The Words of Reverends Yang

Understanding Dae Mo Nim's Earthly Activity at Chung Pyung from the Viewpoint of Divine Principle (Footnotes)

by Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Director Mid-Atlantic Region
December, 1998


1 This workshop was held for the purpose of heartistic unity between the three central nations and was attended by all church leaders and their spouses from these countries.

2 From Father's speech to Ms. Hyo Nam Kim on behalf of Dae Mo Nim and Korean Church at Han Nam Dong on February 5, 1998.

3 From the speech at the True Parents' birthday pledge service at Han Nam Dong on Feb. 2nd 1998.

4 Advocating the severance of the satanic lineage, True Parents have been emphasizing education of the blessed families very much especially through the 40-day Chung Pyung workshop. Although 120-day workshop is recommended, True Parents allowed the 40-day workshop with a 7-day fasting condition as a substitute. They also directed several educational programs of the workshop including the reading the Divine Principle eight times.

5 Officially, Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak is the head of the Chung Pyung training center as president of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International. The educational team includes Rev. Min Hyung Jang, Rev. Eung Gui Rho, Rev. Jae Soon Choi, Rev. Han Woo Chung, and Rev. Sang Chil Cha.

6 cf. Father's Speech Vol. 34, P. 67.

7 The Manuscript of the Divine Principle was completed at mud-wall hut in Bum Nae Gol, Pusan in May 10 1952. Father dictated and Rev. Won Pil Kim wrote it down. Since then, under the guidance of Father, the first church president, Hyo Won Eu, published Interpretation of the Principle in 1957. The Divine Principle that we use today was published in 1966. The Manuscript of the Divine Principle was mostly direct expression of revelation, and Interpretation of the Principle was the book of truth in a declaration format. The Divine Principle is written in the framework of systematic theology. This enables one to compare it with the holy books of other religions. All references in this document to The Divine Principle refer to the Korean edition except were noted.

8 Confer Sung So Soon Rye, pp. 98-100. Chung Pyung, 1996

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11 Shimjung and Tradition, p. 9. Speech at the Chung Pyung training center on Aug. 17, 1972.

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13 Rev. Lee, Yo Han conducted educational session for seminary students in Chung Pyung quite often because he thought one's current spiritual status is accurately reflected through dream and others in this place.

14 True Parents restored the position of the eldest son through "Paljungshik" in Kodiak, Alaska (Speech 193, pp. 172-173). On Aug. 31, 1989, the next day, Sep. 1, they declared the restoration of the parental position through the proclamation of "Chunbu jooeui", and on Jul. 1, 1991, they established the condition of restoring kingship.

15 Revelation 21:1-2.

16 speech through Hyo Nam Kim

17 Father has been teaching Korean members for a long time that the middle of Chunsung Mountain is the place for the heavenly palace. The only pine tree there is called "Ilsongjung".

18 The 8th pledge was added on Feb 3, 1998, the day after True Parents' birthday at the Central Training center in Sootaeklee.

19 Father's speech after pledge service in Uruguay on Nov. 24, 1996.

20 From Father's speech in Uruguay on 1996 God's day.

21 Pre-growth stage completion level spirit who did not receive blessing needs the work of returning resurrection, those received blessing at RFK on Nov. 29, 1997 were to do the returning cooperative work assisting providence in the central districts on earth after Jan 25, 1998.

22 Divine Principle p. 188.

23 Ibid. p. 189.

24 On December 31, 1983, several days before Heung Jin Nim's seung hwa, True Parents performed Tong-Il ceremony to offer him to the Heaven and gave him new mission in the spirit world. On Jan 3, 1984, the Little Angels Arts Performing Center where the world seung hwa ceremony was held was decorated brilliantly, and participants wore white ties and ceremonial clothes. After that, on Feb. 20, 1984, there was a holy wedding with Hoon Sook Nim. With an adoption of Shin Chul Nim, Heung Jin Nim accomplished the four-position foundation on a substantial level. Thus, he became the first son from the True Family who entered the spirit world and is guiding the return resurrection providence as an appointed general of the spirit world in the position of the restored Abel. Since Heung Jin Nim's seung hwa, members of blessed family can take the way of seung hwa that has the meaning of the eternal life when they leave this world.

25 Father speech to Japanese leaders in Uruguay on Jan. 28, 1996.

26 Speech from the same date as above.

27 The benediction assigning a mission to Choong Mo Nim took place on Nov. 16 1996 at 10 am at Victoria hotel in Uruguay.

28 This is solely based on the author's interpretation of the Divine Principle.

29 Confer the above speech in Uruguay.

30 Divine Principle p. 192.

31 If spirits are of good people who did not cleanse their original sin through blessing, they are relative good spirits who have to go through return resurrection process.

