The Words of the Yong Family

Workshop Preparation for Vision 2020

Jin Hun Yong
May 24-26, 2013
Director of the FFWPU International Headquarters' Education Department
Workshop for church leaders and their spouses -- Taiwan

Leaders and their spouses from twenty centers took part in the workshop, as id fifteen other people. Mr. Dae Hae Hong, Taiwan's Cheon Il Guk special envoy, emphasized that the workshop was necessary in order to show the world that our families and churches are spiritually healthy. Rev. Yong provided solutions to difficult problems by redirecting mistaken concepts held by members. This involved applying Divine Principle to real life problems -- living for others' sake, serving the other and perfecting the other. Experiencing this application of the word enthralled members.

Once a family becomes a happy, model family, the family will naturally gain conviction, happiness and strength to witness and testify about True Parents to those in the satanic world. In addition, experiences gained through this workshop greatly helped couples that lead a church to find harmony between each other. They also learned some skills needed in resolving family problems in other blessed families, specifically those in their congregation. They will take back to their churches a clearer approach and the techniques needed in guiding their blessed members.

By enabling pastors and blessed central families to be completely equipped with the skills needed in resolving various family and societal problems using the Divine Principle and the truth imparted by True Parents through their sermons, revival of the individual, family and church will take place and FFWPU will become a famous "brand" in creating happy families. It is our hope that this will play an important role in restoring Taiwan's sovereignty.

Throughout the workshop, couples radiated happiness. Sincere conversations and embraces between all participating couples could be observed during those three days. Tears, laughter and deep repentance gushed from the heart of each participant.

Descriptions of Participants' Experiences

The husband and the wife had incompatible opinions on their children's education. They suffered great tension from this. Daily arguments had driven the wife to her breaking point. Only with their church leader's encouragement did the couple make it to the workshop. Rev. Yong controlled the problems between them and helped them understand each other's point of view and thinking. After some time, each was able to accept Rev. Yong's analysis. Husband and wife reflected on their own behavior and reciprocally asked for forgiveness.

Another husband was from a farming home. The wife grew up like a princess in the city. Their respective lifestyles and educational methods varied greatly. The husband often compared his wife to his mother. This gradually evolved into a problem in the way he spoke to her because of the dissatisfaction with her that he carried in his heart. He often thought of how his mother was quick to take action and how she had high standards in how she did household chores. He wondered why his wife could not be like that. Rev. Yong guided the husband to see the contradictions in his thinking, which was the core of the difficulty. Rev. Yong consoled the long- suffering wife and helped them to communicate sincerely to each other.

One husband had a habit of expressing any dissatisfaction about his wife to her, though he felt he was merely advising her with a benevolent heart. He sometimes found her tone of voice offensive. During an exercise in which the husband chose animals to represent their different family members, it emerged that he wished his wife would change from a mountain goat to a house goat. His wife barely spent any time at home because of church activities. He paid lip service to his wife's mission but her inability to deal properly with family issues irked him. Rev. Yong guided the couple to face their emotions and openly speak of them to each other. He persuaded the husband to participate in his wife's activities in an attempt to understand her heart and her mission work. Both husband and wife were able to unburden their hearts to each other. The wife expressed her gratitude to Rev. Yong for resolving their communication problems.

Another wife hoped her husband could open his heart, do things with her and converse more, but in a self-defeating manner, she consistently rebuked him for not expressing himself. Using a photograph that the husband felt depicted his wife's heart, Rev. Yong spoke about some of the husband's innate personality traits and some of his emotions. He told the wife that she was unlikely to hear endearments from her husband and he was unlikely to act affectionately toward her. Re. Yong emphasized that the wife should attempt to understand her husband's personality. He encouraged the couple to converse with greater sincerity and depth. Rev. Yong expressed astute insights, which caused the wife's heart to open and the husband's burdens suddenly to feel lighter. After frank conversations, they agreed to make a fresh start.

Edited Personal Testimonies (One Per Paragraph)

Rev. Yong pointed out the problems of each couple, suggesting an appropriate healing method through his sensitive and keen insight. This session helped me realize the value of True Parents' teachings and the value of living for the others' sake. I believe that Rev. Yong could invest himself in each couple with the loving heart of our Heavenly Parent because he has inherited a vertical heart and has studied the truth thoroughly.

As a blessed member, I deeply repent for not living up to the expectations of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. When I reflected on our life as a couple, I realized that we have been living a life opposite to what we testify about. Rev. Yong not only taught us that we should become leaders of the word but also showed us how attainable are substantial good effects based on living life in line with the Principle. Many couples expressed gratitude for this. Through this workshop, our families could make fresh starts. We found determination to establish the true, loving, happy families that our Heavenly Parent and True Parents hope for.

I became profoundly aware of the satanic lineage through this workshop. I came to realize that my thoughts and some habits I had developed -- the way I spoke, criticized others with the Principle, disrespected my spouse's feelings, conducted our sexual relationship, etc. -- deeply connect me to Satan. Looking back, I am horrified. I had carried many contradictions and collusions within me.

The workshop helped me deeply understand my internal world and that of my spouse. The problems we had between us could be resolved through this healing session. We became closer in heart. We are determined to witness to many more people with all our might, testify to True Parents and guide more people to receiving the blessing through our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Our Sunday service sermon, "Finding True Parents," covered how Satan has been influencing our daily lives and the significance of elements that come from God -- absoluteness, uniqueness, constancy and perpetuity. I gained a clearer understanding of True Parents' teachings including on the concepts of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. We all seemed to have gained deep understanding about becoming genuine individuals, genuine couples and having a true family life.

My entire body and mind felt washed with the truth and true love. I deeply reflected on myself and repented deep in my heart. Now that I look at my "other half' from a fresh perspective and with a new heart, feelings of gratitude for being a blessed couple erupt deep in my heart. Not only did my spouse look beautiful but my spouse seemed to have infinite and noble value.

During the group therapy session, I often felt as though what was said was true of me and that I had to do what was being suggested. Seeing people next to me experiencing healing and seeing everyone, altogether, experiencing growth in a workshop was a novel experience for me.

During the final lecture, Rev. Yong helped each family frame a vision and told us that we must all aim high. He helped us create a family motto set -- "the ten commandments of a couple" -- through which the family can engage in mutual support, such as waking each other up. The children can participate as well. I thought this was important because having a clear goal helps anyone understand where he or she is heading and why that direction is necessary.

Uplifting the Pure Love Alliance

On May 28, Rev. Yong gave a special ninety-minute lecture to Pure Love Alliance (PLA) staff members and teachers, fifty people in all. PLA promotes pure love concepts in schools and provides tutoring to young children in vulnerable social groups. It comprises many volunteers and teachers because of its large-scale activities.

Rev. Yong spoke about differences between men and women during the process of creation by God. He based his core teachings on the significance of our sexual organs and the importance of abstinence. He pointed out the anachronistic method of trying to elevate sexual satisfaction through pornographic movies. He introduced the truth about sex through five principles and stages of sex. The lecture also moved nonmembers of our church among the teachers and staff members. The lecture yielded many good results.

It convinced us that the Divine Principle and True Parents' teachings are indeed useful within the textbooks used by PLA volunteers. This lecture material will be useful in witnessing to our volunteers and is helping them naturally accept concepts and material based on the Divine Principle. 

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