The Words of Reverends Yang

Understanding Dae Mo Nim's Earthly Activity at Chung Pyung from the Viewpoint of Divine Principle (Part 3)

by Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Director Mid-Atlantic Region
December, 1998

VI. Dae Mo Nim's Safe Settlement on Earth and the Beginning of the Holy Spirit Work

1) Ceremony of Transferring Earthly Mission 96

In 1992, Dae Mo Nim's birthday, Feb. 22 (Lunar calendar), a ceremony was held to transfer the earthly mission of Dae Mo Nim to Mrs. Kim. Final transfer of the mission would be completed after 3 years of making sincere devotion. Through the unity between Dae Mo Nim's effort in the spiritual world and Mrs. Kim's foundation of substance on earth, the Holy Spirit's work of repentance, separation from evil spirits, and rebirth comes to begin on a full scale. As Holy Spirit (sung shin) Dae Mo Nim safely settles on earth. However, this day marked a beginning of new dispensation. Before it can start on a full scale as a worldwide movement in Chung Pyung, which is the door to the spiritual world and the restored Garden of Eden, a preparation process on the formation and growth stage level needs to follow the ceremony for 3 years. In early stage, Dae Mo Nim came to Mrs. Kim and encouraged her to take up the mission, but she strongly declined. It was because the mission was so grandiose and there was negative aspects in general public's perception regarding a spiritual mission bearer. As she continuously declined the request, after staying at her house for three days Dae Mo Nim left her to ask Heung Jin Nim. Dae Mo Nim came back and conveyed the message of God and Heung Jin Nim to bring Mrs. Kim to the spiritual world. Mrs. Kim then went to visit the spiritual world in a state of trance guided by Dae Mo Nim. 97

Heung Jin Nim led her to God who was wailing. God showed her several patterns of unprincipled lives of blessed families on earth in the form of snap shots and encouraged her to take upon the mission of Dae Mo Nim's earthly task. Feeling a sense of strong mission as God confronted her, she came to determine to perform Dae Mo Nim's task. 98 As she started to take up the task, God tested her in the form of a 40-day prayer vigil and by Satan in the form of ice water bath. Mrs. Kim's course of visiting whole spiritual world bears great significance for earthly person who will go there someday. 99

2) Completion of Substantial Return

Dae Mo Nim directed Mrs. Kim to live a separated life from 1992 to 1996 so that she would resemble more closely Dae Mo Nim who lived purely serving only the Lord for her entire life. Moreover, she guided Mrs. Kim to take after her character and appearance. 100 Actually, substantial conditions needed for the foundation to settle on earth were accomplished step by step by the utmost sincere dedication of the two. 101 In this way, Dae Mo Nim, on the foundation of making sincere efforts in diverse areas for 3 years since urging Mrs. Kim to take up the mission on earth, established the substantial foundation to return and came back on earth. By returning and settling at Shin Moon Ro official house where she used to stay on June 6, 1995, she completed all the preparation for her mission to connect the spiritual world and earth.

3) Beginning of the Work of Chung Pyung

Work in Chung Pyung that Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim began on Jan. 19, 1995 saw a quiet beginning with 3 Japanese families. Since then, most of Korean members have been there, and almost 80,000 Japanese members have participated. Especially, at the end of last (1998) February, 3600 and 5200 members came and greeted the absolute good spirits who had return on earth substantially. The Ancestor Liberation Ceremony that is held on the last day of the 3-day workshop is the grace of God bestowed upon us based by the condition of physical person's small effort. Since it is the work of Holy Spirit (Sung Shin), it must not be a coincidence that many Japanese members are participating. True Father also directed the Japanese church, as it is the nation representing Eve and mother, to spread the Chung Pyung work as a worldwide rebirth movement. 102 True Parents have already declared the Day of Opening Heavenly Door (Gae Chun Moon Il) on Feb. 1, 1985 at 3 AM. This opened the age of salvation for spirits even in hell if good spirits and descendents set up indemnity conditions. Since this declaration by True Parents Chung Pyung became the place to bring salvation for spirit persons by physical persons on a full scale. 103

