The Words of the Yoo Family

Sunday Service

Rev. Yoo, National Messiah to Columbia
Unofficial notes by Joe Willett
Kentucky Family Church
October 31, 1999

Our Japanese missionaries are here for four months. Before yesterday 384 people came. Yesterday 50 came. Holy ground has changed. God restores all things through holy ground. Father brought rock and soil from Korea to every country to make Holy Grounds. Good spirits at Holy ground protect members. Members are not so aware of Holy Ground. The front entrance is were the guest come! We must pray about how to prepare that entrance, trees. People should feel they are entering heaven. (Rev. Yoo cleaned the holy ground and the church entrance yesterday so people feel this is God's Kingdom in Kentucky.)

Giving blessing protects our family. Soon you will bow to your children. We are out of the sinful lineage but our children are born out of the true sinless Lineage. You see yourself through the mirror of your children. Children resemble the inside and the outside of you. Children see if parents are leading a lift of faith, really loving each other. Children resemble 80% of the mother. To raise beautiful children as true man and woman with beautiful hearts to be future leaders, we have to show our unchanging love. Blessed couples who divorce are in the bottom of hell. True Love is giving. Husbands have to repent and ask, "Did I love for me or for my wife?" Our principle is based on heart.

The four major loves are parents' love, children's love, God's love and spouses' love. After they fought, Rev. Yoo and his wife would hold hands and bow and cry before True Parents picture. Do not cry in front of your children to turn them against their father. Repent today if you did that.

In the eight day ceremony you return your blessed child back to God. They are God's children not yours. You are stewards! On their birthday children should bow down to parents. How revered are the parents that gave you life. I gave "thank you" donations for many different things. The children see this. You must give a strong testimony of your life at the time of your death. I trained my children to be much greater than I.

Blessed children already know by feeling what we had to struggle to understand. Dr. Lee explains many things from the spirit world on how to live. Please have absolute faith in the church and raise the children in the same way.

As Armstrong left a foot print on the moon we must leave our print on the next generation. My children are praying for my health and situation. When we get good things we should always offer them to true Parents. Practice appreciation always. We must start CARP at the universities!

Rev. Yoo joined in 1956 and his wife joined in 1954. They have four dedicated sons and 9 grandchildren. He is the National Korean Messiah to Columbia and he is leading the blessing providence in Kentucky. I have never heard others leaders speak on this subject and share their personal experience. I feel strongly that it could never be more urgent, timely or important than to share it with you now. I repent for my poor note taking abilities but I hope the essence of his speech is understood.

Rev. Yoo gives us strong vertical traditions that can protect our families. I would like to invite others to share the vertical traditions and the horizontal traditions of their families.

Joe Willett 

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