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A Victory At Dawn Means Victory In Life

Chung Sik Yong
September 24, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Continental Director, UM Asia
The 5-Day Asian Leadership Training
Tanay, Rizal, Philippines
August 16~19, 2008

Do you know who this guy is? (Martin Luther!)

Martin Luther, author of the Religious Reformation. He said [something] very interesting --

If I don't pray for 2 hours in the early hours every day, then the victory for that day passes to Satan. I have so many things to do, I do not think I would be able to carry this load if I did not spend at least 3 hours each day in prayer…

He said -- If I do not pray more than two hours, then that day just passes to Satan. Satan wins over. But if I pray for two hours, everyday, then that day is God's day; that is victorious day. I can win over Satan.

That's why those who made the Reformation and those who became central figures throughout human history, their common point? They pray for more than two hours, 3 hours, always.

In Korea, now Christianity is really declining. But of all Christianity, (Dr. Yong said something like 20 church(es); my apologies for not being able to clearly identify what our CD mentioned here. Spring V) are always growing and growing, and growing. I checked why like that? There's a common point - one, two, three. Number 1 common point - those churches [which] are always growing, do you know the number one thing in common? All 20 churches growing, church leaders pray a minimum of two hours. Wow! I discovered through their meetings and testimonies. That's why even Christianity is like that. So as long as [they're] keeping 2 hours prayer, that church, always is growing [in terms of] system, organization, and financially. The important thing is to connect to God Aju? (Aju!) That's why his name (Martin Luther) remains forever as the leader of Reformation.

Do you know who is this man? John Wesley, Founder of the Methodists

He was said to rise every morning at 4 am and pray for 2-3 hours.

And then he said from his diary (Christian Digest):

Believers who do not attend pre-dawn prayer have already lost their first love. Oh, my goodness! Those who do not attend the morning 5 o'clock prayer, you already lost your first love!

So how to grow by Church? How much important are prayer and chongsong!

And he said, until the age of 88, over a 50-year period, traveled a distance of some 400,000 km. by horseback, preached some 4200 sermons, and authored more than 200 books. Amazing! He is the founder of Methodists. Why? Because he is the champion of prayer.

Despite his hard schedule, John Wesley was in good health (why?) He said: 1. Continual exercise and 2. All his life, always slept regularly at night, whether on the ground, on the floor, whether sick or well.

That's why you have to be a morning type of person, not a nighttime person. So those who made great revolution, reformation, most of them are morning type people. You are nighttime people. At 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock you sleep, and next morning [you have] no power. Early morning is most precious time and then uh (acting out sleepy and heavy mood). Change. Sleep early and wake up early. Sleep at least at 10:30, and wake up at least 3:30 or 4 o'clock, and need to have prayer and meditation. Nothing to change.

Why do religious people lived so long life? Because every morning [they] wake up and pray. In Korea, religious leaders are the ones who live longest, because they connect to God. Do you want to live long life? (Yes!) Then you need to keep 5 o'clock morning Hoon Dok Hae tradition and also prayer.

Also, morning type people are the center of everything, and they really lived long life. That's why I'm sure our Father will live a long life. Father's style is really extraordinary. He sleeps late and wakes up early. If we follow Father's standard, we will die. (Audience's laughter.) We will die. (Dr. Yong smiles.)

He rose at 4am for more than 60 years. Would rise before dawn prayer and preach. Wow! He said, The more you're busy, the more you need prayer. Because those who are busy, because they are busy, cannot make completion, just wastes time. But if you connect to God and align to God, and pray to God, and then even [under] so complicated situation, [it is] easy to make decision. That's why [he] said, The more you're busy, the more you need prayer And then quickly you can make decisions.

To live a healthy life and carry out your mission with ability and power, always live by rising at dawn.

People who rise at the early dawn get many times more work done. If you have lots of things to do, practice rising before dawn.

What was the origin of the great Pyongyang revival of 1907 in Korea? Korean revival started from Pyongyang church. How did they do it? It started in 1903 at Wonsan with a dawn prayer movement. In Korea, dawn prayer movement is really very famous. All Christianity, Buddhism, Unification Church, everybody, they do morning 5 o'clock chongsong. That's why Korea is really chosen country. Billy Graham, the famous religious leader, he came to Korea, and he attended the morning hoondok, morning 5 o'clock prayer meeting at several churches. He said, now I know why Korea is chosen nation. He proclaimed [that] Korea will lead the world very soon.

Those who are living the morning devotion very well, you're living your daily life, you're living your whole life very well.

Wherever I go, always I emphasize this one. In America, in Washington DC, you know Western people do not attend morning 5 o'clock Hoon Dok Hae. I initiated with few people together. Few months later, can you imagine, Western people, around 120 people came. And then Dr. Yang came, Erikawa San came. Oh, oh! What happened?! We're never [had this] happen, this one, in American history in Washington!

I went to Japan, __ Church, I started to do morning devotion. Someone came from very far away.. It takes two hours, some people 3 hours. But they came. We started with few people, and gradually increasing, and increasing, more than hundred people came. One day policemen came. That's going on here?! Parking -- everybody here like that! He saw us, in the Japanese Unification Church, 120 people gathered together doing morning devotion.