VII. Special Blessing of Four Families for the Foundation of the Work of Chung Pyung

Statesmanship of True Parents, who are restoring the whole human history through indemnity, is manifested in the succession of providential events. Two days before the 360,000 couples blessing on Aug. 23, 1995, True Parents held a special blessing for four families at Han Nam Dong official house: Choong Mo Nim, Dae Mo Nim, Dae Hyung Nim, and family of Hyun Jin Kim who is an adopted son of Dae Mo Nim. This brought an age of blessing of spirits in the spiritual world on a full scale. This special blessing was to restore the failure of unity between Cain and Abel in the Garden of Eden due to their parents' fault, as well as, Esau and Jacob, Rachel and Leah, and Mary and Elizabeth 104 in Zachariah's family. Through this blessing 105, True Parents united Choong Mo Nim, Dae Mo Nim 106, and Dae Hyung Nim, who are in Cain's position to Father, so that, centering on the mothers, they can raise the children properly. As a result of this, all the things that were lost in Adam's family were reclaimed centering on True Parents' families. Through the first spiritual blessing held on Aug. 23 at 10 am, True Parents opened the way to save even the ones in hell (both on earth and heaven) by establishing the realm of all people's liberation, all nations' liberation, and the spiritual world's liberation. The above families followed True Parents in 360,000 blessing event at Jansil stadium. Later on Nov. 16, 1996 in Uruguay, True Parents had special prayer to assign a mission to Choong Mo Nim. 107 This was a special ceremony to restore the spiritual position of Choong Mo Nim and to enable her to assist with devotion the Chung Pyung work held centering on Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. By doing so, True Parents directed whole spiritual world including True Parents' family members centering on Heung Jin Nim and senior blessed family members of Unification Church to support Dae Mo Nim's Chung Pyung work.

VIII. Understanding the Relationship between Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim from a Divine Principle Perspective

Through True Parents' blessing, Dae Mo Nim stood in the position of having a blessed son. This gave her foundation to settle on earth and, by returning and safely settling at Shin Moon Rho official house on June 6, 1995, she was able to freely traverse between the spiritual world and earth. Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim, who accomplished the victorious base to attend the embodiment of Holy Spirit by establishing the foundation of faith and substance, is leading the work of repentance and rebirth in Chung Pyung as the physical substantial being of the resurrected Dae Mo Nim. Father mentioned that Dae Mo Nim as True Mother's representative is doing the rebirth movement of giving birth again to things that Eve had wrongly given birth to and urged members' deep understanding. 108 Relationship between Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Kim is that of united physical person and a spirit, centered on a mission. It's not easy for a physical person without deep faith and spiritual eyes to understand this relationship. To enhance understanding on this based on Divine Principle I will rely on True Parents' speech and providential events centering on Mrs. Kim as Dae Mo Nim's representative. This will clarify the dispensational understanding of the Chung Pyung work.

1) From the Viewpoint of Divine Principle

Chapter 5 of Divine Principle, Resurrection, deals with the dispensation for resurrection of spirits and physical persons in detail. Originally, a man was created to accomplish the purpose of creation centering on three blessings and live on the kingdom of heaven on earth. Forming a divine spirit, a man, then, was to live forever in the kingdom of heaven in the spiritual world. If this is accomplished, a man does not need to return or to resurrect. However, due to fall, all humanity inherited the original sin and came to be in the position of the dead based on the standard of the original value of creation. As a result, both the spirits and physical persons need the dispensation for resurrection. Therefore, fallen men, by means of separating themselves from Satan, are to restore the completion level of growth stage. On this foundation, they should enter the realm of God's direct dominion by eradicating the original sin and growing further through Messiah.