32 Divine Principle, p. 187.

33 This can be found in the letter sent by Dr. Sang Hun Lee to his wife on earth.

34 Divine Principle, p. 190.

35 Rev. Lee was a Methodist pastor who led the Holy Spirit movement in Korea in 1930's. Until he died at the age of 33 (like Jesus), he brought fire of divine spirit to the public. He testified that he was in Jesus and Jesus was in him and laid the spiritual foundation to receive the Messiah in Korea. True Father called him a man who brought the fire of Elijah (Speech, vol. 52, p. 148). After his death, his mission was carried on to Rev. Bak Moon Kim or Israel priory. True Father met him in October 1945 and stayed with him for 8 months till he left for Pyung Yang after receiving his blessing. (Speech, vol. 19, p. 263)

36 Refer to Hong Soon Ae, Dae Mo Nim, edited by History Compilation Committee and published by Sung Hwa Sa, 1997.

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40 Hong Soon Ae, Dae Mo Nim, p. 49. Later, she joined the church guided by elder Suk Chun Chung(son of Sung Do Kim) who told her that there was a church teaching the same messages.

41 Dae Mo Nim's testimony at Belvedere on Aug. 10, 1975.

42 Selected Speeches, vol. 24. p. 190. According to Father's speech, Lee and Huh took the mission of Joseph and Maria. Thus Lee had to obey his wife Huh absolutely. In fact, he did that, and they as a representative couple were able to carry on Sung Do Kim's mission.

43 Inside Belly Church trained its members to liberate Jesus' sorrow. Refer to Selected Speeches, vol. 24 p. 190, vol. 52 pp. 144-145.

44 Selected Speeches, vol. 8, p. 223.

45 Selected Speeches, vol. 52, p. 145.

46 Dae Mo Nim's testimony at Belvedere on Aug. 10, 1975. True Mother also joined in the bowing ceremony since she was three.

47 Hong Soon Ae Dae Mo Nim, pp. 210-211.

48 Selected Speeches, vol. 23, p. 300. True Father had a chance to meet with Huh's group when he was imprisoned at Daedong Boansuh by North Korean government in Aug. 11, 1946. At that time, Father sent her a letter encouraging her to do mission, but she failed to respond.

49 Dae Mo Nim went to South Korea in 1948, 6 years after Mother was born, with her mother and True Mother spiritually guided by her late father Eu Il Hong.

50 Hong Soon Ae Dae Mo Nim, p. 63.

51 Ibid. p. 221. Full text of this Dae Mo Nim's testimony is contained in the 3rd volume of Jeung Un (Witness) published in 1986.

52 Selected Speeches, vol. 23 p. 252. Father mentioned Nam Joo Bak, Yong Do Lee, and Bak Moon Kim from Wonsan area representing Adam, and Sung Do Kim, Ho Bin Huh, and Eul Yong Park from Chulsan area representing Eve.

53 Sung So Soon Rye, p. 76.

54 Dae Mo Nim's testimony at Belvedere on Aug. 10, 1975.

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57 Dae Mo Nim's Rule of Life of Faith, Five of `My Faith and My Life'

58 Selected Speeches, vol. 149, pp. 151-153.

59 Ibid. pp. 147-149.

60 The content of Father's postcard is as follow: "I admire your patient effort, and you (Hal Moe Ni) know that victory will follow deep effort. I hope that your wish will come true aided by silent light. I wish you well and thank you." He consoled her faith that she was doing her best to serve True Family.

61 Dae Mo Nim's Testimony in 1975. Mary failed her mission as a nurse to serve and attend Jesus by continuing her relationship with Joseph and giving birth to other children. Dae Mo Nim, in contrast, did her duty of attending True Mother by separating from her husband and living only for True Mother. Also, in 1948, when she was coming down to South Korea, she saw a young man in a dream that said "You are sent by Heaven only to give birth to one person" and thus should leave alone.

62 Selected Speeches, vol. 131, p52.

63 Selected Speeches, vol. 196, p. 264.

64 Selected Speeches, vol. 131, p. 146. Heung Jin Nim also established the four position foundation by adopting Shin Chul Nim and set the basis, in a position of restoring the realm of Abel Kingship, on which the Holy Spirit (Sung Shin) could come in 120 countries. This allowed the earthly world and the spiritual world to enter the realm of True Parents' love by paying sacrifice as the Christians did. This is because True Parents blessed the 2000 years that it took for Jesus to find his bride.

65 Ae Seung Il is the result of Heung Jin Nim's pure sacrifice and is the day of commemorating the victory of God's love. It falls on January 2(solar calendar), the day of Heung Jin Nim's seung hwa.

66 Sung So Soon Rye, pp. 130 - 132.

67 Selected Speeches, vol. 196, p. 264.

68 Father's speech in Uruguay on November 16, 1996.

69 Compare Father's God's Day speech in 1996 and Dae Mo Nim's speech during the closing ceremony of 255th Chung Pyung workshop on February 22, 1998, in which 3600 people participated. Spirits liberated in Chung Pyung are sent to Heung Jin Nim. He, then, starts their education by showing them the places in the spirit world where they belong now and the places where they could go after receiving education. In fact, those spirits liberated since 1995 participated in the 40 million blessing in Washington D.C. on November 29, 1997. Also she said that Heung Jin Nim matched and blessed sprits of Buddhist monks and Catholic nuns and that the two religions will get closer in the future.

70 Speech on Dae Mo Nim's life in the spirit world on Feb. 24, 1998.

71 Hong Soon Ae Dae Mo Nim, pp. 140-150. True Parents' benediction at these ceremonies.

72 The author's opinion is that Father meant the late president Hyo Won Eu.

73 This is the place where she lived until she seung hwa and her seung hwa ceremony was held. Until her seung hwa, Do Soon Lim - Woo Ok Shim couple was attending her. Since Dae Mo Nim's descent, Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim's family has been attending her there.

