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Questions and Answers About Dae Mo Nim and Ancestor Liberation

To: Regional Directors, All Leaders , All Members
Fm: Jörg Heller for Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Re: Questions and Answers
Dt: August 18th, 1999
North America Headquarters, Dr. Chung Shik Yang, Continental Director

There are a few questions that you have asked HQs about the Dae Mo Nim Liberation / Blessing Event. I had the chance to talk to Dae Mo Nim's assistant Mrs. Soonja Richardson late last night. Here are the questions and her answers. I hope that this will clarify things.


a) If one spouse can not attend the event, can the oldest child represent the spouse's lineage?
b) Can I take a picture of my spouse who can not attend the event to get my spouse's ancestors blessed.

Answer: If one spouse absolutely can not attend the event, (because the spouse is out of the country for instance, or in a hospital) then the other spouse can get both lineages blessed.

Question: Can our ancestors still be blessed even though we did not complete our ancestor liberation donation ($700 per lineage).

Answer: The deadline to make the donation for the ancestor liberation was June 30th. The ancestors of those who did not cover this donation completely are in a waiting area, not part of the workshop. For the ancestors to be blessed, they have to be admitted to the workshop at least by the date of the Blessing (better yet, the day before the Blessing or earlier). When the full donation is made, the ancestors can come down. They will be blessed. After the Blessing they will go back to the workshop and continue their education.

Question: If in a family the ancestors of only one side have been liberated, is it necessary for the spouse to be there?

Answer: This is up to each couple. The spouse could support the blessing of the one lineage that has been liberated, even wear the Holy Robe doing so. (My comment: they should also consider liberating the lineage that has not been liberated yet. The spouse has to be present in order for Dae Mo Nim to do that).

Question: Will there be a Heaven and Earth (one spouse in the Spirit World the other on Earth) Blessing.

Answer: Yes! For those who have received the Heaven and Earth engagement, there will be a Blessing Ceremony. Also those (new applicants) who also want to have the Heaven and Earth Blessing can come. There will also be a ceremony for those who have a second generation child in the Spirit World.

Question: What if our couple could not find a matching candidate or guest. Can we still come to the Blessing and will our ancestors be blessed?

Answer: You should absolutely make a strong effort to bring one blessing candidate to the Blessing. If, however, you have no success in doing so, come to the Blessing anyhow. Your ancestors will be blessed.

This is it for the Question and Answer: Here are a few more important points of information:

Correction concerning the Ancestor Liberation Form:

In the top part of the form, regarding the names. Please just write your name and the name of your spouse. The names of your children are not needed this time. Leave those spaces blank.

However, we do want to know how many children are coming to each event. When you send your name list to your event city to let them know that you are attending, include the number of the children you are bringing. No names are necessary.

Information for the organizers in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC

Dae Mo Nim is requesting the following:

1. A Name List of those who are liberating their 1-7 ancestors

2. A Name List of those who are liberating their 8-14 ancestors. Please make to separate Lists

3. Have the Ancestor Liberation Forms filled out for the 1-7 ancestors

4. Have the Ancestor Liberation Forms filled out for the 8-14 ancestors. Please make to separate presentation folders for these Forms

Thank you very much for your hard work.

God Bless you and your family,


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