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The Hoon Dok Hae wave sweeping across Asia centering on the Philippines

Chung Shik Yong
February 29, 2012

Sun Myung Moon Han March 25, 2012

To our most honorable True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the King and Queen of Cosmic Peace:

First of all, I pray with all my heart for longevity and good health of our True Parents.

The members from Asia, centering on the motto given this year by True Parents, "The Era of the Victory, Liberation, and Completion of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind", have been fully mobilized with the determination to 'stake their lives', 'exert all their energy' and 'achieve the best results of their lives', and they are devoting everything they have, night and day, to fulfill their mission as the tribal messiah by the 13th day of the 1st month of 2013.

In the face of the last crisis that we need to pass in the Providence, all Blessed families in Asia have declared a state of emergency with a seriousness never before seen in their lives or in human history, and they are doing their utmost best. To make this a year without even a shadow of regret in their lives, they are encouraging one another and uniting as one with a heart of filial piety and loyalty towards True Parents and the resolution to give what little comfort and rest they can to our True Parents in their remaining years, and they are struggling on day after day, experiencing heavenly fortune and the miracles wrought by the spirit world.

To begin with, I would like to give a report on the Hoon Dok Hae movement sweeping across Asia, which has topped one hundred sessions, centering on the eight Hoon Dok Hae textbooks and teaching materials given to humankind by True Parents as their last words.

As a leader working at the forefront, I have worried for a long time about how we can establish these last words prepared for us by True Father, who has undergone seven near-death experiences and imprisonments and triumphed at last, in each and every family as an eternal tradition and system of Hoon Dok Hae. This is because ideal families and Cheon Il Guk can only be realized, and rebirth, resurrection and eternal life achieved, through the inheritance of the tradition of Hoon Dok Hae based on the eight textbooks and teaching materials.

However, the tradition of Hoon Dok Hae, concerned about and desired by True Parents, is spreading out at a rapid rate in all parts of Asia, almost like an acute virus, thanks to the miracles of the spirit world and the victorious fortune of our True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. The Hoon Dok Hae wave, which no one can hold back or stop, is sweeping over everything. In a good sense, anyone who catches this Hoon Dok virus can never be cured again, because through Hoon Dok Hae, the desire of the true heart soars to such an extent that it goes beyond other human desires like the desires for worldly things, sexual intercourse, food and sleep, and people experience crossing over the limits of fallen nature. Moreover, through their true heart, they come to taste inexpressible joy, never before experienced by anyone. Therefore, the members who have had a taste of Hoon Dok Hae come to participate in more and more sessions to partake of the love of God, the less time they have and the more tired they are. Their spiritual selves are resurrected and nurtured to grow, and their spirits soar to the skies and their characters change; making one experience all this can be said to be the power of Hoon Dok Hae.

The members who devote themselves to Hoon Dok Hae come to meet God, feel the spirit world, experience the heart and anguish of True Parents, and know the taste of the Word. As True Parents have always said to us, like a honeybee that clings on to honey even when its body is pulled off because it has come to know the taste of honey, those at the scene can see for themselves that the people who come to know the taste of Hoon Dok Hae can never be pulled away. At present, many members in Asia have caught this Hoon Dok virus, and not only men and women of all ages but also Ambassadors for Peace and, furthermore, very young second generations, are addicted to Hoon Dok Hae. As can be seen, a new Hoon Dok Hae revolution is taking place. The Kingdom of Heaven has been a vague idea for us until now, but we have come to realize that our spiritual selves are perfected and the Kingdom of Heaven realized on earth through Hoon Dok Hae.

Then how was this Hoon Dok Hae wave first begun? I would like to give a detailed account of the motive and process of the beginning of this Hoon Dok Hae movement.