Accordingly, all spirits who entered the spiritual world after living in the hell on earth and the realm of Satan's sovereignty must return resurrect on earth according to the principle of resurrection and grow with physical persons. Because a man's spirit was created to grow and perfect only on the basis of his physical body, resurrection of the spirits according to the providence of restoration must be done through the physical body on earth. 109 Therefore the spirits that did not perfect themselves on earth should return to earth and to grow and perfect themselves by cooperating with the physical persons. 110 Activity for this purpose is called the phenomena of spirits' returning resurrection. From the perspective of this returning resurrection, the work taking place in Chung Pyung has three meanings based on its mission, position, and role.

(1) Mission of Ms. Kim as a Physical Person - intermediary

The physical person, walking the path of restoration in this age, is the product of the providence of restoration with the mission as a consequential being of history, a central body of the era, and the new starting point of the future. All earthly people, accordingly, have their own portion of responsibility to fulfill through the mission of this era that was left unfulfilled by people of previous times. All earthly people are to stand in the position of horizontally restoring the vertical indemnity condition in the history of the providence of restoration by believing and attending the returning Messiah who came as the perfection of the providence. 111 From this perspective, Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim is carrying out the providential mission as an earthly person by participating in Dae Mo Nim's work of returning resurrection. Thus a providential person who took on the mission to indemnify the responsibility given to the central figures of the past should walk the path of obeying the heaven's vertical main dispensation through accomplishing his portion of responsibility. The earthly person participates in the work of rebirth and resurrection through Dae Mo Nim's work, based on the separation of evil spirits and repentance through means of the cooperation of good spirits and angels. Blessed families on earth received the blessing from True Parents on the foundation of conditionally restoring the completion level of growth stage through True Parents' grace. However, even after their blessing, many of them remained in the realm of Satan's dominion, falling from the completion level of growth stage by personal sins. 112 Accordingly, it was a serious task to cleanse the fallen characteristics through strong repentance. It is through the grace of God and True Parents that we can take care of spiritual background difficult to solve on earth by Dae Mo Nim's work.

(2) Position and Role of Dae Mo Nim as a Spirit - mission of Holy Spirit

Dae Mo Nim met the Messiah on earth through her victory in the formula course to receive the Messiah. Moreover, by fulfilling the mission of attendance as the mother of True Mother, she is the first in the history of the providence of restoration to enter the spiritual world with True Parents' benediction accomplishing her mission. Dae Mo Nim has now returned as a providential representative of True Mother with a mission to do returning resurrection work on earth. Ordinarily other spirits return to earth for their own resurrection through the condition of cooperation with earthly people. However, Dae Mo Nim's return is to cooperate with True Parents' dispensation on earth through Holy Spirit work as a person with a providential mission. Dae Mo Nim returned on earth, following the providential order, through Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim, a fit person for the earthly counterpart, as her choice. We need to seriously recognize that a series of Holy Spirit movements taking place centering on Dae Mo Nim is not merely a spiritual rebirth movement but heavenly dispensation that parallels True Parents' dispensation of salvation for heaven and earth. The biblical injunction that there is no salvation to those going against Holy Spirit is warning not to interfere with the Holy Spirit work for salvation. True Parents' providential events will be explained in detail in the following sections.

When we look at the relationship between spirits and earthly people, spirits who are not blessed try to participate in the blessing based on earthly people's devotion and condition. Ancestors who received spiritual blessing are to return and cooperate with earthly people. Once blessed, spirits become the absolute good spirits 113 who does not change under any circumstances. They tend to cooperate and guide public works for God's will by descending to their descendants or a region and to reprimand unprincipled action. 114

(3) Relation between Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Kim and Their Role - identical mission

As mentioned above, Dae Mo Nim is leading the Holy Spirit work on earth and spiritual world as True Mother's representative. Although she can freely guide spirits in the spiritual world, she needs a substantial returning being on earth to guide earthly people to live principled life through repentance or to help returning resurrection activities of spirits. The person chosen for this purpose is Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim. Earthly returning activities of Dae Mo Nim is performed in the following order:

a) True Parents' benediction of a mission assignment based on Dae Mo Nim's fulfillment of her responsibility on earth (Gui Hwan ceremony on Nov. 6, 1989, and benediction at Won Jun ceremony on Nov. 7.)
b) Dae Mo Nim's devotion and preparation for returning on earth (1989 - 1991)
c) Establishment of the foundation to receive the Messiah by Mrs. Kim on earth to receive Holy Spirit (1979 - 1992)
d) Subjugation of Satan and transfer of mission by unity and effort of Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim (1992 - 1994)
e) Blessing of Dae Mo Nim, the safe return settlement at Shin Moon Ro official house, and the beginning of Chung Pyung work (1995 -)
f) Final approval by True Parents. (At present)

