The Words of the Yong Family

Witnessing (part 3)

Chung Sik Yong
September 22, 2008
Continental Director, UM Asia

… After we establish Cheon Il Guk, what is Father’s situation and how to restore the world. First project, Father’s vision and project is to make the Bering Strait Project. And Father is already about 90. I feel I want to take responsibility for this. This is my mission. I [will] really restore a lot of money and support Father. Everybody doesn’t want to take responsibility, but in my case, this is actually my dream and vision, to really support the Bering Strait.

So whenever I proclaim and declare, always my dreams come true. That’s why in order for your vision to come true, always everyday declare! Declare in front of Satan, in front of God, “I have to do this! I want to do this!” And then your declaration becomes singing because always you talk about [it] it becomes singing, your singing becomes true.

And then you need to hear everyday the GPF music, “One family under God,” and completely brainwash yourself, and then full of vision, no time to think of Satan. You need to divorce Satan. You get along together with Satan always, get along so well. That’s why you need to separate from Satan. That’s why I see to it that in my life of faith, always I wake up and see the vision, and pray for my vision, “Father, in the past, I had… this vision You gave me, this vision already [finished]. I check my past, my life. Already you showed me this is the next dream. Heavenly Father, this is my own vision for You. I really want to console You, I really want to comfort You, Heavenly Father...” AJU? (Aju!!!)

So each one of you, even though we are externally very poor nation, but our heart has to be rich. Right? God is rich. We believe we are the children of God, right? (Yes.) God who is my Daddy is rich, why am I so poor? Why are you so poor?... God is rich. So if His child, God’s child really wants to do something centered on His Will, God surely [helps]…

I talked this style to… [to someone, in Malaysia]. “… I’m a little bit worried about the money situation. When Hyun Jin Nim comes, how can we do it? We need to be self-reliant. If we have conviction, if we have strong confidence… and then talked to the members. And then when I gave the 2-day workshop in… Kuala Lumpur, one... came to me, “After hearing your vision… I want to offer this much money.” See? Amazing! That’s why Heavenly Father doesn’t want to help anyone who only work centering on reality. “If we have money, then we do. ” Heavenly Father doesn’t like that kind of style. True Parents never do that. “I need this …,” and then Heavenly Father will send the money. That kind of attitude. Do you understand? Do you understand about Father’s style?

This is one of the very interesting stories, Father’s style. Amazing! In Korea, when we established the Chungpadong Church. That time … in 1960s, 70s in Korea, really, really poor but members started to give donations. But in order to build a headquarters, we needed a lot of money. But it wasn’t enough, already passed a long time.

And then one day, Father called the accountant, “How much money do we have?” “This much we have.” And then next day, talked to him, “That money, everything, give to the driver. Driver, next morning, 4 o’clock, let’s go to Korean Namdaemun, most crowded place/market.” And then this driver was so surprised, what is Father going to do … Namdaemun is always so crowded. People go there to buy [goods], then they go down to Pusan [for example]. And then Father [told the driver] “ Stand!” and he [looked closely] who really needed money. And started to [hand out the money to people] within 30 minutes he already gave away everything. And then this driver, “Father is now… [like crazy] something wrong; how come, we needed money, this is [all money we had], how come all these?”

But Father knows, when he really needs money, he gives away everything that he has. This is Father’s style. And then really that time no money [because Father] gave away everything, not just zero, but minus and then Heavenly Father sympathized. Father knows that kind of strategy, then later on, one month later, Father was waiting for someone outside. Father knew someone is coming.

And then [there was] one lady. She sold her property, everything. She had a lot of money. And then her ancestors appear and talked to her, “This money, you have to bring to the Unification Church.” And then this woman, “Mine!” Rejected. And then ancestors [grabbed her neck] … and then, “Oh, okay, okay, okay…” And then next day, “No, no, no…” She really struggled. And then next day again, “No, no, no…” Then she realized, “If I [keep] this money, I will die.” So she put the money in some small box, and then carried it [to the Church]. Her walk was very slow. (Much laughter!)

Father was waiting in front of the Church, “Why do not come?” Then finally, the woman appeared in front of Father. Father walked very quickly. She brought the money. Then Father … (Dr. Yong demonstrated how Father ‘snatched’ away the box of money from the woman. Laughter!) “Now…” (Dr. Yong said more while he recalled the story in a very funny way. There was much laughter in the audience that made the recording much less intelligible for transcription; very sorry.) And then she was so surprised!!! (Laughter.) This is a true story.

So Father never worked centering on reality, and he gives away everything like until it becomes zero and minus, and definitely Heavenly Father sympathizes. That is why Father truly knows [that] God is alive!

That’s why we need to have that kind of attitude centering on vision, and go ahead! And then many people struggle, “Oh, how come this one…,” struggling. That’s why vision is really important. Vision is really important.

What kind of vision do you have? “Oh, I only want to restore 71 people,” that kind of small figure. Now is the era of result. “In my life, I want to witness. I want to become champion of witnessing. Philippines has the greatest potential to witness to many people. So in my WHOLE life, I want to become the champion of witnessing in the Philippines. I want to restore a minimum of 12,000 people.”

Then you become champion of witnessing. If you have that kind of really strong belief, and day and night praying, Heavenly Father, show me the way… Aju? (Aju!!!) So you need to have the dream, big or small? (Big!!!) Hey, I’m so tired educating you! (Much laughter.) Your container is too small

“You do not go witnessing to give salvation. Rather, you go witnessing to obtain salvation. Do you understand? (Yes!) This is my position right now. First, I have to be saved, and then I can save others. You must first become Abel in order to save Cain. Have you become Abel yet? You haven't yet, right?”

