The Words of the Yong Family

Address to the Asian Leaders Summit

Chung Sik Yong
December 19, 2009
Asia Regional President

We are so grateful for True Parents to send Hyung Jin Nim to Taiwan; we received so much love and guidance. I called all the National Leaders here because the International President has come to Asia for first time. This is our basic attitude, attendance and alignment. We have to come to meet and greet him. If you cannot come as a National Leader, you don't have a sense of alignment. National Leaders should have vertical alignment. True Parents gave directions to Continental Directors. If you oppose this, you oppose True Parents' direction. If you oppose True Parents' direction, this is very serious. From now on, I have to be strong. Do not give excuses because of financial situation. I cannot accept such kind of excuse. If we have determinations to come, you will receive blessing more than that.

True Parents came back from Last Vegas. They are very concerned about the Philippines issue. All Asia leaders are gathering here. Hyung Jin Nim came so timely to encourage us. The Parents UN conference in Las Vegas has been schedule for quite awhile. I invited Hyung Jin Nim to come to Thailand, Nepal and Taiwan. He was not able to accept our invitation in the beginning, but when True Parents heard the report about the Thailand Blessing read by Peter Kim, they decided to send Hyung Jin Nim's couple to the Blessing Ceremony in Taiwan.

Thailand Blessing was unforgettable. It was an incredible report. The venue was so great and even better than the Little Angel's Performance Hall in Korea. True Parents were so impressed by Thailand Blessing report. In Nepal, 1,400 couples including government representatives, VIPs and Ambassadors for Peace attended the Blessings. I reported about the events directly to True Parents. True Mother was so happy. I talked to Mother and once again extended our invitation to Hyung Jin Nim's couple to come to Asia. Since he became International Chairman, he has not been to any other region. I personally asked Mother and she agreed.

True Father asked me to stay in Philippines and gave me serious directions about the Global Peace Conference (GPC) there. After GPC event in Philippines, I came to Taiwan immediately. I did not have time to help guiding the preparation here. It was Taiwan brothers and sisters' Jung Sung condition that has made the foundation to welcome Hyung Jin Nim here. Taiwan has held many significant events this year. Starting with the International Leader's Conference (ILC) on Jan 16-19, President Ma came to deliver his keynote address. On 7 March at Global Peace Tour, Hyun Jin Nim came and he met President Ma.

After that, we held a Peace Concert in October to console the victims of Typhoon Morakot in Taipei, and again President Ma attended. Immediately after the Peace Concert, I instructed National Leader to continue with the Blessing Ceremony. It was such a short time, less than a month for preparation. In fact, I had a heavy mind. But I pushed National Leader to carry out the Blessing Ceremony. They united with me whole-heartedly. Because of this unity, God blessed Taiwan and Hyung Jin Nim's couple came finally.

This is the first time for me to attend Hyung Jin Nim's couple. When I first met him in Korea, it was during the Continental Leaders' meeting, he was still very young at that time. But he has grown in dignity, wisdom and has so much love for True Parents, especially after his realization of the Seven Deaths and Resurrections. After the rebirth experience through his realization, his sermons changed. After his realization and repentance, his sermons became so powerful and convincing. He said: "I did not realize as a son of True Parent, how to explain the difference of True Parents love compare to other saints and sages. What is the difference? Why True Father's love is so great?" Through his daily Jung Sung, finally, he realize one day. After that realization, he gave an historical sermon. His guidance is really so powerful now. He has so much of confidence and conviction. Internally, I can inherit his realization.

Hyung Jin Nim seldom misses giving sermon at the Sunday Service. He was supposed to leave Taiwan and return to Korea on Saturday but he decided to stay back for another day in Taiwan. He met all the Blessed families and members. He even took photos with them. He appreciated the hard work of all brothers and sisters. He asked a professor in the Sun Moon University to make the power-point of the Seven Deaths and Resurrections for him but it was not so powerful. Then my physical brother who majored in Father's Life Course developed the content in a power-point presentation for Hyung Jin Nim. He was shocked and amazed what wonderful content and design. My brother was asked to give Sunday Sermon on behalf of him during his absence. The congregation was so excited.

When the National Leader and local leaders unite absolutely with central figure, God blesses that nation. I gave them so many directions to Taiwan. I gave them such a hard time. But the Taiwan central figures made the decision to follow my direction and have absolute alignment towards God and True Parents. When there is a gap between National Leader and Continental Director, the blessing will be reduced. If there are gaps, then the blessing cannot come.

