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Returning Resurrection Today

Mary Yasuda
October 26, 2000

Yesterday my sweetheart and I were talking and he told me that he had spoken to Mr. Hayashi (of MFT fame from years ago in the US and one of 777 couples). They were talking about the situation of children today and I thought I would relate some points that I got from my sweetheart plus some other things that are on my mind that I think will be of value to many of us.

Apparently Mr. Hayashi said that this is a time in which the spiritual world is particularly active and coming down to the earth for resurrection. (I think that is not anything that most of us don't already know.) A point that he made is that although 1/3 of the spiritual world has received the blessing, they still need to return to the earth and work through us in order to become FULLY resurrected and restored into wholesome, original beings. They have been given education and the grace of the Blessing and have been cleaned up a lot. However, all of the emotional stuff that they carried in their hearts and the resentments and bad habits and so on still have to be corrected and that must be done on the foundation of co-operation with a person who has a physical body on the earth. So our indemnity course now is to bear all kinds of internal difficulties in the areas of our thinking and feelings and so on plus being hit by spiritual beings both directly and indirectly.

All of the spirits who were liberated through the CPL providence, not just our ancestors, either, are coming to us and to our children for us to resolve their problems. It seems that an incredibly large number of blessed children have VERY SERIOUS problems. Particularly the older blessed children. Of course, parents didn't do enough and made a lot of mistakes and failures and should have done many things differently than we did. And even today, seen from external actions, parents may not appear to be doing enough for their children. But beyond that, or behind the external phenomena, there is an incredibly difficult internal indemnity course taking place. Some will say it is our own fault and will be angry at us and accuse us or criticize us and hold us as the cause for all of the many difficulties. And there are grounds for that because we did make a lot of mistakes and we didn't do everything that we should have and we didn't live the original standard. However that is not the whole picture. The current situation that is giving tremendous effect to children today has much deeper and wider cause than our shortcomings.

Here, in Japan, and also in other places in the world as well, there was a kind of economic boom and a period of relative material blessing. Children who were born in that period have a very difficult time to relate to the concept of the importance of working hard or studying hard and the value of education and the like. They easily enjoyed the benefits of the efforts of those who came before them and they CANNOT SEE those things. No matter how much parents may talk about what is behind the grace that they have been enjoying, they are not grown enough to be able to relate deeply to the words. Parents may have tried to set good examples and tried to educate their children well from the beginning but the social environment's powerful tide is stronger and overwhelming. And the phenomena of returning resurrection is compounding that. Societies as a whole have been more satanic than good and the weight of that is so difficult to balance by the actions of our members efforts alone. Just on the spiritual side, which is of greater quantity-good or evil? Although tremendous headway has been made, there is still so much evil left to be restored.

And on the physical plane, in sheer numbers, which is greater -- the number of people consciously making efforts centering on God or the number of people not doing that yet? Blessed families are the central points for the cleaning of all of this stuff, particularly blessed families who have already gained a relatively deeper understanding of God's will and the way that we are to go. Particularly those who already have been walking the way for many years and making efforts to build the foundation. The people in the spiritual world who want to resurrect will try to go to the place where they can gain the most benefit, it is only naturally so. Where can they gain the most benefit? Through us. And they bring with them all of their problems and we have to help solve them by bearing them and restoring them. This is the more fundamental reason that so many blessed families, especially the older families are such an apparent mess. It is NOT because parents don't care. It is NOT because they aren't trying. The internal and external demands that we are each trying to meet are really tremendous. And we aren't restoring only the better 1/3 of the spiritual world either. Everyone is coming down for resurrection.

Most of our sisters and brothers have heard of the tremendous indemnity conditions that True Parents have asked of members from Japan. Is it because our members failed so much? Of course, we/they didn't do enough, that is true. But the nation as a whole has and still is making so much sin and the gravity of those sins is tremendous. The impact on the providence is tremendous. This nation is in the mother's position. Children follow mother's example a lot. Mother doesn't let True Father come and work here. Mother doesn't use the material blessings from God for the dispensation's purpose. Mother doesn't give credit to True Parents and God where it is due. Then the children (for example France and other European nations, but not only them) do the same. Our sisters and brothers from Japan, as representatives have to do that instead. The burden both spiritually and physically is tremendous. This applies not only to Japan, the same phenomena can be seen all over the world in each family (especially the blessed families) to some degree or other.

Just by criticizing or blaming, we aren't going to solve things. Being angry or resentful to the people in the spiritual world for the burdens that we have to work out isn't going to solve anything, but will rather compound things. Being accusing or blaming towards each other also won't bring good fruits. What will, in my opinion, is compassion and forgiveness and humility and true love and forbearance and endurance. One of the ways to expedite the quick education of both realms is through Hoon Dok. When we do that, we are NOT just educating ourselves and our families, we are educating the spiritual world, too. And much of those people in the spiritual world are burdened with many problems and are still not so open in heart and mind to be able to willingly listen to God's word. Even at CPL, angels forcefully remove many resentful, evil beings from our bodies and forcefully bring them to workshop and tour of all of the realms of the spiritual world to show them what the real situation is. So we need to examine our attitudes and re-adjust ourselves continuously. Well, at least I, Mary Yasuda, do.

After coming back from CPL this time, I have had a lot of overwhelming struggles. Especially in the emotional level. I have been experiencing tremendous rage and hatred and resentment and anger and the like towards Japan as a nation, towards the general youth in this society, towards the "yakuza" elements. I have been dealing with very powerful thoughts and feeling of murder and wishing death on particular individuals and strong impulses to damn and destroy everything and everyone. I have had to deal with strong impulses concerning suicide and murdering my own family, impulses to leave this country and take my family away from here to some other place. This is just the tip of some of the stuff that has been hitting me and my family. But I know that only if I can find the way to pray for those spiritual beings and physical beings, too, who are causing me tremendous sufferings and difficulties and my family to suffer, only if I can forgive those who are trying to spiritually kill my own blessed children and have pity and compassion on them, only then can God claim a victory. Through the difficulty, God can teach me my own sins and fallen nature and failures. Through the sufferings God can work to pull our family together. And indemnity for a greater purpose, which I cannot see, might possibly be accomplished. But the degree that God can use that depends on the degree that I am victorious in digesting, and changing, and loving, and repentant ,and aligned with what attitudes True Parents and Jesus are showing and teaching me. I hope that I will be able to limit the damage and expand the healing and make the base that will allow God to claim, rather than Satan. I hope that each of us will be able to do that.

Your sister, Mary Yasuda

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