Through the process mentioned above, Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Kim form a unified being centering on providential mission and role although they are in relationship as a spirit and earthly person. Choice of Mrs. Kim as a mission bearer has been done according to principle of heaven's predestination of a central figure, the choice of Dae Mo Nim, and fulfillment of her responsibilities.

2) From the Perspective of True Parents' Words

True Father called Mrs. Kim Dae Mo Nim's body 115 and Dae Mo Nim a spiritual mother in the spiritual world sent by him. 116 Father also said, because Dae Mo Nim needs a reciprocal substantial condition on earth, Mrs. Kim is the one representing Dae Mo Nim's body for this purpose. 117 He gave very principled explanation of Dae Mo Nim's work to guide children to repent and lead them to Father with pure mind and body representing substantial True Mother. True Parents' official speech must be the most accurate basis of principled understanding. The most important workshops these days are being carried out according to Father's direct order that gave Dae Mo Nim the authority of return resurrection in the spiritual world. 118 At the same time, True Mother, who visited Japan for Hoon Dok Hoi, urged members there to attend Chung Pyung. Father told president Erikawa that Japanese members should separate themselves from the evil spirits by going to Chung Pyung. When Father and Chung Pyung are united, both spiritual and physical world will become one and will have ten of times more effect. 119

As such, True Parents have special interest in Dae Mo Nim's work through Mrs. Kim and mentioned that such work should have started in 1980 and finished in 1995. 120 Attitude of leaders and members trying to understand the work in Chung Pyung should be based on True Parents' interest and viewpoint. Also one should reflect upon its meaning for the growth of one's heart based on accurately understanding words from the spiritual world. When we take interest in the path of faith that Mrs. Kim walked until she became the person in charge of Dae Mo Nim's body, we can see that it has a lot to say on our attitude of faith.

3) From the Viewpoint of the Providential Events involving Ms. Hyo Nam Kim as intermediary of the True Parents

We can find more understanding of the significant will of God when we investigate Dae Mo Nim's work through Mrs. Kim as her substantial being based on providential events.

(1) Blessing of Hyun Jin Kim's Family and Adoption as Dae Mo Nim's Son

When True Parents were blessing four families including Dae Mo Nim's family on Aug. 23, 1995, they adopted the eldest son of Mrs. Kim's family as Dae Mo Nim's son and include him in blessing. 121 This resulted in establishing Dae Mo Nim's four- position foundation on earth. This provided an important foundation for the safe settling of the earthly dispensation. This was not merely a condition but was actually carried out. After the blessing, Hyun Jin Kim was renamed Hyun Soo Han 122 and came to stand in the position of a blood child in Dae Mo Nim's family. 123 Furthermore, for three days from June 6, 1996, the 1 year anniversary of Dae Mo Nim's settling at Shin Moon Ro official house, there was a special event 124 to start Dae Mo Nim's family.

(2) Blessing of the Spiritual World in Washington D.C.

Since True Parents opened the door for spiritual blessing through four family blessing in 1995 the mass blessing went full scale with 39.6 million couple blessing in Washington D.C. on Nov. 29, 1997. On this day, Dae Mo Nim arrived at RFK stadium around 7 AM. Filling the third floor empty seats centering on empty space on the right side under the stage, she performed the blessing in the spiritual world synchronously with True Parents' blessing. 125 Understanding of the ritual blessing should follow the understanding of the principle of restoration through indemnity that True Parents led for the liberation of hell on earth and heaven. All the dispensation that Father has advocated is to first secure the realm of victory in heaven which is subject and, then, to realize it on earth. If the human ancestors had not fallen, the physical world would have been the subject, but spiritual world became the subject because of the fall. As far as the spiritual world is concerned, True Parents are the originators, 126 and, unless True Parents open the door, nobody can open it even if 30 centuries pass. 127 Accordingly, Father's dispensation was to establish the unified world of free traffic by tearing down the wall between physical world and spiritual world.

