Postponement of the 2nd Fishing World Cup

Tae Geun Yoon
September 17, 2003

To: Officials, Staff and Competitors For the 2nd Sport Fishing Federation
From: WSFF Headquarters
Date: September 17, 2003
Re: Postponement of the 2nd Fishing World Cup

Dear Officials, Staff and Competitors

Greetings from Korea!

Thank you to all for your active participation in the Fishing World Cup. I believe you are busy making the final preparations to come to Korea to take part in the Event.

Here I must make an announcement with which I feel so much pain to send you. For the past couple of years, World Sport Fishing Federation has been making all the necessary preparations for this global event. As usual, there cannot be many changes with the basic schedules of the international event of this scale. However, as you might have heard over the various media, the typhoon ?Maemi? has struck the southern part of Korea on September 11th, and caused the death toll of 107 persons and over $3 billion worth of material losses on the nation, and $160 million loss on Yeosu area. Yeosu city became one of three most heavily struck areas, and especially there were heavy damages on the houses and the fish farms for the citizens living on the islands around which we were planning to set the ground of competition. Over 500 houses were damaged by the gust of strong wind, and the fish farms have been largely wiped out.

Despite our strong determination to start the Event according to the set schedules, Yeosu city municipal government, which is the major sponsor for the 2nd Fishing World Cup, has ardently requested the Organizing Committee to postpone the event for a couple of weeks, just till the Korean government set up the relief measures to help those afflicted areas. As I myself viewed the areas, without those directions coming first, the Fishing World Cup, which is supposed to be the celebration of all fishing loving people and fishery-related households, might cause a feeling of discomfort rather than the happiness.

The newly set period of the 2nd Fishing World Cup will be between October 21st and October 25th.

October 21: 18:30 Opening Ceremony and Eve Celebration

October 22: Trial Fishing and Preliminary Match

October 23: Semi-Finals and Final Match, and Award Ceremony/Closing Session

October 24: Sightseeing Tour

October 25: Returning Home

More detailed plan will be sent out a few days later.

I know very well that this will place so many burdens on you as the individual and the team, who spared this period out of very busy schedules of life. Nevertheless, in order to fully achieve the objective of this Event, together with welcoming Yeosu citizens, I ardently request for your understanding and cooperation. Due to this changes, if some participants become unable to attend or some new players would replace them, please give us the early information.

Let us keep striving for the final accomplishment.

Thank you very much.

Yours Sincerely

President of WSFF
Tae Geun Yoon

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