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Funds Sought to Aid Victims of Typhoon Morakot

Chung Sik Yong
August 19, 2009

Chairman, UPF-Asia Taipei, Taiwan - UPF-Taiwan is seeking donations to provide immediate relief for people in areas devastated by typhoon Morakot, which struck on August 9 and dumped 83 inches of rain (over 2.1 m) on parts of the island. This unleashed the worst flooding there in half a century.

The Taiwanese government has asked for international assistance in rescuing stranded villagers and relief work to aid displaced and homeless persons. Buildings collapsed in the floodwater, and mudslides buried everything in their paths. The death toll was 136 on August 19, and the eventual number might rise to over 500, since many more are missing.

UPF-Taiwan has initiated a relief project by Ambassadors for Peace for the reconstruction of two devastated hill tribe villages in the worst affected areas: Haocha Village in Pingtung County and Maolin Village in Kaohsiung County. They will help the victims of these two villages rebuild their homes and provide psychological counseling for those in need.

The fundraising campaign is part of the ongoing service projects leading up to the October 31 Global Peace Festival. The people of Taiwan will feel greatly encouraged by the contributions of caring people around the world.

Donations may be sent to:

Bank Name: Hua Nan Commercial Bank Bank Account: 102-97-0120492

Account Name: Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace-R.O.C.

Bank Address: No. 245, Section 3, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.


UPF-Taiwan will directly hand the money to the victims through its AFP Kaohsiung Branch, which is closest to the disaster area. 

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