As such, it is already declared that the spiritual world is unified. 128 By looking at only the major dispensation leading to the spiritual blessing today, we can see what True Parents' victorious conditions for spiritual blessing were. They are the "Spiritual World Unity Declaration Ceremony" 129 in 1982 that enabled ancestors to cooperate in the position of angels, the "Unification Ceremony" centering on Heung Jin Nim, the "Declaration of the Day of Opening of Heaven's Door" 130 in 1985 that built the highway of light from the hell, and the "Declaration of Liberation of the Spiritual World" 131 in 1990 when he prayed for the advancement so that spirits can receive the grace of blessing.

Originally, Father wanted to hold a mass spiritual blessing in 1995. However, because of the unmet conditions, he just blessed four families including Choong Mo Nim. From the time of 360,000 couple blessing, Father declared the advancement into an age in which the good subjugates the evil. Father declared the age of complete shift between good and evil. 132 On this victorious foundation of True Parents, door for spiritual blessing was open wide with sacrificial effort by Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim in Chung Pyung.

(3) Benediction at the `Opening Door for the Spiritual Blessing' Declaration Ceremony 133

On the foundation of victorious completion of 3.6 million and 36 million couple blessings on November 29, 1997, True Parents gave a benediction while holding both hands of Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim representing the spiritual world for opening of spiritual blessing. At this time, they prayed that by the connecting of Chung Pyung and heaven by Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Kim and the liberation blessing then Choong Mo Nim, Dae Hyung Nim, saints in the spiritual world, Hyun Chul, and all angels and heavenly soldiers, spiritual world and physical world form one perfect family of love and open the door of the spiritual world so that physical world can receive benefits. Also, with the advancement of the world providence, True Parents prayed that Chung Pyung enable Unification Church members on earth and in spiritual world. They asked for approval of the blessing in the spiritual world on the basis of restoring eldership, parentship, and the realm of kingship. As such, they declared, in the name of True Parents, the spiritual world's opening door blessing along with earthly completion.

True Father also directed Mrs. Kim that she should bless Father's ancestors up to the 7th generation, saints in spiritual world, and wise men. Also, he told her to use the holy water in spiritual blessing. If there are 1000, then sprinkle holy water representing 1000. Since then, Dae Mo Nim was able to work more strongly in Chung Pyung, and it showed greater effects because blessed good spirits returned on earth and provided a firm spiritual environment. In addition, Dae Mo Nim was allowed to continue blessing events in Chung Pyung, and this brought an age of spiritual blessing to full scale. Accordingly, Dae Mo Nim' spiritual blessing events with Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim as her substantial being will be a significant opportunity to mobilize very important heavenly fortune.

(4) The Methods and Work of Ancestor Liberation

A ceremony of ancestor liberation for the participants at Chung Pyung workshop has been done since November 17, 1997.134 Initially, Father directed to have the ceremony once a month. As the atmosphere becomes more appropriate, Father allowed for more frequent ceremonies. Since middle of January 1998, a special prayer time for ancestor liberation has been held around the closing ceremony of every 3-day workshop. Ancestors liberated at this time receive 100 day training at the training center under Heung Jin Nim's direction in the spiritual world. After that, they participate in the blessing event in Chung Pyung and return on earth as absolute good spirits to help their descendants and earthly dispensation. We need to understand the preparatory process of the ancestor liberation in more detail. In addition, ancestor liberation work that used to be done by some members from time to time should be completed in Chung Pyung. 135 Let's look at the order of ancestor liberation. 136 First of all, ancestor liberation is performed on the foundation of God, True Parents, and Dae Mo Nim's earnest effort.

