The Words of the Yong Family

Summary of Rev. Dr. Chung Sik Yong's Speech in Tokyo

Raffy Ablong
October 19, 2014

Here is a summary of the speech of the Special Emissary of True Parents and the Continental Director for Asia, Rev. Dr. Chung Sik Yong. The position of the Special Emissary is greater than a Continental Director. Rev. Yong can now make recommendations to all national leaders in Asia including those in Japan and Korea (which used to be considered as continents).

We Are Missionaries in Japan

Our final destiny is not Japan, but the Philippines. Philippines is the land of Canaan. Japan is the wilderness. Philippines is the world's model for the blessing and tribal messiah. It is now setting the model for 2nd generation education. True Parents have invested so much for the Philippines. True Mother is now focusing her attention in the Philippines. We have grown as a second daughter nation proclaimed by True Parents, We are now working to become the second mother nation of God's Providence in the world. We may not have the money right now but Filipinos multiply faster than any other race of blessed people. We train and provide missionaries for the world. Many national leaders are asking for Filipino missionaries.

Go back to the Philippines. Mobilize your tribe and fulfill 430 blessed couples. Educate your 2nd generation about Philippine language and culture. If you stay here in Japan all the time without doing anything for Philippine providence, you will die spiritually. You have to do your mission.

Educate the 2nd Generation

The wife of our Continental Director, Mrs. Yoshie Sasaki-Yong, will be assigned to educate the 1st and 2nd generation Philippine members in Japan. She speaks Japanese, Korean and English. She will be in Japan regularly to educate the Japanese mothers and children.

Bringing the 1st generation to the land of Canaan (the Philippines) requires us to help in training and educating the 2nd generation, our children. The parents will follow the children. Encourage the children to participate in all 2nd generation workshops in Thailand or in the Philippines. Philippines is now setting the model for 2nd generation education in the world.

Quickly prepare and organize your 2nd generation especially those who are already 16-18 years old for the seminars in Thailand from December 26 -- February 2. True Mother and our former Continental Director, Rev. Dr. Chung Hae "Julia" Kim, donated the money to support the education of our second generation. You need to connect and report your situation to benefit from this one.

Do Tribal Messiah Mission

Our final mission is tribal messiah. Adam, Noah, Moses, Jesus, saints and sages were not able to fulfill this mission. They have been longing to do this mission. True Father said that all members do their tribal messiah mission then the world would be restored faster and we can quickly build the Kingdom of Heaven. We can fulfill this. One blessed family in Marikina fulfilled 430 blessed couples completely. This means that these 430 families completed all the conditions for complete blessing including the 3-day ceremony and are now tithing and doing their witnessing too.

All leaders including the national leader and the continental director are doing this mission. Nobody is exempted.

Other blessed families are fulfilling their tribal mission. Specific directions: Blessed families in Japan should choose one blessed family in the Philippines that is doing the tribal messiah mission Start with 3 couples, 12 couples, until you can have 430 couples Families in Japan can work together to support one family in the Philippines and visit them occasionally every year

Everyone including parents and children should make the best effort to attend the 144,000 blessing rally in February 1, 2015. 

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