In November 1996 I was appointed by True Parents as the national messiah of Dominica, one of the small island nations in the Caribbean in South America, and even though I am at present working for the Asian Continent, I have continued to work with Japanese missionaries and made efforts to restore the sovereignty of Dominica. Of the Japanese missionaries to Dominica, there is a 'Mr. Chaen Masaaki', who has worked together with me for fifteen years to establish the tradition of Hoon Dok Hae. In fact, for the last seven years he has set a consistent example for others in Hoon Dok Hae. Of the eight textbooks and teaching materials mentioned by True Parents, he has read all of them 100 times, except the speech books of which there are more than 1000 volumes. In regard to the Divine Principle charts made by Mrs. Gil Ja Sah (Eu) in accordance with the instructions of True Parents, he has read the one-hour chart 100 times, the 3-hour chart 100 times, the 12-hour chart 100 times, the Divine Principle 100 times, Father's autobiography 100 times, the Peace Messages 100 times, and furthermore, the Cheon Seong Gyeong, which is 2650-page long, 100 times as well.

The 12-hour chart, which has 406 pages, took him three months to read 100 times, and the Divine Principle, which has 604 pages in the Japanese version, took him seven months, the autobiography six months, and the Peace Messages five months. Moreover, he told me that it takes a staggering 120 hours to read the 2650-page long Cheon Seong Gyeong once. Mr. Masaaki, however, finished reading the Cheon Seong Gyeong 100 times over a period of five years and two months, from June 1st 2005 to July 21st 2010. From the end of March in 2004, he read the books for three hours in the morning from 4am and for another three hours after dinner before he went to bed every day, and thus he set the example of reading the eight textbooks and teaching materials mentioned by True Parents 100 times each over a period of seven years. He told me that he devoted six hours a day for more than seven years to reading the eight textbooks and teaching materials, which amount to more than 17,000 hours. When I asked him how he could invest so much time into reading the books and not tire of them, he said that it was possible for him because at every reading he felt the presence of God. Through Hoon Dok Hae, he said he met the living God who works miracles and experienced His boundless love.

In the Bible, Amos 3:7 states, "Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plan to His servants the prophets", and God and True Parents have made this one missionary walk the representative model course to show others the tradition of Hoon Dok Hae and how to carry it out. He said that, when he first began Hoon Dok Hae, he found it difficult to concentrate for more than 10 minutes at a time, but now he can read for seven to eight hours at a sitting without feeling restless. His family was amazed to see how Hoon Dok Hae could change the character of a person so much, and I too was surprised to see the changes brought about in him. The changes in his character and his Hoon Dok Hae practice are moving the hearts of many. His is a good example that testifies to the fact that the unity of mind and body can be achieved through Hoon Dok Hae.

We invited him to visit Asia, and he toured the nations in Asia with me. Mr. Chaen Masaaki gave testimonies on the seven years of his Hoon Dok Hae life, and I gave lectures on the importance of Hoon Dok Hae based on his personal experience and what True Parents have told us about it. All those who listened to the lectures became confident that anyone and everyone could do it too, and they embarked on the same path as well. He has toured across seven nations now, and the whirlwind of Hoon Dok Hae is being stirred up in various parts of Asia and the nations he has toured, and many are becoming exemplary models of Hoon Dok Hae.

Until now, we have seen that, when we carry out Hoon Dok Hae vaguely without a set goal, we become weary in the process. On the other hand, those who follow his example and practice his knowhow become enraptured in Hoon Dok Hae and, in a good sense, they even become addicted to it. Everyone knows the necessity for Hoon Dok Hae, but many of our members get lost on the way because they do not know how to go about it.

First of all, to become a champion of Hoon Dok Hae, it is important for you to first set the goal of how you can go about reading the eight textbooks and teaching materials during your lifetime. Just as True Parents completed their indemnification through the vertical and horizontal course of the eight stages, we have devised a way to divide the course walked by True Parents into eight stages based on the eight textbooks and teaching materials and set goals accordingly: in the course of the individual and the slave of the slave, one should read the red part of the Divine Principle, that is, the 1-hour chart, 100 times; in the course of the family and the slave, one should read the 3-hour chart 100 times; in the course of the tribe and the adopted son, one should read the 12-hour chart 100 times; in the course of the race and the illegitimate son, one should read the Divine Principle 100 times; in the course of the nation and the true son, one should read True Father's autobiography 100 times; in the course of the world and the mother, one should read the Peace Messages 100 times; in the course of the cosmos and the father, one should read the Cheon Seong Gyeong 100 times; and in the final eight stage, the course of God, one should read the Holy Scriptures of the world and the speech books of True Parents in the remaining days of one's life.

