The Words of the Yong Family

Continental Director Chang Shik Yong Speaks in Mie-Ken Japan

Jun Flores and Raffy Ablong
March 13, 2010

Our Continental Directors for Asia, Rev. and Mrs. Yong visited us in Mie-Ken last Saturday, March 13, 2010, and shared with us about the present providential realities and goals for 2013. These are some of the excerpts of their talks.

Notes from Meeting with Continental Director -- March 13, 2010 in Mie-Ken by Brother Jun Flores.

1. Create a clear goal and vision as a united front of Filipino brothers and sisters.

2. God's final timetable

What result can we accomplish and bring before God and True Parents before 2013.

Living for the sake of my family alone creates a culture of egoism. Without multiplication through witnessing, we drain our spirit.

3. Create a Church Ministry -> go ahead -- needs Japanese information for sisters/wives and involve Filipino sisters in the plan.

4. Hobby or focal point is your connection to God. But if you commit Adam and Eve problem -- you can't do this. Focus on your hobby. Make it your connection to God.

5. Choose a good leader. Make a good committee where you can talk about to accomplish vision and goals.

6. God works through your vision/mission. Make it very clear

7. Japan Organization Will Comprise Three Regions (Western, Central And Eastern)

Each region is led by a regional leader with two (2) assistant leaders with him.

Create the organizational set up

Define the Vision and goal and charter a short term and long term plans.

Make a list of activities and programs to achieve the goal

Create a new spirit of witnessing in Japan and be a catalyst to revive the witnessing spirit in Japan church.

Create a model course for witnessing in foreign countries.

Determine the area to pioneer your ministry.

The best way to revive one's spiritual life is to create an atmosphere of witnessing activities.

Based on notes taken by Raffy Ablong during the Leaders' meeting with Rev. Yong, March 13, 2010.

A. The mission of Philippine brothers in Japan is to live with their families while doing the following missions as Philippine Church members.

1. Financial mission -- includes the goal of constructing the Philippine Cheon Bok Gung in Tanay.

2. Witnessing mission.

3. Establish Philippine church centers in Japan.

B. Japanese wives will focus on the education of the second generation.

C. Japan-based Philippine members will be divided into 3 regions

Region 1 -- Western Region (Tokyo)

Region 2 -- Central Region (Mie-Ken, Nagoya, Osaka)

Region 3 -- Eastern Japan (includes Okayama, Kyushu-Okinawa)

D. Each Region will have (1) Regional Leader and (2) Vice-Leaders. Philippine sisters can only become Vice-Regional Leaders.

E. The Executive Director will be elected or appointed from among the (3) Regional Leaders. Regional leaders who are not elected or appointed as Executive Directors, automatically become Vice-Executive Directors.

F. Each region should create a committee to plan, strategize and implement church activities in their respective regions.

G. Philippine sisters blessed to Japanese members should be able to join us as Filipinos in doing all these activities.

H. Use your innovation and creativity to develop a good organization with a clear and workable vision-mission statement, goals and activities in order to succeed. 

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