In Pyongchang Church also, Hoon Mo Nim's husband's hometown. At that time, I really witnessed. Many brothers got matched with Filipinas. I came to the Philippines several times in order to match. And then I had the number 1 church among 520 churches. At that time, I really did morning devotion and really worked hard, woke up very early.

Korean winter is so cold. All snow and everybody is... (Dr. Yong motioned chilling). Here is all hot weather, no problem. Korea in winter, I tell you, you will die. But it is a challenging situation. Japanese sisters and Korean brothers [had] really strong commitment. We finished making chongsong condition 4 months later. Chongsong period continued and exactly became hundred days, and everybody gathered together because we reached 100 days chongsong 5 o'clock.

And then one day, I saw some lady came to our Church. Oh, who's she? I was surprised. She was Hoon Mo Nim! Why did she come to Pyongchang? Hoon Mo Nim's husband's hometown is Pyongchang. Hoon Mo Nim's husband runs a deer farm. She was really so tired, and came to Pyongchang for rest. Then one day's, as soon as she arrived, she received revelation, I want to show you some Church's beginning church. What? Heavenly Father asked her to go to Pyongchang Church at 5 o'clock in the morning.. [Having] received the revelation, Hoon Mo Nim came to our 5 o'clock morning Hoon Dok Hae. 100 people really welcome her. Really, really it was unforgettable. And everybody was very excited.

Finally we reached the number 1 result. Our Church with only 30 members. I witnessed to 50 people matched to Filipinos and Thais. All of a sudden, after one year it became 114, 120 people, no place to sit down. And we received award from headquarters. Please come! Number 1 result, number 1 church, number 1 church leader (Dr. Yong smiles.) Really historical. You see?! This is such a miracle. I'm telling you, chongsong, chongsong moves Heaven.

When did God provide the manna to the Israelites?

Before dawn, right? Before dawn!

Would melt and disappear when the sun rose; that's why they had to wake up early. Heavenly Father trained the Israelite people.

For 40 years, God trained the Israelites to rise before dawn

The way to bring miracles is to kneel down on your knees in prayer before dawn

Every morning wake up and proclaim your victory. If you really have a good prayer, you can proclaim, today, I get victory.

What is Prayer at Dawn?

Reflection on God

Without prayer and calling on God, everyone is just the same.

No one can sleep because everyone is tired from work, oppressed by problems and worry about all kinds of strange things.

Why dawn Prayer is important? [It's] turning one’s focus away from the resentment and problems of people and towards God.

Michael, after my workshop is finished, all my PowerPoint, make CD and give to all... (Applause.)

Lessons from Moses about the importance of prayer

That was Moses fatal weakness? He only focused on the mistakes of the people. He spent his time observing only their rebelliousness, their disobedience, their faithlessness. But what is the leader's main job? You can never become a leader if you only observe the faults and shortcomings of your flock. A leader has to hold on to God's promise and God's vision, regardless of their shortcomings. You have to focus only on God. (Aju!)

As a leader, if you only see the members [as] sometimes no hope, Ayooh! This kind of fallen nature! Then we can't make Kingdom of Heaven. Forever impossible!

But God's point of view is, never give up! Moses continuously needed to encourage the Israelite people, Our forefathers' goal was to enter Canaan, Canaan, Canaan, Canaan, sure vision, centering on vision. But he always heard the people's complaints, those kinds of things. That's why he made a reciprocal base with fallen people.. Finally, he failed.

That's why if we focus on members' weak points, members' problems, finally you'll be the problem. But we need to see God's point of view. God's character is never, never give up. That's why [we] always need to have what? Tears in order to embrace them. See the members weak points, That's my weak point You see the members faults as my faults.

This is at Chung Jeong Goong (Dr. Yong shows photo of leaders at Chung Jeong Goong Peace Palace at Hoon Dok Hae), with the caption:

There there is a dawn prayer movement, there is eternal prosperity.

Acts 1:8

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.

It clearly mentioned that you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you." When the Holy Spirit comes, you can feel power. How can we receive the Holy Spirit? Through prayer and chongsong. So we have to work centering on the Holy Spirit. We need to be possessed by God's Holy Spirit. Otherwise we cannot get power. If we receive the Holy Spirit, you will be my witness in Jerusalem, the capital city of Judea, first into Jerusalem, and in whole nation, and Samaria as neighbor nation, and to the ends of the earth!

How can we multiply God's gospel? Number 1, you need to receive power. How to receive power? You need to have the Holy Spirit of God. How to get the Holy Spirit? By the power of chongsong. And then you have the power, you have the Holy Spirit, then you can be my witness, True Parents' witness in Jerusalem, and in Judea, and all neighboring nations, and to the ends of earth. I want to change -- Jerusalem – Manila, Judea – Philippine, Samaria - All nations in Asia -- (Yeah!! Applause)

You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be My witnesses in Manila, [audience recites the line together with Dr. Yong from this point] and in all the Philippines, in all Asia, and to the ends of the earth!!! Thank you.(Big, big applause for Dr. Yong by everyone! Dr. Zablan: Thank you very much, Dr. Yong!)

Traditions of the Cheon Il Guk Era will be continued in the next posting.

Note: Dr. Yong's lectures are posted in series due to the need for very careful transcription and review of the materials. Any mis-transcription here is my sole responsibility; corrections are highly appreciated from any of those who have listened firsthand to the lectures in Tanay. Thank you. Sincerely, Spring Valdez. 

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