After setting these goals, when you finish reading the one-hour chart, which anyone can easily come across and read, 100 times, you come to have a strong determination and conviction to read all the eight textbooks and teaching materials 100 times during your lifetime. A person who is not yet accustomed to carrying out Hoon Dok Hae may find it difficult to read the Divine Principle or the Cheon Seong Gyeong 100 times from the start; if he, however, begins with the 1-hour chart, which is easy to read, then he will learn about the creation, the fall and the restoration in one sitting and come to know the outline of the Divine Principle clearly, and thus come to realize the purpose of God's Providence. Moreover, by reading the chart at one sitting, he will feel a sense of accomplishment and feel that his spiritual self is resurrected. After instructing our members for a year, I have come to see that anyone who begins reading the one-hour chart lays down the foundation for Hoon Dok Hae for the rest of his/her life and he/she becomes accustomed to carrying out Hoon Dok Hae. This could be said to be one of the keys to establishing Hoon Dok Hae.

What is amazing about it is that it takes about 40 minutes usually to read out loud the one-hour chart, and many people undergo spiritual experiences during that time. Some have witnessed visions of True Parents while reading the chart, and others have seen their ancestors appear before them when reading about resurrection and read the chart together with them. The more you read, like the Chinese character for 'Hoon' in Hoon Dok Hae, the words flow into your heart like a river and washes away all the sins in your heart. When you read 100 times, the sins that have tarnished your heart for 6000 years are washed away 100 times. Some people go through this process and, while doing so, weep aloud and have the experience of meeting God.

Mr. Chaen Masaaki, the missionary to Dominica, said that, as he read the textbooks and teaching materials 100 times each during the seven years, what he felt most keenly was that the words of Hoon Dok Hae reached higher than the level of life and truth; in short, he realized that those words were "God's love". Because he read the words of True Parents thinking that they were God's love, Hoon Dok Hae did not become a mere habit for him even after he had read the same words dozens of times. In fact, the more he read those words, the more he had of God's love, and the more he had of God's love, the more he felt that he was atoning for his sins naturally, and thus he experienced the rapid growth of his spiritual self. Inheriting this tradition, other members have also carried out Hoon Dok Hae, and they come to believe as they read the words that Hoon Dok Hae sessions are the hours through which the life forces and nutrients of God's love are injected into them. Those who read those words with such a heart forget the weariness of their body due to the joy they feel in their soul and they come to think that they should inject themselves with more and more of God's love, and the result is that they begin to concentrate more and more during Hoon Dok Hae.

Usually, people take about two months to read the one-hour chart 100 times, and at the end of that time they feel a strong urge to go on to the next stage and read the 3-hour chart, and thus their practice of Hoon Dok Hae takes firm root in their lives. At present, more than 10,000 members in Asia are participating in Hoon Dok Hae, and as of today 2036 people have finished reading the one-hour chart 100 times and 752 people have finished reading the 3-hour chart 100 times. As can be seen, the Hoon Dok Hae wave of reading the eight textbooks and teaching materials in the process of eight stages is sweeping across the continent. This Hoon Dok Hae wave, in fact, is stirring up the continent, and people are participating in it even when riding in cars, walking on the street, and sitting on the toilet. I am firmly convinced that what True Parents told us is true, that when the tradition of Hoon Dok Hae is established in a family, Satan cannot stay there and the writhing lineage of Satan is severed, and the family can live a life of the settlement of noon in direct contact with God and receive blessings from Heaven, and that when the earth is filled with families that carry out Hoon Dok Hae, the Kingdom of Heaven will be established on earth.

The testimony of the Brazil member named Arcanjo, who said that he read the Divine Principle for 90 minutes every day and sold 4000 copies of the Divine Principle to others and witnessed to them, and thus fulfilled his mission as a tribal messiah, has also greatly stimulated many of our members. The Brazil member testified that, of the people who have read the Divine Principle with absolute faith, three people have been cured completely of cancer, the children of three others were cured of brain disease and stomach disease, and one blind man got his sight back and another person who could not walk began to walk, and many others have also experienced miracles. His testimony has stimulated other members to participate more earnestly in Hoon Dok Hae.