74 Father's True God's Day speech in 1996.

75 Heung Jin Nim, in his message sent by a mediator on Dec. 5, 1992, stated that he is working in the position of king of king as True Father's representative. On Jan. 15, 1984, in Belvedere, Father said that Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice set the indemnity condition on a national level and established a foundation to connect the world of communism with the free world. Thus, since he is standing on the national foundation of True Parents, spiritual base on which he can descend on the earth to settle.

76 Rebirth means to be born again by eradicating original sin through blessing. Blessed members already received the benefit of rebirth by True Parents' blessing. However, in many cases, their lives after blessing did not help them to grow further. On the contrary, they have been under the influence of evil spirits by committing sins and in need of the work of rebirth to eradicate their sins. Moreover, the blessing received at the completion level of the growth stage is a conditional blessing and needs to prepare for the next level, the perfection stage blessing, by living better. Thus, the rebirth work on blessed members being done in Chung Pyung is primarily the work of repenting the failure to uphold the standard of blessing already received.

77 Father's speech to Japanese leaders on Jan. 1, 1996.

78 Ibid.

79 While author was participating in the 20th 40-day workshop (1/9/98 - 2/18/98), I had a chance to have three discussion sessions (1/22, 2/13, 2/17) of 2 hours duration for writing this article. More specifically, it was discussion with Mrs. Kim and Dae Mo Nim (through Mrs. Kim). I had several chances to receive intensive spiritual training while I was serving as a church leader and to experience diverse spiritual phenomena. However, I am not to make a personal interpretation on Dae Mo Nim's work based on my experience. I believe that one can not make horizontal interpretation on Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim who are in True Parents' direct dominion. However, as a front line regional director, I want to take an investigative attitude on this issue with humble heart to enhance understanding of members who need more or less rational explanation. Also, it is a fact that some approach this issue with negative bias based on vivid memory of having experienced several spiritual phenomena in the church. After going through personal meetings, testimony, and lectures, author came to a conclusion that it makes sense that Dae Mo Nim chose Mrs. Kim for her returning work although Mrs. Kim was a simple prayer lady on a remote place without position and honor. Moreover, I was able to understand Dae Mo Nim's returning work more deeply as I felt how thoroughly and carefully Dae Mo Nim was directly controlling the process.

80 Mrs. Kim was born on March 13, 1952 in Dam Yang South Chulah province. Rev. Myung Dae Kim led her to the church while she was serving as a Chul Li Gyo leader. Her testimony explained in detail the whole process from 1978 to the beginning of Dae Mo Nim's work.

81 Her testimony on May 31, 1997. According to Dae Mo Nim, God and Heung Jin Nim said so.

82 Chung Pyung Special Workshop,(Gwang Shin Sa, 1996) p. 91

83 Her testimony at 200th workshop.

84 Chung Pyung Special Prayer Workshop Workbook, Japanese Office in Chung Pyung training center, pp. 11-12.

85 Ibid. p. 12

86 The above five trees and water of life are located along the path to the Chun Seung Dae holy ground. They are the trees of love (a willow tree), of heart (a mulberry tree), of all things (a chestnut tree), of loyalty (a pine tree), of blessing (a pine nut tree) and the water of life (spring water). They have their respective significance according to the Principle. People who come to Chung Pyung pray at each of these trees at 6 A.M. A spiritual wonder drug is contained in water of life so that drinking and applying it tends to have miraculous healing effects. Every night from 11:45 PM to 12:15 AM, candle prayer meeting is held, and participants are very serious because it is said that treatment of the spirits are specially effective at this time and place. Often, spiritual phenomena thought to be those of angels and spirits are caught by camera and displayed on the bulletin board.

87 At the dinner meeting with Mrs. Kim on Feb. 13, 1998, the author had an opportunity to know about the process of inheriting Dae Mo Nim's faith in detail. The hardest part of making an effort was a period of 40-day prayer vigil. The condition during this period was not to doze off even one iota. Before beginning this condition, Dae Mo Nim asked if she was confident. Based on Mrs. Kim's determination, Dae Mo Nim trained her in various aspects leading her from place to place for the future providential mission. For example, she was told to read several Buddhist holy books at Do Sun Sa temple in Sam Gak mountain for future guidance of Buddhism, and she saw how shamans treat spirits hiding in the cave. Although she tended to be easily frightened, Dae Mo Nim let her go alone so that she could cultivate courage. Also she visited many prayer houses of representative Christian denominations. A Forty-day prayer vigil is done by Buddhist high priest during summer and winter and is thought to be the most difficult penance.

88 This was to be done between 5 AM and 12 midnight without cushion and food. According to Mrs. Kim, up to 6000 bows could be done. Beyond that, it was a life and death struggle. Knees were broken and the floor was flooded with blood. In this situation, she finished 10,000 bows with desperate effort and did 100 more just in case she might have made a counting mistake. Still, Dae Mo Nim asked her to make 200 more bows, and she ended up bowing 10,300 times.

89 This was not a usual bath. This was a test of enduring in the icy water in the coldest winter until Satan ran away from you. It caused unimaginable pain to the frozen gray-colored skin. As with 40-day prayer vigil, she could come out of the icy water only after Satan left her after watching her for several hours. Due to going through this condition, Mrs. Kim cannot use an air conditioners or a fan even in summer.

