The Words of the Yong Family

Removing Original Sin from the Lineage of the Messiah

Jin Hun Yong
August 22, 2013
Unofficial notes: Mark Alexander

Rev. Yong's teaching on converting the lineage so Messiah born w/o original sin. He is a former Christian minister and did research with Father's blessing.

Adam, Jesus, and True Father are seen as one person. A victory for one is victory for all.

When internal and external conditions are ready God can send the Messiah. 8 horizontal and 8 vertical stages of restoration must be met, and it can be done simultaneously.

The Eve role is key. She has 3 roles. Cut off from Satan and go to God at the risk of life. Help Cain and Abel become one and thus restore the elder son. And Eve and Abel become one. This also restores the 8 horizontal stages as Cain grows toward Abel through stages of servant, adopted son, etc. The Fall is basically being reversed. These steps are often at the risk of life as well.

These patterns repeat throughout the Bible until they get it right. Everything in the Bible is understood through conversion of lineage. He goes through most of the examples. I can explain more if needed, but most have heard.

This model also applies to all of us as blessed families.

Father's family course. Father was kind of raised in secret for protection.

From 472 AD the Moon clan was exemplary and there were many signs from heaven. The grandfather saw greatness in Father and said help him in all things. The family feed and housed beggars. Often not eating until beggars did. The granduncle became a pastor to prepare for the Messiah, preaching for free and helped the Korean independence movement. The father saw the greatness in his son and was very quiet, kind of like Zechariah. Father's mother had a younger sister who was interviewed. The older brother knew who Father was from the beginning and treated him like an older brother.

Father agreed with Rev. Yong that his mother restored the three stages or roles.

God told her to only marry a person prepared by God. At that time Chinese or Japanese would steal unmarried women. So it was a danger for her not to be married. Girls married at 13-15. Her family and lineage were very wealthy so there were many who wanted to marry her, but she said no to everyone.

It was getting very dangerous not to marry, so her parents chose a person for engagement. It was a tradition to spend 40 days in husband's family house as kind of test before consummation. She was in tears to God and convinced fiancé to let her run away. She restored reversing the Fall at the risk of her life.

Father's family fulfilled conversion of the lineage through three generation, three roles, etc. 

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