“What do you have to do to become Abel?” This is really important content now. Father said, “how to become Abel? First, you have to RECEIVE the LOVE of GOD.” Without receiving God’s love, you cannot come to the position of Abel. “Secondly, you MUST HAVE LIFE.” If you are dead, how can you save people? If you have life and then you can save life. Do you have life? Or are you dead? Huh? That’s why Father said secondly that you must have life in order to give life. “Thirdly, you have to teach. This is the formula course.”

Without teaching the Divine Principle, how can you witness? Father said that in order to become Abel, there are 3 conditions, number (1) you should receive God’s love. (2) What? (Must have life.) You must have life, otherwise, you cannot be in the Abel position. So then, our question [should be], “How can we receive God’s love?” Right? (Yes!!!) I would like to see, do you follow me? (Yes!)

How can we receive God’s love? Today... Father teaches us the secret. How do we receive God’s love? Father said, “To accomplish this, you must first receive the love of God. Are you receiving the love of God right now, or not? How do you receive love? The amount of love you receive corresponds to how much you have chased Satan out. To the extent that you eliminate evil, you will receive that volume of love from God, automatically. Isn't this how it should be? As much as I eradicate evil within me, that is how much the love of God will seek me out.”

Oh, this is really important Father’s word. Many people think, “God’s love is just flowing, just come to me,” But Father said very clearly that how much you receive God’s love, how you feel God’s love, it is very clear -- As much as you chase out your fallen nature, that much you receive God’s love!!! Why you cannot feel God’s love? Because you are full of fallen nature! Even though you joined 10 years, 5 years or 20 years why can’t you still feel God’s love, God’s heart? The reason is very clear! You didn’t eliminate fallen nature! Father said, “As much as you eliminate your fallen nature, definitely that much you receive God’s love! This is your own portion of responsibility!!! (Dr. Yong uttered these words at the top of his voice, with much intensity and sincerity, to put utmost emphasis on this whole point.)

Many Christian people, religious people, they are thinking God’s message as absolute… conditional fallen people. [But] as much you get rid of fallen nature, as much as you chase out Satan, that MUCH you feel God’s love..

That’s why no feeling, “I go to Unification Church, very cold Church… my Abel, very cold, no true love. They are talking about truelove, true love, true love, actually no true love.” Many people say like that. I tell you, you need to take your portion of responsibility. When I hear this God’s word, I really realized that, “Wow, to receive God’s love, this is really my portion of responsibility.”

That’s why we need to have a... Need to have? Chong song. Without chong song, without prayer, you cannot chase out Satan. Some people say, “I joined the Church 10 years, 20 years ago, still same, same as before. I never changed.” You have absolute faith, right? Never changed. (Laughter.) No matter how… I never ever change. (Laughter.) You keep same fallen nature, that kind of absolute faith toward Satan..

So I really realized, we really know God’s will. Why can’t I feel love? Why I cannot be loved by God. Why I cannot love my brother, why can’t I love my spouse, my husband… why still struggling?” That much is Satan living within me. We have full of fallen nature. That’s why through prayer, through God’s words, eliminate your fallen nature. If 10% you eliminate, you can feel 10% of God’s love. Many people do not know this one. And then Christian people say, God tradition, God’s grace, absolute, absolute, it doesn’t matter you work or not. They do not know portion of human being’s responsibility.

Whoa, that’s why Father said, “In order to become Abel, you need to have a LOT of prayer and chong song. And then your mind is very clear, it has very clear alignment to God. You have spiritual power. You understand?

Actually, normally satanic fallen nature is like 70%, more stronger than our spiritual power. So how to overcome? Fighting at least. Satan always controls. Okay, if you’re really working very hard, and then you become like 50-50. But still fighting. sometimes God’s side, sometimes Satan’s side, like this. So how to win under this kind of situation, 50-50, how do you win over Satan? Father said, you need to have more power here. You have to have God’s spiritual power, the power of what? Chong song! If you pray a lot and chong song a lot, then spiritual world helps you, more power, then God’s side [up] and Satan’s side [down]. That’s why I do not believe anyone who does not do chong song… (something more here, sorry I couldn’t get it despite many times replay) I do not believe, I can not believe.

In some modern Christianity, as a Church elder, you do not attend the service, do not want to give tithing, do not pray more one hour, they kick out, no qualification to become Church community member.

Father, how come, he is the Messiah, he has very clear answer, “As much as I eliminate evil within me, that is how much the love of God will seek me out.” Clear? (Clear/YES!!!)

That’s why in order to become the Abel, you need to receive God’s love, and secondly what? Don’t forget. Secondly what? -- (Have life!) And if you have chong song power, your spirit is always alive; no chong song, you are dead… that’s why you become literally mong (stupid/dull)… mong chacha-- spaced out.

And then, thirdly what? (You have to teach.) That’s why, Celso! (Yes, Dr. Yong.) On and on, again and again, emphasize -- Study DP! Study God’s Word! If we do not emphasize this matter, “Ayooh, Dr. Yong came, and same, and repeat and repeat,” I tell you, these are fundamental things.

(To be continued)

Note: Dr. Yong's lectures are posted in series due to the need for very careful transcription and review of the materials.. Any mis-transcription here is my sole responsibility; corrections are highly appreciated from any of those who have listened firsthand to the lectures in Tanay. Thank you. Sincerely, Spring Valdez. 

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