The Words of the Yasuda Family

Chung Pyung Trees

Mary Yasuda
October 7, 2000

The following are the contents of two papers which I got at Chyung Pyung while I was there and I combined the information from both. It will prove useful.

Five Prayer Trees and the Water of Life (The Water of Life is not the same as Water Given by God.) At each tree there are many angels who can remove evil resentful spirits in us if we deeply repent of our personal sins, our ancestors sins and other kinds of sins (national, racial, etc.).

Tree of Love (the willow tree): We should repent of mankind's (and our) sin of having betrayed God's true love and having lost our position as God's true children. Repent for sexual problem, sexual relations, masturbation, pornography, hatred and resentment, bad motivation in loving others. Pray for restoring True Love and Pure Motivation. Pray that we can regain our original position as children of God centering on God's original true love.

Tree of Heart (the mulberry tree): Because of the fall, mankind has caused unbearable pain in God's heart. We should repent of this and commit ourselves to bring back the original ideal of God. Repent for not being able to understand and comfort God's heart, deliberately hurting other people's hearts and feelings. Pray to understand God's heart at the time of creation, to inherit God's heart.

Tree of All Things (the chestnut tree): Pray with a heart of repentance to restore all things back to God. Repent for misusing things, eating junk, self-abuse (drugs, food-stealing), misuse of public money, bad attitude toward all things. Pray for wealth to be able to support God's Providence, fertility to be able to have children which will enable you to fulfill the four position foundation which is part of the fulfillment of God's ideal of creation.

Tree of Loyalty (the pine tree): We should repent of our past sins of disloyalty and betrayal to God and True Parents and newly commit ourselves before God and True Parents to be unchanging in the future. Repent for our lack of faith and loyalty toward God and True Parents, not believing in and following True Parents' words and devotion, not being serious enough for good ancestors. Pray to become faithful, loyal, obedient, to become unchanging and loyal and absolute in our faith.

Tree of Blessing (the pine nut tree): We pray here thinking of how desperately God has been waiting for the day to give us the Three Great Blessings. We want to understand the value of the marriage Blessing so we can fulfill the Three Great Blessings. Those who have already received the Blessing should pray to make our Blessing successful and to be able to inherit heavenly fortune and bring it down to future generations. Pray that you can know how to witness to others and bring the Blessing to all mankind. Repent for not appreciating the Blessing enough, for blocking God from working through us, for not believing in being able to fulfill the Blessings.

The Water of Life: While the prayer trees are for the resurrection of our spirit, the Water of Life is for external healing. There are Angels present making medicine for each of us the way we need and giving it to us through the water. Many people have been cured of long standing illnesses which were never able to be cured anywhere else. (my note: this water only works while on the grounds of Chung Pyung, if you take it off of the premises, the angels aren't working with this water any more. The Water Given by God is different and located down the hill from the main Sanctuary. This water may be taken off of the premises and is still effective in cleansing our bodies. Father said that it can melt the impurities even at the center of our bones. It can remove old residues from medicines/drugs etc. that we put into our bodies even as far back as when we were first born. We should never use either of these waters for washing or anything except drinking. They are very precious and should never be wasted or misused. They cannot be multiplied. People may bring home the Water Given by God.)

I hope that you will find this information valuable. The foundation at Chung Pyung is ever expanding and growing so the scope and depth of what is available is also increasing based on the accumulated indemnity foundation. Dae Mo Nim may go to other places to do liberations, etc. but she brings everything back to Chung Pyung as that is the only entrance open to the spiritual world at this time.

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