The Words of the Yong Family

Notes From The Meeting With Continental Director Chang Shik Yong In Mie

Jun Flores
March 13, 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Last March 13, our Asia Continental leader Rev. Yong visited our family members in Mie Ken and shared with us some precious guidance. I would like to share with you my (unofficial) personal notes taken from his message and guidance although I ask apology and take full responsibility for any misquotes. I cannot cope with the pace in writing the volumes of precious words he was sharing from 10 am to 4 pm with a short lunch break in between but I hope you can benefit from it anyway.

I (Rev. Yong) am always constantly reminded of all your great works for Philippine providence. The Cheon Bok Gung Palace finally opened because of all your great support. Japan made the biggest donation for this Palace. Next is Korea, third is Europe and fourth is Asia. In Asia, Philippines made an outstanding donation coming from commando members in Japan. We received a large painting of True Parents as a prize and I want to display this at Philippine Headquarters as a sentimental reminder for all your sacrifices and dedication. I am determined to go back to Philippines and make it the Headquarters of Asia. (applause) As long as I am the Continental Director and I don't know when I will have another mission but I want to make a model witnessing nation in the Philippines. Philippines has a special place in True Father's heart as a daughter nation and he personally asked Rev. Peter Kim to come to Phil. Rev Kim was so inspired of the Philippine providence particularly when he visited the IPLC in Antipolo and saw the bright faces of the students, he was briefed of the school curriculum, and its future expansion plan to a University campus in Tanay. He commented that this school will become a model for other schools or universities that our worldwide church will make in the future. When Rev. Kim reported this to True Parents, they were very happy and gave seed money for the school plus the commando donation that the Continental Director kept to finally make the initial planning and blue print for the expansion of this school. Rev. Yong said, "My vision for the near future is to produce 4,000 graduates from the school each year and to be sent as missionaries to the many corners of the globe. Filipinos have proven themselves capable of adjusting to any kind of environment and they have the edge of English ability. This could be the destined mission of the 2nd daughter nation.

Rev. Yong shared some precious words from our True Parents during his 90th birthday celebration: "As of today, I take my first step towards the 100th year of my life. We have had to complete the mission of the actual True Parents and also receive that seal from God who is Himself the True Parents of all mankind. Now, with 3 years remaining in this mission, we are leading each day of our lives with more seriousness than ever before…"

Father does not consider his age and instead declares his new determination to a new chapter in his life and the providence. He looks forward with a positive outlook what he can do and accomplish some more in advancing God's Will leading to his 100th year on earth despite his physical limitations due to advanced age.

The reality is, True Father's physical body is getting old and cannot cope up with the strenuous demand of the mission. We need to take the actual mission of True Parents. Father cannot rest and each day is very serious especially for this year 2010 till January of 2013 in the era of Heavenly calendar. 

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