The Words of the Yasuda Family

About the Mobilization

Mary Yasuda
October 8, 2000

I am not 100% sure, but I seem to remember Father saying during one of his speeches that we are to be mobilized and that it is one of the requirements for the Grace and registration that we received. I think he said something to the effect that he has made the foundation to be able to give this to us through the UN providence but he needs to substantially create God's nation. I understood that to do that we are mobilized. I also understood that after this period, if we are successful, our husbands and children will all move to Korea. He also mentioned two alternate courses in case this providence isn't victorious. One way is to buy all of Cheju Island and make that God's nation (or some other island), the other is to use land in the Pantanal for that nation. He said even we can buy land in our area as recently the Korean government is allowing non-Koreans to purchase land. Then, after those words, Father gave direction for all of the various Korean leaders to speak to us about the providence and explain various things.

Hence the person came who spoke to us about the Israelites and Canaan = us and our area in Korea, etc. Back in 1982, Father spoke in Belvedere to everyone at Sunday Service and suddenly all wives were mobilized for IOWC. It is the same situation and Father had said this would come and if we get victory, this will be the last mobilization. If not, there may be a mass mobilization to South America. Unity of the two Koreas doesn't mean automatic victory. The center of that unity MUST be God and True Parents. This is the gist of what I understood. Now, I did NOT take ANY notes so this is coming from the top of my head, my memory, which is not completely reliable. I got the impression that nothing was said beforehand because nobody would follow the direction to go to Korea for 21 days and the 3 days. Also I got the impression that the response, particularly of our group, was some sort of condition that allowed Father to be able to make the mobilization. If we had not responded, a more difficult providence would have become necessary. That was what I understood, anyway.

Also it appeared to me that giving us the forgiveness and grace of the holy wine ceremony was a necessary condition to be able to do the mobilization. Anyway, always in the past, God gave us grace and immediately afterwards asked us to go through some big trial or mobilization or something. It seems that the giving of grace is so that we will be able to go through the coming difficulty and make an offering that God, rather than Satan can claim. Just reading from the DP it says that as mankind is in the midway position, always a trial must come when God wants to grant grace so that Satan cannot accuse. It says that trial may come before the grace or after the grace or both before and after the grace. Well, I don't know how you will receive this letter and I am really sorry that I didn't take notes on absolutely everything at Chung Pyung Lake. But maybe this will help fill the need in your heart. Anyway, my sending this is not motivated by any desire to be critical or accusing or negative in anyway. I just thought I should share what I understood and hope it helps you and others. I am not the final word on this, by any means. God bless and keep you and all of your loved ones well.

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