The Words of the Yoo Family

21st Commemoration Observed on Discharge from Prison in North Korea

Kwang Yul Yoo
October 14, 1971

On 14th of October, there was the service in 21st commemoration of discharge from Hungnam Prison in Hamkyung Nam Do (North Korea) of Our Leader at the Seoul Church with the presence of about 400 family members.

Our Leader was imprisoned there about 3 years before October 14th, 1950 on the charge of anti-communist action by the North Korean Communist Puppet.

The service was accompanied with sermon of Our Leader, detailed testimony by Mr. Won Pil Kim, the follower of Leader, since he was in North Korea and making clear of the particulars of the matter by Director Kwang Yul Yoo of Cultural Department, HSA.

In this service two American families, Mr. James Cowin and Hal McKenzie, who belong to FLF and made report in activities of American families. 

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