90 In her testimony, Mrs. Kim mentioned that she established the heartistic foundation to be one with Dae Mo Nim by finding the meaning of all things Dae Mo Nim only alluded to symbolically by her own (Mrs. Kim's) responsibility. These included the subjugation of Lucifer, spiritual restoration of historic figures, search for the five trees, and Biblical conditions to restore all things.

91 Testimony at the 200th workshop.

92 It is told that True Mother strongly encouraged Mrs. Kim after hearing her story, together with Dae Mo Nim, accomplishing the foundation of substance by winning victory.

93 The process of Dae Mo Nim's restoring Lucifer is like a drama. Also, we can see in it attributes of God who is the original embodiment of love. Mrs. Kim, who accompanied Dae Mo Nim, worried that God might get angry since Lucifer told that he would never go back if God gets angry. However, God was love after all. God was consoling Lucifer and on the contrary cried holding him saying that he left Lucifer's seat vacant all this time expecting him to come back. Facing this, Lucifer repented and asked for his forgiveness. God, then, told Lucifer to go and help Dae Mo Nim's work in Chung Pyung. The story of prodigal son in the Bible is the description of such a God's heart. Also, it must be same with the heart of True Parents who paid indemnity condition for their children who fell even after receiving blessing and wait for them to come back as grown ups.

94 From the lecture by Jae Soon Choi at the 250th workshop on Jan. 31, 1998. The full content of the test was not yet revealed.

95 True Father's signature on the five trees and water of life was received at 1996 God's Day event in New York by Mrs. Kim. They are now imprinted on the stone below each tree.

96 From Mrs. Kim's testimony at the 200th workshop. According to Mrs. Kim, both Dae Mo Nim and she cried very much on that day. Dae Mo Nim did because she would have to assign difficult mission, and Mrs. Kim did because she wondered if she could handle such a difficult task leaving behind her family. This ceremony can be considered the beginning of carrying out the mission on a full scale. This is because full scale returning resurrection work would begin in 1995 after 3 years of hard work.

97 Refer to her testimony at the 200th workshop for more details.

98 Feb. 24, 1998. The author listened to her testimony again in an effort to receive final confirmation on the content of this manuscript.

99 Having her family to go out for preparation, she was told to make 4000 bows in a closed quarter. As her spirit is separated starting from her feet, she watched her body falling down while praying. Then, Dae Mo Nim guided her to see Heung Jin Nim first and then the whole spectrum of the spiritual world from heaven to hell. In the spiritual world, she came to know many facts. Many evil spirits were attached to blessed families, and many members who seung hwa could not enter the spiritual world and was still hanging onto their descendants. At the same time, the appearance of fallen members as specks made her heartsick and stronger in her determination.

100 According to her testimony on Feb. 21 1998, she changed her hairstyle to the current pattern based on Dae Mo Nim's direction. Even her eyes were changed by angels to resemble Dae Mo Nim's. When Mrs. Kim was told to report Dae Mo Nim's work to True Mother, she was told to send her picture with a request to focus on her eyes. Particularly, a 5-year period of separation from her husband who did not know the spiritual world and her mission was very difficult. She received much persecution from people around her as well.

101 According to Jae Soon Choi, lecturer, Mrs. Kim spent more time fasting that eating in an effort to find the five trees by becoming one with Dae Mo Nim. She had more prayer than sleeping, more time for bowing than seating, more time for tearful prayer than joyful conversation. This must have been to revive Dae Mo Nim's life of faith when she was on earth. During the 40-day period (1/13/98 - 2/25/98) in Chung Pyung, the author carefully observed Mrs. Kim through her daily life and speech at the public meeting. Seeing her praying till 4 AM or 7 AM in the morning and making a whole hearted effort at counseling members with problems, the author, as a regional director on providential frontline, came to reflect on the standard of loving members. Despite this, Mrs. Kim was humble enough to call herself spiritual cleaning lady and to attribute all the accomplishments to Dae Mo Nim. In her testimony on the night of Feb. 21, she said that Heung Jin Nim came to her on Feb. 19 and commended her for her attitude by recalling the story of Noah. That is, Noah was arrogant to attribute the success of building the ark for 120 years to his effort rather than to God's, and this allowed Satan to invade in his family through Ham. Heung Jin Nim, then, pointed out that if Mrs. Kim had a notion of herself in making effort such as 40-day prayer vigil and 10,000 bows, she could not have become Dae Mo Nim's substantial returning body.

102 Father's speech to Japanese leaders on God's Day in 1996.

103 Selected Speeches, vol. 136, p. 187.

104 From 1998 True Parents' birthday speech: Relationship between Mary and Elizabeth in Zachariah's family is that of Leah and Rachel. Just as Leah should have loved Rachel, who was closer to God, from Zachariah's perspective, Elizabeth should have protected and served the pregnant Mary. In addition, from the viewpoint of mother-son cooperation, Elizabeth should have educated Joseph to serve and attend Jesus as Messiah. Mary and Elizabeth, from the positions of Rachel and Leah, should have restored through indemnity the Eve's failure to become true daughter, true wife, and true mother. Zachariah and Joseph, as in Cain and Abel's position, should have established the substantial heartistic foundation for the coming Jesus. However, because Zachariah, Joseph, Mary, and Elizabeth failed to fulfill their mission, John the Baptist did not serve and attend Jesus. As a result, Jesus went the path of cross, and God's dispensation has been prolonged until now.

