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About Proclaiming True Parents

Mary Yasuda
September 16, 2010

I have been reading the comments and guesses about the proclamations being made by some of the True Children and the proclamations not being made by other True Children. And there were some comments about our failing to proclaim them from years back.

I would like to say that when I first met our movement, heard the Divine Principle, understood about True Parents, it was in 1973. At that time, we were directed to first build a foundation for people to understand about our True Parents by teaching them the Divine Principle. When I heard the Divine Principle, no one told me that True Father was the person coming with the mission of the Lord of the Second Advent. I realized about Father because the contents of the Divine Principle were [and still are] true and I intuited that the person who brought it was the Lord of the Second Advent. For many years, we were instructed NOT to tell people directly that Father is the Lord of the Second Advent. We were told that the time was not right to directly testify to Father as the one who was fulfilling Jesus' mission.

It seems that there was a long period when the True Parents had to accomplish certain internal and external conditions because of the loss of the foundation that Christianity was supposed to have provided. Until that lost foundation was restored, we were to work to make the conditions that could become a foundation for direct testimony and witness to True Parents later.

I am not sure exactly the date when this changed. But up until a certain point, Father, himself never proclaimed about himself exactly, explicitly, publicly.

It is my guess that a shift in the dispensation came and could most likely be marked by the first public proclamation by Father about the role he and Mother are [and have been] fulfilling.

I think it is only after this that we have been allowed to directly proclaim True Parents as the fulfillment of Jesus' mission.

Honestly speaking, I think it is rather pointless to make comments about how we should have done this earlier and not doing so was our failure or comments implying our failure. We followed the directions we received from Father via our Central Figures.

Just because the Messiah came, didn't mean those who knew were free to unconditionally say so directly. Before we could do that, the providential time and conditions and circumstances had to be in place.

I am grateful for the foundation that has been laid which allows us to proclaim what we know to be true. The fact that it has taken so very long to come to this point is more an indication of how tremendous the obstacles have been for God and those trying to work on God's behalf. So it indicates to me, rather than how terribly we failed, how precious that foundation is, how dear it is, how difficult it was to create. And this moves my heart to gratitude to God, to the True Family, and to all the many people who contributed towards realizing God's desire. Even those who fell along the way, even to those who somehow not only fell away but came to oppose us. Without them, we could not be where we are today.

Father often spoke about how God's side was always struck by Satan's side, and only after that, God's side was free to claim victory. Now we are in a different place, where this is not so. But the road to get here was much, much longer than the years that any of us [or even Father, himself] have lived. Instead of looking at how things got prolonged because none of us was up to par, let's be grateful that in spite of everything, there are still so many people who have never given up trying even though we made misjudgments and mistakes. Let's be grateful and rejoice in God's love and True Parents' love, which are so great that they have made the way, and remade it, time and time again, without giving up on any of us.

And let's not forget that we are not finished... there is still much which needs to be done. And let's not forget that the point of all the hard work is for substantiating LOVE. If we talk and act and work hard, but we cannot love, then we are missing the point. We have to re-create ourselves into people who can love with the unconditional, unselfish, compassionate love of Parents. We need to do that WHILE we do all the other things which need our efforts.

Frankly speaking, I still have a long ways to go in this area. So, I hope that we can encourage each other and extend a broad and deep, generous heart and mind towards each other in the meantime. I surely hope that in the long run, no one will remember my mistakes and shortcomings or speculate about why I didn't do a better job. Rather, I hope those things will be overlooked and what I did try to do, the small things which express God and goodness will be what are remembered.

Now, some of the True Children are not proclaiming and testifying directly to True Parents, and perhaps some have and are making big mistakes. But the day will come when those things will be turned around, when those members of True Family [which is also OUR family] will return to Parents' embrace. Would God want us to point fingers blaming? Would God want us to keep those mistakes at the forefront of our minds? I think God would want us to freely embrace them. If we spend time speculating and debating, instead of following what Father asked of us, will our returning True Brothers and Sisters feel happy to see us after they return?

Let's not only proclaim True Parents with our words, but let us strive to proclaim True Parents by cultivating the generous, compassionate love they embody within ourselves.

Love and blessings,


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