The Words of the Yasuda Family


Mary Yasuda
November 6, 2000

First question concerning whether there are female angels or not: In the late 60's or early 70's, True Father said that God had not created female angels. And he said that the reason was that the angels could reach perfection and fulfill their role by raising up Adam and Eve to perfection. If they had mates before their crucial work was done, they would be distracted from their job of taking care of God's children. Now, it was implied that after man reaches perfection, it was God's intent to give angels their own partners. This point was not clearly stated and I might have misunderstood the content of the speech. I once found some of the old Master Speaks in the trash and "rescued" them. I kept them for over 20 years but one time, I lent them to my sweetheart and we haven't been able to find them so I cannot go and re-read them and tell you the exact speech and when and where it was given, but I do remember that Father was clear that there were no female angels at the time of Adam and Eve in the beginning of human history. I am not sure but I also seem to have a less clear, vague memory of hearing something to the effect that because there were no female angels Lucifer was more strongly attracted to Eve. And part of the reason for the Commandment that was given to Adam and Eve was because of the potential that God realized existed.

It seems that angels' individual perfection comes about by their fulfilling a portion of responsibility to take care of God's children. They don't have a creative nature directed towards creating themselves, they can't stand as Co-creators with God as God's children could by participating in their own creation. But they do have to grow through the stages of growth, as all things in creation do. And God gave them a role and they were created with that purpose in mind.

At CPL, it was explained to us that when we do Ahnsoo, we should follow directions carefully. We were told to keep the schedule. We were told to invest 100% in singing and clapping. And we were given the following reason: Angels follow direction to the tee. If the leader does Ahnsoo on a certain part, that is the only part they will work on. They are very diligent and serious about their responsibility. If angels see us relaxed or not investing absolutely everything or following the rules exactly, they stop working. It seems that humans are able to decide much more by their own heart and intellect but angels follow directions and don't always "catch" what is not literally expressed. They can miss implications, inferred things and the like. Or at least that is the impression that I got from my last visit at CPL. This might help to understand the difference between the angelic realm and the human realm. Humans are God's children and angels are servants. Humans have a wider kind of freedom and a greater responsibility, too. Angels were to receive God's love through humans. The Divine Principle tells us that only man has both a spirit person and physical person. Animals have a physical being but no eternal spirit unless we love them so much that we want to have them with us in the spirit world. Angels have no physical body. Man alone is the mediator between both realms and it is through man that God was to experience both realms, using our bodies. We were supposed to become God's body. So Jesus said that we are the temples of God. This might help understand the difference between the human realm and the angelic realm. I think that man and angels co-exist in the spirit realm, much as we co-exist with the things of creation in the physical realm. I think that there is on-going interaction between men and angels. The level of heart is different and the relationship to Heavenly Father is different and so the roles are different. The quality of angelic love and God's divine love through His children is different, I think. This is my idea and I am at best making only a partially educated guess. I am not first handedly experienced with this area. I may be spiritually sensitive and easily influenced by the spiritual world but I don't know it well and am no authority.

About whether people wear clothes in the highest realm of the spiritual world, well ... Last that I heard, the very highest realm is presently empty because the True Parents haven't arrived there yet. Of course, I might be wrong about that, too, since some elder members and some of the true children have gone to the spirit world and also True Father's parents and True Mother's mother (father, too???). What Father has said is that ... in the future ... people will once again be naked. But he seemed to indicate that this would not be in the very near future, but rather in the somewhat distant future, after restoration is complete. Perhaps that applies to the spiritual world as well, I don't know. He did indicate that now is not the time for us to go around naked.

About dying young ... I think that accidents can occur in the restored world. But they won't be caused by spiritual influences due to resentful spirits seeking to get revenge or end their enemy's lineage. I don't know details about how those children would be raised to perfection from the spirit world but they might descend to their parents or brothers and sisters and co-operate with them on the earth. And angels will certainly have some role in caring for them, I think. Dae Mo Nim has done blessings of blessed children who died. She has blessed them to other blessed children who have died and part of the wedding preparation is clothing for the wedding in the sizes of the children had they lived to the age of blessing on the earth. And I heard that Dae Mo Nim gave some blessed children milk to grow them up. I don't know about this clearly and I haven't read anything from Father's words so this is also not really all that concrete an answer. It certainly isn't authoritative. But maybe these things are helpful to you a little bit.

God bless you and your loved ones.

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