105 This blessing was for four families: Kyung Eu Moon - Kyung Gye Kim (Father's physical parents), Seung Woon Han - Soon Ae Hong (Mother's physical parents), Yong Soo Moon - Chi Sook Ji (family of Father's older brother), and Hyun Jin Kim (17) - Hwa Young Yim (Dae Mo Nim's adopted son and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim's eldest son).

106 Father's speech at Han Nam Dong on Aug. 23, 1995: Choong Mo Nim (Father's mother) is in Leah's position, and Dae Mo Nim is in Rachel's position.

107 This event was held at the request of Dae Mo Nim to receive God's acknowledgement. As a result of this, Choong Mo Nim came to stand in the position of resurrected embodiment of perfected Eve and the mother of the returning Messiah to be served by Dae Mo Nim who is the resurrected embodiment of Holy Spirit.

108 Speech on 1996 God's Day.

109 Divine Principle, p. 181.

110 Ibid. p. 188.

111 Ibid. pp. 250 - 251.

112 Original sin can be cleansed through True Parents' blessing. Inherited sins and associated sins can be forgiven through True Parents' grace as the providence progresses. However, it is said that personal sins must be overcome individually by establishing the indemnity conditions.

113 Generally, spirits who perform the work of returning resurrection receive benefits based on the amount of effort put by earthly people. However they become a changeless absolute good spirit after receiving blessing. They returned to earth after going through 100-day workshop education after being liberated at Chung Pyung and until Jan 25 after receiving the blessing on Nov. 29, 1997 in Washington, D.C. It took such a long time, according to Dae Mo Nim, because they needed a period long enough to clean up 6000 years of fallen nature. 100 days in the spiritual world is said to be a long time that cannot be compared to the same on earth.

114 According to Dae Mo Nim, we entered an era when the blessed spirits can return to their descendants and show sign by reprimanding their unprincipled actions.

115 Speech on visiting Chung Pyung to Japanese leaders in Uruguay on Jan. 28, 1996.

116 Ibid.

117 Father's speech at four family special blessing on Aug. 23, 1995.

118 Mother's speech in Kanagawa in Japan on Feb. 23, 1998.

119 Father's direction to Pres. Erikawa via phone on Dec. 12, 1996.

120 Testimony at 200th workshop. According to Father's speech to Mrs. Kim, the delay was due to the absence of an earthly person who can perform the work of separating the evil spirits.

121 Mr. Kim, at age 17, was blessed with Hwa Young Yim along with Choong Mo Nim, Dae Hyung Nim, and Dae Mo Nim. Father said that bonding Dae Hyung Nim with the youngest family among the 360,000 couples set a condition to bring together all parents in history.

122 This was to follow Dae Mo Nim's husband's name, Seung Hoon Han, and he is going through a legal process of becoming Dae Mo Nim's son. Accordingly, the earthly foundation of Dae Mo Nim is not a simple condition but constitutes a substantial foundation of both spirit and physical body.

123 As of February 1998. According to Father, Dae Mo Nim's Abel side adopted son should come out of Mrs. Kim's lineage and Rev. Do Soon Yim, who used to attend Dae Mo Nim on earth, is Dae Mo Nim's adopted son on a Cain side.

124 From Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim's testimony on Feb. 13, 1998. 5-year separation period for Mrs. Kim's couple has ended on this day ahead of schedule. Since then, life of Mrs. Kim's family serving Dae Mo Nim on earth became more intimate with Dae Mo Nim's family.

125 On the day of blessing, the author, as a regional director of Washington D.C. region, guided Dae Mo Nim to RFK stadium. Dae Mo Nim, seating on the third row on the right side of the stage, performed blessing in the spiritual world simultaneously. Participants in the blessing on this day were those liberated by earthly participants in Chung Pyung workshop till Nov. 25, 1997. It was reported to Father that 3.2 billion were blessed in the spiritual world, and God and True Parents were very happy about that. Being responsible for mobilization, the author felt very sorry to heaven for not being able to fill the third floor seats. External factors were winter-like weather, Thanksgiving holidays, continuous rain on Saturday, occasional negative story and a series of two full page negative articles in the Washington Post that has over a million circulation, and systematic opposition by a Catholic group. Surprisingly, however, most of the coverage after the event, including 200 TV news pieces and a large number of newspaper articles were unbelievably positive. Dae Mo Nim later told the author that, because the spirits took the empty seats, thousands of people were wondering around, not seating and eating food in the hallways. We could not find any empty seats in all the newspaper pictures on the following day. Even Washington Post that used to oppose us severely, carried beautiful pictures and quite positive articles covering two pages. Heaven's strategy of taking after getting hit first seems mysterious.

126 Selected Speeches, vol. 203, p. 325.

127 Ibid.

128 Selected Speeches, vol. 217, p. 287.

129 Selected Speeches, vol. 119, p. 45. June 21, 1982 at Barrytown training center in the US. This was the 34th anniversary of Father's entering Heung Nam prison. It was declared to memorize the new beginning on the foundation of indemnifying 33 years of Jesus' life by the Unification Church.