In particular, in establishing this tradition of Hoon Dok Hae, the second generations are setting an example and leading the first generations. Every Sunday, those who have completed each stage of reading 100 times is given a certificate of completion and asked to give a testimony, which moves the hearts of all who hear it. When one person in a family completes the reading of 100 times, he affects the rest of his family and as a result his entire family begins to participate in Hoon Dok Hae as well, and thus they automatically become a Hoon Dok family.

When a person participates in Hoon Dok Hae, no matter who he or she is, they atone for their sins and become liberated, and they feel that their spiritual selves have grown rapidly and that all walls have broken down and they have become free. Moreover, they experience the love of God, and thus come to have a Hoon Dok Family Church. When a person carries out Hoon Dok Hae every day, they are resurrected every day and they grow and atone for their sins every day. It is truly amazing. True Parents have said that the eight textbooks and teaching materials that they have given us, and nothing or no one else, will lead us to the Kingdom of Heaven, and I feel the truth of what they have said most keenly. Hoon Dok Hae is our Abel, our parent, our teacher and our Messiah. Jesus said in John 14:6, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me", and I feel that the eight textbooks and teaching materials given us by True Parents as their last words are indeed the way for all humanity to follow, the truth, the life, the lineage, the absolute sexual ethics, and the guide that leads us to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Personally, I have come to learn as I instructed others on how to carry out Hoon Dok Hae that it is the most revolutionary of all revolutions in giving the fallen humankind, who have lost the Word, eternal life and nurturing them to grow. I also returned to the basics and began carrying out Hoon Dok Hae in stages. One day, at 2:30am on May 15th 2011 to be exact, I fell asleep after reading the one-hour chart for the 97th time, and Father appeared in my dream and took from a golden ark a calligraphy he had personally written and bestowed it on me, and the writing said: "Hoon Dok Hae makes everything all right". I was so moved and touched. As True Parents told us, I have seen Hoon Dok Hae solve not only the spiritual problems of individuals but also domestic problems, financial problems, and furthermore, relationship problems. I've seen that, no matter who it is, when a person continues to carry out Hoon Dok Hae, God governs over him in accordance with his level of divinity.

The following are testimonies given by people who received blessings through Hoon Dok Hae:

Testimony of Joshua Josol

(52 years old...he has 30 years in the church.)

My name is Joshua Josol, presently assigned in Mindanao. I started reading Divine Principle one hour content beginning of May 2011 and completed 100 times on June 3, 2011.

From the start I was thinking that reading the one hour Divine Principle 100 times would take me 3 months because of astigmatism problem of my eyes. But miracles happened, as I determined to finish reading it in a month, my eye problem had gone, thanks to the great healing love power of God. I could even read without stopping straight 10 rounds in one day to be able to finish the goal of 100 times within just a month.

Truly God's word is God's love and blessings for me. I was so intoxicated and so in love reading the Divine Principle so that no free time had been wasted in vain every precious day. My wife has been my model inspiration because she finished ahead of me.

Now, my 3 children followed us and my twin boys completed reading 100 times and my girl is about to finish. I'm so grateful to our tpCD, Dr. Yong for all the encouragement and the motivation so that for the first time I experienced one level of victory to embody the Divine Pricniple and receive the true love of God and True Parents.

Testimony of Ronnie Rodriguez (Filipino)

I read 1-hour EDP at the office, in the classroom, while washing plates, In the car during traffic jam, after teaching in the school and during Hoon Dok time. My time became more fruitful when I am serious to follow the reading condition. I dream about True Parents very often and I experienced many miracles in my life:

First Miracle: When I completed exactly at 40th times reading, my co- teachers approached me saying, "Teacher Ronnie! Why haven't you finish reading that book? You have been reading this book for 2 months already?" I asked why? She said, "I want to read that book".