Ancestors are called at a certain prayer time by the following order.

First are those ancestors with resentment who are residing in other earthly people.
Second are the ancestors wandering between earth and heaven without being able to enter the spiritual world.
Third are the ancestors who are dwelling in the mist of natural things.
Fourth are those ancestors held captive by other spirits.

They are called with sincerity on this order. Following Dae Mo Nim's direction, the participants request the liberation during the time of unison prayer calling as above. However, the order is not absolute. Even for a couple, one can liberate only one's own ancestors, not spouse's.

(5) Cooperation of the Resurrected Blessed Good Spirit

True Father deserved God's approval by winning in an intense spiritual battle. In search of the Divine Principle, he won the battle with countless satans on earth and the spiritual world while exploring the vast intangible world by himself. 137 Through the 40-day battle during which God, Jesus, and the 12 disciples were in a neutral position 138, he found the Principle and had it confirmed by every saint and earned God's final approval. By going through this process, Father united the spiritual world and revealed it on the earth. Father merited God's approval of the authority to make a final decision as far as the spiritual world is concerned. 139 Accordingly, we need to recognize and be thankful that the grace of ancestor liberation, based on blessed families' very small conditions today, is utterly due to the indemnity conditions that True Parents paid. It is the result of their true love to free God by liberating hell on earth and in heaven and saving all human kind. The ancestor liberation being done in Chung Pyung is Dae Mo Nim's work based on this heavenly victorious realm of True Parents. Mrs. Kim is continuing the special ceremony so that descendants and people with public mission can participate in a special service and return with absolute good spirits.

(6) Reality of Good Spirits' Return and Their Role

January 25, 1998 marked another turning point in the history of God's providence. As already explained, the spirits participated in universal blessing in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 29, 1997.140 This was after attaining liberation in Chung Pyung and receiving workshop in spiritual world. They returned to earth on this day at 12 PM. 141 At this time, the four great saints and founders of each religion returned to earth as well. 142 Finally, an age of unity of religions based on returning resurrection has fully begun. After blessing they receive education about life principle of blessed families and all the historical courses from Adam's fall to coming of True Parents. Then they returned to earth as the absolute good spirits who do not change under any circumstances. Their work on earth is to mobilize heavenly fortune for their descendants when they live according to the Principle and to punish them when they do not. As such, they will leave their mark.

Often True Father has talked about coming influence of good spiritual world since the early days. By including "holy spirit" in church's name, he differentiated this church from other Christian churches and expressed his vision of uniting the world through the holy work that would move the spiritual world. 143 By pointing out the claim of spirit-science that there are 3300 spirits for every earthly person, Father mentioned that they would return on earth and cooperate. 144 He also used to say that, although the evil spirits were dominating the world now, good spirits would come in the future and guide people to the heaven. 145 He also said `there would appear new diseases that cannot be cured medically when the age of spiritual world's attack on earth arrives. This would be the time when we can listen to the secret code from heaven and should live accordingly. 146 The extent of disease that descendants suffer due to the sin of their ancestors depends on the quality of their sin. Based on Biblical words that one's sin would go down 3 to 4 generations, the effect of an evil spirit's invasion would dominate for 70 to 80 years through blood lineage.

The time right after the turning point of good and evil's transition age is part of the phenomenon of the Last Days. Jesus also cured many diseases by eradicating evil spirits. 147 Dae Mo Nim's work in Chung Pyung today not only separates spirits from an earthly person but also liberates them by sending them to the spiritual world. As such, it is a part of the dispensation of perfect resurrection. True Father alluded to this by saying that spirits separated in Chung Pyung are sent to places better than they initially deserve and they are happy to leave. 148 Blessed good spirits returned on January 25, to be guided by their descendants or people who separated many evil spirits in Chung Pyung previously, should participate in 3 day workshop in order to guide the returned spirits. The meeting time is on the third day, during the 30-minute unison prayer right after Dae Mo Nim's speech. After the workshop, they are supposed to follow their descendants so to help them. Some of them form a group to work in the region of their descendants' residence. To guide them, church leaders of those regions should visit Chung Pyung.