130 Dr. Bo Hi Pak's report in Hoi Bo, vol. 189, 1985.2. p. 3. It was declared at 3:35 AM on Feb. 1, 1985 at Danbury federal prison as Father received God's message during his prayer. On the foundation of Ae Chun Il and Ae Seung Il, this was to open the heaven's door and to build the highway of light from the hell so that even the ones in hell could be saved if good spirits and descendants set the indemnity conditions.

131 Selected Speeches, vol. 208, pp. 73-76. on Nov. 17, 1990 at Han Nam Dong official house.

132 Dae Mo Nim's speech on Feb. 21, 1998 at 255th Chung Pyung workshop.

133 December 1, 1997 at 11:05 PM at East Garden, USA. This was to hand over the door for full scale spiritual blessings to Dae Mo Nim. Participants at this ceremony were True Parents, Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim, the Jung Ok Eu couple, the In Seung Chun couple, Sang Ryun Chi, Mrs. Park, Hyung Tae Kim, Seung Dae Lee, Pyung Rae Moon, Myung Dae Kim, Sung Bae Jin, Tak Yong Oh, Jin Hun Yong, Suh Eun Ryu, etc. In the benediction, True Parents made possible spiritual blessing in Chung Pyung centering on Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim anytime.

134 It was at the workshop where 600 Japanese members from east Tokyo with 160 family victory.

135 It is a very thankful fact that ancestors are saved by the good works of earthly people. According to Dae Mo Nim, previous ancestor liberation was not able to treat spirits properly and to give complete salvation. Because of this reason, Father, in Uruguay on Nov. 16, 1996, directed that all spiritual channelers should participate in the Chung Pyung workshop and become general members as he assigned a special mission to Choong Mo Nim. To perform an ancestor liberation ceremony, Dae Mo Nim's big effort is needed. Once participants enter the workshop, angels report the list of participants even before the office does. Dae Mo Nim make a preparation by doing a vigil on a second day, and angels look for participants' ancestors with very strong spiritual lights. After the ceremony on the third day, Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim, Dae Mo Nim's substantial being, experiences a difficulty to the extent of fainting.(based on Jae Soon Choi's witness)

136 Mr. Jae Soon Choi teaches Method of Ancestor liberation and receiving spiritual blessed families on the last day of a 3-day workshop.

137 Divine Principle, p. 28.

138 Selected Speeches, vol. 19, p. 154.

139 Selected Speeches, vol. 100, p. 25.

140 Blessing in Washington, as a completion stage blessing following formation stage 30,000 blessing in Seoul and growth stage 360 thousand blessing also in Seoul, was an event with 39.6 million participants, 10 times more than originally planned. As such, banners of 3.6 million and 36 million blessing were displayed simultaneously. Because there was a mass spiritual ceremony of 3.2 billion for the first time there, it can be called a universal blessing simultaneously performed on earth and heaven.

141 On this day in Chung Pyung there was a welcoming service centering on Dae Mo Nim at the closing ceremony of 249th workshop. At the special prayer room, there was a special prayer and explanation about good spirits' return with leaders working in Chung Pyung centering on Dae Mo Nim. Some Japanese regional directors who welcomed good spirits' return in Chung Pyung and guided some of them to their region prepared a big offering table and held a welcoming ceremony of blessed family good spirits' return. On March 9th in Washington D.C., there was a prayer meeting welcoming the absolute good spirits with 150 members who have been to Chung Pyung.

142 The four great saints participated in the 40-day workshop for leaders of Korea, Japan, and U.S. in January of 1997. On January 25, they returned on earth along with good spirits and would visit each religious group and direct them to go along with the heavenly dispensation. According to Dae Mo Nim, there was a matching blessing in the spiritual world, transcending religions, on Nov. 29, 1997 for singles that used to be Buddhist and Catholics. As a result, she said that the relationship between religions would become closer very fast.

143 Selected Speeches, vol. 168, p. 241.

144 Selected Speeches, vol. 82, p. 308.

145 Selected Speeches, vol. 161, p. 248.

146 Selected Speeches, vol. 3, p. 353. Since the beginning of Chung Pyung's work, many new diseases with spiritual causes appeared. The diseases with 70% spiritual cause can not be cured with medical treatment. As an example, many Japanese members with the etopi (This disease strikes people in Japan with a severe and painful rash.) symptoms come to Chung Pyung to receive a treatment. It is said that this disease is because of the attacks by Japanese soldiers and the comfort ladies who were sacrificed unfairly. During the 40-day workshop, the author witnessed a wondrous phenomenon of many Japanese members with this disease being cured completely through prayer and drinking the water of life.

147 Matthew ch. 8, v. 16, Mark ch. 9, v.25. etc.

148 God's day speech in Uruguay in 1996.

149 On Feb. 20, 1998, elder Moon, who was attending 21st 40-day workshop, testified that he saw his physical parents who passed away when he was 9 during the prayer meeting for ancestor liberation and welcoming of returning good spirits at the last day of 255th workshop. Some western members who attended the workshop with author saw Heung Jin Nim in white ceremonial gown at the tree of love prayer meeting and some saw many angels who filled the area of Chung Pyung training camp.

