The Words of the Yasuda Family

A Child's Death

Mary Yasuda
May 5, 2001

This morning I attended the elementary school kids' Sunday Service. The mother who gave the sermon this morning had just gotten back from CPL. She gave a brief, simple report about something from her 3-day visit. I thought it would be good to share with everyone.

One woman attending was very upset and crying a lot because one of her children died. Dae Mo Nim told her very strongly to be grateful. It seems that she had the spiritual fortune to lose her entire family in a car accident. But her baby, who would have grown with bad health and a lot of sickness was taken by Heavenly Father and used as an offering so that Satan could not take the whole family. She could not see the spiritual world so she could not know this and was heartbroken by the passing of her child.

Another person lost all of their family's money so they could not pay their bills or buy food. It was stolen. But again, Dae Mo Nim said to be grateful. Satan could steal the money through someone and that was much better than Satan taking away one's life. By Heavenly Father allowing the money to be stolen, again, this person's fortune to die could be changed.

It seems that the point is that no matter what we are going through, it is so important to keep a grateful heart. We never know the sins and conditions that exist in the spiritual world so we don't see how our difficulties are really being used by Heaven. It is very easy to be grateful for happy things, but we need to create a grateful attitude for the most difficult things, too.

Personally, I have heard this kind of guidance in the past, and I am sure that most of you if not all of you have, too. So it probably seems redundant to say these things. But I know that at least in my own case, I need to be reminded sometimes. And I have observed that especially Western members living here in Japan, myself included, get really irritated by a lot of things here. Like the demands for money, and the seemingly lack of care and concern within the Church for our unique situations and difficulties, and the things we have to put up with from some members, and from people who don't necessarily have anything to do with the Church. We seem to find ourselves confronting a lot of things that seem really lacking in sensitivity and common sense. We have lots of obligations imposed on us from our families, our communities, and our members. Lots of things are really unfair. So we can become really full of complaint and resentment and bad feelings and so on very easily.

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