The direction of those spirits' work is based on religion, nationality, region, church, family, and individual cooperation. During the time of welcoming good spirits, some members were able to see with their spiritual eyes open their ancestors being happy. 149 On this day, Dae Mo Nim explained to the workshop's lecturers in detail how these spirits would work. For example, spirits returned on earth after blessing do not reside in one's body but stay on the side of earthly person to help them to be separated from the evil spirits. 150

4) Questions regarding the Title of Ms. Hyo Nam Kim as a Dae Mo Nim's Agent 151

How should we call Mrs. Kim as a substantial counterpart of Dae Mo Nim's return on earth dispensation in a public place? Before Dae Mo Nim's work, Mrs. Kim was an average member in a countryside church as a blessed family. Since she became a central figure of Dae Mo Nim's earthly work by setting up numerous indemnity conditions and earnest effort, she is no longer an average member of a church. During the period of public work, we should show her proper etiquette as Dae Mo Nim's returning body. Judging from the results of True Parents' dispensation through Mrs. Kim as already explained we could see that it was more than the capability of Mrs. Kim as a spiritual intermediary that True Parents considered. Looking at her faith and characteristics as an individual and her work, we can see that she is not an ordinary member. Moreover, effort she made to overcome all kinds of difficulties to become a central figure in Dae Mo Nim's work, her absolute faith toward True Parents and God's will, and her absolutely sacrificial attitude toward members are good examples for followers of the complete testament.

Title of an earthly person regarding a mission was an issue of controversy even in Jesus' time. When Jesus asked Peter what other people call him, Peter answered, `some people call you Elijah, and others call you a prophet.' Jesus, then, asked Peter what Peter calls him. Peter answered that Jesus was a living Christ and a Son of God. Jesus started the church on the foundation of this faith. Jesus of Nazareth who grew up in countryside as an average person became Jesus Christ since he started his public life. However, for Jewish people who tried to call him as a simple person in Joseph's family, it was a big mistake not to see the Holy Spirit of Christ in Jesus' background. Even for Abraham, an ancestor of Israelites, and his wife Sarah were called Abram (?) and Sari (?) before he was chosen as a central figure.

Divine Principle also explains that when a spirit person return on earth to the same kind of earthly person, the earthly person tends to be referred by the name of the spirit who helps him/her. 152 Furthermore, Jesus called John the Baptist Elijah because John the Baptist represented the physical body of Elijah. 153 On the basis of the above standard, it can be said that we should call and serve Mrs. Kim as Dae Mo Nim in a public place with dispensational view centering on her mission. 154 Following are the reasons why we need to use a title of Dae Mo Nim in calling Mrs. Kim.

First, she is the physical body of Dae Mo Nim's return and a substantial being of Dae Mo Nim's earthly dispensation.
Second, from the viewpoint of the Principle, she is an agent of Dae Mo Nim's Holy Spirit work representing True Mother.
Third, she is an earthly central figure of True Parents' dispensation in the spiritual world. With True Parents' approval, she leads blessing of opening the spiritual world, ancestor liberation, etc.

As such, Mrs. Kim is not an average member representing Dae Mo Nim in a public place. Based on her mission, she is an agent 155 of Mother's Holy Spirit work. And she is the central figure of True Parents' dispensation in spiritual world. Accordingly, whether one is facing Dae Mo Nim who works by means of Mrs. Kim's body or Mrs. Kim as an average member depends totally on one's attitude in approaching her. Author's opinion is that since, during a period of itinerary work 156 or in the Chung Pyung trading center, all aspect of life is carried out under Dae Mo Nim's guidance, it is appropriate to call her Dae Mo Nim. 157 Actually, we can see an aspect of treating her as Dae Mo Nim's agent in True Parents' action. 158 As a result, Dae Mo Nim's work in Chung Pyung, as `a mission in a bigger program of providence of restoration' should be distinguished from previous works done by simple spiritual intermediaries. 159

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