She wanted to know the author of the book. I gave her Father's Autobiography. She finished reading the book within a day. One afternoon, she said to me that Father looks like Jesus. It surprised me as she had not even attended any workshop. She proclaimed also, "Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the Messiah! He is the savior of our time" Upon hearing this, other 3 teachers in the schools also asked me for True Parents' photo to be put in their wallet. I gave each of them a pocket-size True Parents photo.

Second miracle: On Oct. 16, 2011, while I was reading 1-hour EDP for the 70 times, I was reunited with my high school mate again after 14 years. She came to Thailand from Philippines and was interested in our movement. She has a positive view and understanding about our movement. After giving her the 16 chapters of Divine Principle lecture, she accepted Father is the Messiah and witnessed to her son. She testified many good things happening to her after started reading Divine Principle.

Third Miracles: As I continued reading even though I am busy with my job, my children, and teaching in the school, I won lottery 4 times and paid for my ancestors liberation and blessing. My financial situation is getting better and I am also offering help to others who are in need.

Testimony of Benjamin Y. Rabano

(2 Gen, 13 years old)

Testimony Reading EDP 100 times

My Testimony in reading the EDP Diagrammed Lectures For 1 Hour, is that, I can really feel the love of God surging upon me. Because of reading it, I always cry and cry, that I really repented for the past mistakes of being arrogant. Also, it helps me remove my fallen natures, that our relationship with my family becomes stronger and better.

And then I also have this spiritual experience with God, because just recently, there was a Tong-Il training in one of the chapters in Cavite. It was raining really hard at that time, we couldn't train, so I spend my time reading the EDP first. And then while reading it, I sometimes hear whisper all over the place, it really scares me, like it was wanting me to find it. And then, I just finished reading EDP for the 3rd time on that day, the rain suddenly stopped. I was wondering what happened, then suddenly the sky become so bright I got blinded, then I heard God's voice in my head saying, "I love you, I love you more than you ever know. Thank you for having some time of your day to receive my love through these words. " At that very moment, I really cried and shake, so it made me become more determined to train harder, that I was determined to change myself, to train other people to become better than me. So, that spiritual experience of mine changed me forever. Also reading the EDP for 100x is that I really feel relax when I am one with nature, that nature is already telling me the next line even before I read it. That's all for my testimony, thank you for reading it.

We've also heard many other testimonies besides those mentioned above. These testimonies have been made into video clips and we are using them as materials for witnessing, to be shown to our new members and VIP members. In this era I've come to see that, rather than the lectures, the textbooks and teaching materials of Hoon Dok Hae can be used to witness to others and to save dying souls.

After the birthday celebrations of True Parents, Mr. Chaen Masaaki, the Japanese missionary, and I gave testimonies on Hoon Dok Hae at Chooncheon Church where Rev. Dong Ho Kim of Gangwon Province is the Church Leader, and I heard reports of amazing miracles taking place there.

On September 1st 1997, True Parents said in Belvedere, USA, that members should follow new guiding principles in their lives and read the words given by True Parents in the new era. On October 13th of the same year, they bestowed the name of Hoon Dok Hae at the Victoria Hotel in Uruguay, and since then they have continued to set an example before us. The amazing miracle of Hoon Dok Hae is now rapidly spreading out, not only amongst our members but also to the rest of humanity, and as I bear witness to this incredible fact, I cannot but return infinite gratitude and glory and praise to our True Parents. I firmly believe that the flames of Hoon Dok Hae will never die down and that it will serve as the guide for the salvation of all humankind, and through Hoon Dok Hae Cheon Il Guk will be realized.

Even as we speak, our True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, who are over 93 years of age and approaching 100, are following a busy schedule in the Providence. We will inherit the eight textbooks and teaching materials, which True Parents have told us are their last words, and fulfill our mission of tribal messiahs as Blessed families and fulfill our duties of filial piety and loyalty.

May the honor and glory of our True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind be manifested in all heaven and earth! Aju!

Once again, I would like to return gratitude, glory and praise to our True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

From Manila, the Philippines, on 2.8 by the Heavenly Calendar in the 3rd year of Cheon-gi

Chung Shik Yong, Regional President of Asia 

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