150 From prayer to meet good spirits who received spiritual blessing. At 1 PM, January 25, 1998 at Dae Mo Nim's prayer room.

151 This is an issue that needs to be understood carefully by church leaders at all levels. I'd like to expand the degree of understanding through deeper explanation based on Divine Principle.

152 Divine Principle (Korean color Ed.), p. 206. In the English Exposition of the Divine Principle this passage is on page 149. "[The physical person] may sometimes be called by the spirit's name and appear to be the reincarnation of that spirit. Jesus call John the Baptist "Elijah" because John's physical self concurrently served as the body of Elijah"

153 Ibid.

154 Author had a chance to discuss with lecturers about the controversy around title of Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim. As I observed elder family members who used to know her before Dae Mo Nim's work calling her Mrs. Hyo Nam or Kim jibsa, I felt a need to understand based on the Principle for authority of Dae Mo Nim's holy spirit work. Also as a regional director in US, I organized the material to enhance western members understanding based on more rational and theoretical grounds. Because one's title is closely related to one's mission, how do we name a person is an important issue. The author's opinion is that, since Mrs. Kim is in effect guiding all levels of members from all over the world and has an experience of touring Japan and the US, we should treat her at a level of itinerary worker under True Parents' direct dominion. Of course, since her work is with regard to the spiritual world, True Parents' decision would be the most important.

155 Dae Mo Nim's work in Chung Pyung, as discussed several times above, is the work done on behalf of Mother under True Parents' special assignment. If members misunderstand this, it may be considered being unfaithful to substantial Holy Spirit. It may be easy to commit what Bible calls a sin of going against the Holy Spirit.

156 President Bo Hi Pak who accompanied Mrs. Kim during her Japanese tour introduced her to the Japanese members as Dae Mo Nim on earth and showed an attitude of attending Dae Mo Nim. As such, in the case of doing public work, the title of Dae Mo Nim based on her mission is proper based on Divine Principle.

157 Accordingly, author would like to quote Dae Mo Nim's words through Mrs. Kim as `Dae Mo Nim's words' without any editing.

158 On Jan. 1, 1998 (lunar calendar), on the way back from Jejoo island on a private plane, True Parents asked Mrs. Kim to join them by saying that they should go back together with the grand mother. On March 10, 1997, at a ground breaking ceremony for "Chun Sung Wang Rim" palace in Chung Pyung, Father asked Mrs. Kim to stand on the left side of Mother as Dae Mo Nim's representative.

159 As she performs Dae Mo Nim's work, Mrs. Kim's faith as an individual should grow as well. Since her mission is on the special area of problems related to the spiritual world, there should be one in Abel's position on earth and heaven. For Mrs. Kim, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim are her spiritual subject standing in Abel's position, and a direct lead by True Parents on earth plays the role of the supervisor and final decision maker of Dae Mo Nim's work. More active interest on the part of leaders at all levels is needed as a support. Right and wrong of spiritual phenomena previously experienced in the church must be determined based on Divine Principle as well. Only the responsibility of a spiritual intermediary on earth is important.

160 Reason that we call Chung Pyung workshop a special workshop is because it is in effect guided by Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim in spiritual world although, externally, there are chief director, deputy director, and lecturers. Also, God and True Parents are supervising the workshop. Accordingly, all schedules of a 40 day workshop is carried out by Dae Mo Nim under True Parents' direction. All members participating in the workshop needs to make a careful effort in preparation. It would take the sad heart of Abraham when he was about to kill Isaac, the heart of Moses at Mountain Sinai fasting for 40 days to meet God, the heart of Jesus at Gethsemane praying earnestly before facing the cross, and the serious heart of True Parents who have been leading the providence of restoration and fighting against so many satans to prepare for participation in the workshop.

161 February 1998. True Parents hope that, through Chung Pyung workshop, members and blessed families should separate themselves from the evil spirits and be at the forefront of eradicating Satan's blood lineage with strong determination by inheriting heavenly fortune. Most of all, they want children of the unification family to be holy pious son and daughter to heaven.

162 Speech in the middle February of 1998. Korean church took upon this direction immediately by holding a 3 day workshop for the 2nd generations older than 13 on February 24.

163 Dae Mo Nim's speech on Feb. 21, 1998 at 255th workshop.

164 Midnight prayer on the 31st God's day in 1998 at Punta del Este in Uruguay.

165 When Dae Mo Nim came to Washington DC in January 1996, there was a prayer meeting with Korean wives of international blessed couples. While preparing for 3.6 million couple blessing, the author thought that resurrection of heart of members was to be of primary importance. I made the pastor of Korean church in charge of pre-educating Chung Pyung 10-day workshop participants from Washington D.C. region. In addition, when there was a large number of participants, the pastor directly led the group to Chung Pyung, and it was very effective. Especially for western members with different language and culture, preparatory education and a guide are very much in need. The idle thought that just sending them would be alright should be avoided. Can we expect 6000-year-old evil spirits to leave us by means of simple repentance and hymn? Regarding healing, one should hit oneself hard enough to be bloody and encourage one another to do so. Such a visual effect will be an aid to fire up one's inner heart. For western members with many characteristics of Lucifer and an individualistic tendency, Chung Pyung workshop offers a good chance to crush selfishness thoroughly and to learn a sense of heartistic community of family. Moreover, because most of them are pure, they can experience spiritual world easily and gain much.

