The Words of the Yasuda Family

Some Comments on Things From Chung Pyung Lake - Judging the True Family

Mary Yasuda
October 9, 2000

During the third 21 days workshop for wives for registration, True Father requested that Rev. Kwak speak to us. One of the main things which he spoke about was concerning the True Family. We were specifically told that whatever situation we may hear about or see or whatever concerning the True Children, we must ABSOLUTELY NOT judge. We must NOT see, hear or speak about anything. We CANNOT know True Parents and God's point of view. We were told that instead, we should pray for the True Parents and the True Children. Rather than multiply doubts or confusion or negativity we should just pray very hard and not say anything. I was reminded of the old saying "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, do no evil." It seems that by our sisters and brothers talking about some kinds of situations that have come up in the True Family, we have caused both God and True Parents hearts tremendous pain.

Along similar lines, Dae Mo Nim spoke to us and gave similar advice to us concerning our relationships with each other, with leaders, with members, with family members, etc. She said that it is a sin to say anything about anyone which can cause hurt to that person, even if they are in the wrong. She said that the only things we should speak are things that uplift others or convey God's words to others or the like.

In past postings we sometimes wrote negative things about various leaders/members. Sometimes debating occurred concerning the True Family. I am as guilty as anybody of not maintaining the heavenly heart, attitude, and words towards others. So I am NOT writing this to accuse anyone. Rather, I would like to offer public apology at this time. Also I would like to convey approximate essence of what I grasped at Chung Pyung Lake concerning these things, and hence this posting. I wish each of you God's grace and blessings and on each of your loved ones, too.

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