How much do you unite with your spouse? With that degree of unity you can raise up your children well. How much we are united with True Parents direction, central figure's direction? Through this unity, we will receive strength and power. When I give some instruction, my object-partner (Taiwan leadership) was more serious than me. Through this you gained the blessing. If you neglect me, you will lose the blessing. If my alignment with True Parents is not clear, I cannot settle down well when problem comes. Even if there is a small gap, problems will happen. The National Leader's alignment is very important.

Personal attachment and horizontal relationship can create problem. Sometimes, you have to cut off the horizontal relationship in order to follow True Parents. Dr. Yong loves Hyun Jin Nim so much. You do not know how much I love him. I have lots of emotional and personal attachment to him and supported the Global Peace Festival (GPF) maybe more than any Continental Leader. But no matter what kind of relationship there is, you must be clear and must receive directions from True Parents as the most important. My power comes from True Parents and True Parents are my eternal central figure. Hyung Jin Nim said: "I am nothing. Our true value exists when we are aligned with True Parents. It is the same with True Children or True Grand Children, when they aligned to True Parents, and then there is the highest meaning to their lives."

If there are any spiritual groups or spiritual phenomena confronting me, I can deal with them anytime. But I am dealing with one of the True Children. I don't want this confrontation if at all possible. But Father gave me clear direction. Then if National Leaders do not unite, the problem becomes more serious.

God guided me to do a workshop in Tanay. The spirit world guided me to protect Philippines members. More than 90% of the leaders came and united with True Parents' direction. On behalf of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Founder, Dr. Walsh wrote a letter announcing to all leaders and Ambassadors for Peace that UPF would not join or support the GPC. Some people may have thought that it was not a real direction from Father. Without Father's direction, he cannot do this. And I cannot do what I am doing now either. I love True Father and I want to follow his directions. If I am not following True Parents' direction, you can oppose me.

I felt I was going to the Philippines at the risk of my life. We all joined this church because of True Parents. You have to be clear about this point. It is good to have a charismatic leadership but if such leaders go in the wrong way, the whole foundation can be destroyed. Father took the painful decision not to support Global Peace Conference (GPC) so that reconciliation, healing and unity can come more quickly. Crisis is also an opportunity. A new transition has come and we have to overcome this crucial moment.

God is almighty and omnipotent, but he could not intervene even when Cain killed Abel. When Father decided and appointed Hyung Jin Nim as his successor it was a decision which he could not discuss with anyone; it was not a democratic decision. Father appointed his last son as successor on Jan. 15 and from that time onwards, Father's direction was clear and we must unite with that.

Hyung Jin Nim's coming to Taiwan is so timely. Taiwan is protected by God. Hyung Jin Nim has come and given us clear direction; we need to focus on True Parents' dream. We must bring result more than anyone. We have to unite. Now we are in God's direct dominion era. If God gives a direction, and you don't listen, serious things may happen. I received many emails criticizing me, but I don't mind. My position as the Asian Continental Director does not come to me easily. It is not a simple responsibility. If I don't have absolute faith, I could not stand here anymore.

As a leader, you are responsible for your members; you have the right to protect them and educate them what is good and evil, i.e., what are True Parents' directions. Many times people lose vertical alignment because of emotion attachments. People lose faith because of this; this was the cause of the human fall. The Archangel said you need wisdom… but God gave His commandment. Our eternal, absolute central figure is True Parents, not any member of the True Family and especially not Dr. Yong.

No matter what people may say against me, I want to give you clear directions. I hope you can truly understand. Hyung Jin Nim suggested that we should do Jung Sung all the time. That is the best way. Spirit world will appear and guide you. If you don't do Jung Sung, you will not be sensitive to hear God's voice. All our deeds and action on earth will be recorded as the disciples in Jesus' day. Any mistakes we make will all be recorded in the history.

Actually, it is my fault that I did not educate you enough. I need to do more education. When there is God, there will be peace and harmony. I continually pray for Hyun Jin Nim to return. Father wants to settle down his family situation. This shall be his last obstacle and challenge. I recommend to all brothers and sisters to pray for one another. I have been praying for all the Asian national leaders. Please join me to pray for everyone. If brothers and sisters unite, our mind will be clear and our power will be great. We have to practice True Love. 

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