166 From lecture 2, `The History of Dae Mo Nim's Work,' by Jae Soon Choi.

167 Observing Dae Mo Nim's effort in Chung Pyung, Jae Soon Choi said that there was more time for fasting than eating, more time for prayer vigil than sleep, more time for wailing than laughing. While being in there for 40-day workshop, the author also heard several times testimonies of doing vigil till 7 AM for several days. It must be a formula common in spiritual world and on earth that you must make much effort to do anything.

168 The Water of Life contains a wonder drug from the spiritual world. Many people experience the miracle of healing by drinking it. In fact, drinking and applying the water of life cured etopy patients from Japan. Regional director Lee, a 6500 blessed couple now in the US, came to have a son by making utmost efforts while drinking and applying the water of life.

169 Blessing that we received was based on True Parents' victory and the benefit of age and on the condition that we reached the completion level of growth stage in form based on our small achievement. In principle, to receive the blessing, we have to stand on the heartistic foundation to receive the Messiah by removing our fallen characteristics on the victorious basis of the foundation of faith and substance. Through the blessing from True Parents, we are to remove the original sin and to establish the original true families that cannot fall by growing and entering into the realm of direct dominion. According to Dae Mo Nim, however, most people fell to the realm of Satan's dominion after blessing by their unprincipled life style centering on personal sin. They failed to become God's temple (I Corinthians, 3:16) and became Satan's place. As a result, countless evil spirits came to dominate our body and consciousness. Through Chung Pyung workshop, Dae Mo Nim is performing a spiritual cleansing work of removing evil spirits that has led us in evil direction with help of angels and good spirits on the basis of our repentance and rededication.

170 From the closing speech at the 255th workshop on Feb. 22, 1998. That evil spirits are attached to the earthly person is the result of the fallen characteristics based on all kinds of personal sins. Evil spirits just like ants' eggs are in our blood like a blocked sewage system and in our bones so much that we do not even know where our spirits are. It is like only 10% or our weight is ours and the rest is that of evil spirits. This puts us under the evil dominion and makes God sad.

171 These points are strongly emphasized during the Dae Mo Nim's speech session on the 2nd and 3rd days of 3-day workshop.

172 For this, we should not look, touch, or have sexual contact with anyone else but our own spouse. Since fornication is the primary cause of the original sin, this must be the rule number one.

173 Public funds include everything except one's own. Remember True Parents' words that public funds are poison. Everything that we did not earn is in public funds. According to Father, tithing is basic to all believing children, and, in Last Day, all belongings shall be dedicated to God and be redistributed. This is the principle of conversion of ownership.

174 Most common kind is error due to speech. Speaking ill of a person behind his back is not appropriate under any circumstance. Among family members, let's try to see the positive sides. Especially, a person in a leadership position should serve and take care of members with devotion and sacrifice.

175 Three times before healing time, once for each of 10 body parts for healing (twice for lower back), three times each for the middle and end. It becomes about 33 times including the closing.

176 Dae Mo Nim in Chung Pyung explains that the spiritual pollution is more serious than the physical pollution. Accordingly, our prayer can not reach heaven easily. It's a grim situation of being held captive by evil spirits.

177 Selected Speeches, vol. 205, p. 258

178 Father's speech at True Parents' birthday pledge service on Feb. 2, 1998.

179 History edition committee, Sabo, vol. 135 (7-8, 1997), p. 73. On June, 29, 1997, at Saloboro Hotel in Brazil, Father proclaimed the end of the age of the providence of restoration.

180 On True Parents' birthday in 1998, in a meeting with Korean and Japanese leaders, True Parents declared the age of the Complete Testament to enter into the realm of 4th Adam and direct dominion. They also urged them to become people of new age by holy salting all belongings (including neckties).

181 August 9, 1997.

182 September 11, 1997 at the East Garden.

183 Father's speech at the banquet to celebrate the blessing of Young Jin and Hyung Jin Nim on September 6, 1997. True family has now entered into the realm of direct dominion. Accordingly, the blessing of Young Jin and Hyung Jin Nim is more significant because it was conducted in the position of the Garden of Eden before the fall.

184 February 2, 1998. Speech at the pledge service on True Parents' birthday.

185 At Belvedere on December 1, 1997. As concrete practice points to end the satanic lineage, Father directed that all should drink the holy wine: under the name of rebirth ceremony for the unborn child, resurrection ceremony for unmarried men and women, and young-saing ceremony when being blessed.

186 Father's speech at East Garden on September 13, 1997.

187 Hun Dok Hoi is a principle of life for the blessed families in the age of the realm of 4th Adam. This is a new tradition to help one to practice True Parents' words by reading the speech every morning from 6 to 7. This was started on September 1, 1997 at Belvedere in celebrating the 9th day of declaring Chun Bu Joo Eui when Father directed all blessed families to recited the family pledge and read the speech. Since then, Father also directed to publish "the blessed family and the ideal kingdom of heaven", a collection of Father's chosen speech as a text for Hun Dok Hoi, and officially named it Hun Dok Hoi on October 13, in Uruguay.

188 Family pledge verse 8, February 3, 1998. As True Parents were proclaiming the new age of Complete Testament at the central training center in Soo Tak Lee, they gave the Family Pledge verse 8.

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