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More Questions About Dae Mo Nim and Ancestor Liberation

To: Regional Directors, All Leaders, All Members
Fm: Jörg Heller for Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Re: More Questions
Dt: August 19th, 1999
North America Headquarters, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This morning Mrs. Soonja Richardson answered three more questions concerning the Dae Mo Nim event:

Question: Can those who could not make the full amount of their Ancestor Liberation Donation get their 8-14 generation ancestors liberated, even though they can not get their 1-7 generation ancestors blessed.

Answer: No! In order to get your 8-14 generations liberated, your 1-7 generations need to be blessed first.

Question: Do both, husband and wife, have to be present to get the 8-14 generation ancestors liberated.

Answer: Husband and wife together at the liberation ceremony is ideal. However, in if one spouse is sick, out of the country, or even negative to the movement at this time, the other spouse can liberate both lineages.

Question: For the Heaven and Earth Blessing: Can the blessing candidate from the earth side be represented by the grown up children? For instance, the children are here in the USA and the blessing candidate is in Japan. Is that possible?

Answer: Yes! One of the grown up children, with the picture oft the earthly blessing candidate, can represent the couple receiving the Heaven and Earth Blessing on earth.

The Holy Wine Ceremony

Dae Mo Nim will hold the Holy Wine Ceremony the night before the Blessing with only the Spiritual Couples present. Holy Wine must be provided for that ceremony by each Event City. There will be no Holy Wine Ceremony for the physical couples (us) the night before or on the next day, the Blessing Day.

The Sprinkling of Holy Water

Each Event City should prepare 6-8 Holy Water Bowls (depending on the number of participants) for the sprinkling of Holy Water on the physical representatives (us) of the couples being blessed in the sprit world.

Holy Robes

Dae Mo Nim wants to create a very holy atmosphere for this Blessing. She is requesting for all couples who are getting their ancestors blessed to wear their Holy Robes, both the inner and outer garments.

Concerning payment for the recently ordered Holy Robes

Their price for the Holy Robes has now been set by Chung Pyung at $110. Shipping cost will have to be added on to it. Until I know exactly how that breaks down for each Holy Robe, please do not collect any money.

When the exact amount is known, I will inform you. When you have the exact price, please collect the money on the regional level and send it region by region to the accounting department at HQs in New York. Write "Holy Robes" on the memo line of the check.

That is it for now.

God Bless you and your family,

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