The Words of Reverends Yang

Understanding Dae Mo Nim's Earthly Activity at Chung Pyung from the Viewpoint of Divine Principle (Part 4)

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
March, 1998

IX. The Significance of the Chung Pyung Special Workshop: its program and preparation

1) Attitude toward the Workshop

The Chung Pyung training ground, as a restored and perfected Eden, is a door connecting to the spiritual world and lies under the direct dominion of God and True Parents. It is the holy of holies in the Unification Church that True Parents are guarding spiritually. Moreover, it is a special area that Dae Mo Nim returns to substantially and oversees its entirety. Recently, True Father stated that all members of the world should participate in the 40-day workshop without exception, and especially, for the 2nd generation, it should take precedence over work and school. Particularly, Father emphasized that the 2nd generation, from ages 13 until blessing, should receive 40-day training three times. Since the special workshop under Dae Mo Nim's guidance began on January 19, 1995, a 40-day education for national messiahs, a flower of complete testament providence before being sent to 185 countries took place by True Parents' direct order. Moreover, there have been 40-day workshops by the direction of True Parents for continental presidents, national presidents, regional directors and all church leaders of providential major countries of Korea, Japan, and United States.

True Parents, who are leading the final holy war of providence of restoration to sever Satan's blood lineage by victoriously accomplishing the 360 million couple blessing, want the blessed members to become children of filial piety, patriots, people of loyalty, and saints. In this age of the cosmic realm of safe settlement of heaven and earth this way they can bring heavenly fortune safely to earth as parents who have been completely sanctified. Accordingly, although the Chung Pyung workshop has a head director and lecturers in its official organization, it is a special program control directly by Dae Mo Nim under True Parents' direction. Dae Mo Nim usually points out the followings as purposes of participating in the workshop:

1. Transform oneself to enter the kingdom of heaven,
2. Separate evil spirits from oneself,
3. Cleanse personal sins
4. Cleanse associated sins and blood inherited sins,
5. Cleanse the fallen characteristics inherited from the fall of Adam and Eve,
6. Cleanse the previous sinful life and to live a good life.

Hence, our attitude in participating in the Chung Pyung workshop should be serious. First, we should thoroughly repent by reflecting on how sinful we were in front of heaven by being so involved in evil. Second, we should be thankful to heavenly grace of saving our ancestors and ourselves from eternal death and be ready to inherit heaven's all authority and omnipotence. Third, as true children who live with heavenly calling, we should protect our families and ourselves from sin after the special workshop and raise our determination to sever Satan's blood lineage by being at the forefront of worldwide blessing. At the same time, we should be determined to be providential warriors who complete the realm of liberation of kingdom on heaven and on earth. Doing this by doing our duty as a child of filial piety, a patriot, and saints for the realm of safe settlement of True Parents who are shedding blood, sweat, and tears at a front line even today. We should participate with an attitude of pledging our loyalty to heaven with heart and determination of a martyr for God's will.

Accordingly, it will be more effective if church leaders educate prospective participants thoroughly on heart and training program before sending them to Chung Pyung workshop. With the same sad heart of Abraham as he was about to kill Isaac, of Moses at Mountain Sinai fasting for 40 days to meet God, of Jesus at Gethsemane praying earnestly before facing the cross, and the serious heart of True Parents who have been leading the providence of restoration and fighting against so many satans in order to prepare for participation in the workshop. We need to have a serious attitude of separating ourselves from Satan's charge and being reborn as a person in whom God can dwell.

2) Workshop Progress and Educational Process

In Chung Pyung, 40-day workshop is carried out without rest, and special education according to True Parents' direction such as 3-day weekend workshop and college mobile team education continues. 40-day workshop is the standard that True Parents directed to world members and Dae Mo Nim places the most emphasis. As benefit of age regarding spiritual world liberation improves as workshop continues, we can group workshops held from January 19, 1995(first) to 120th as a formation stage, from 121st to 137th a growth stage, and from 138th to 147th as a completion stage. Dae Mo Nim made much more effort from 148th workshop so that stronger heavenly fortune be with us. I want to explain the schedule common to all workshop participants and attitude of participating in every class.

(1) Progress of the Entire Schedule and Its Significance

Waking up at 6 am, one performs morning prayer based on the theme of each tree in the order of the Tree of Love, Heart, All Things, Loyalty, the Water of Life, and the Tree of Blessing. Around 7:30 AM, one has breakfast. Through 4 lectures a day lasting 70 minutes each, Korean and Japanese members read the Divine Principle 8 times and American members 7 times during the 40 day workshop. Near the end of the workshop, there is a Divine Principle test. After evening hymn time, there are 2 sessions of Hun Dok Hoi for the Divine Principle reading and Father's speech. The day's schedule ends around 11:30 PM. First session after 3 meals is for hymns and healing for 70 minutes. From 11:45 PM to 12:15 Am, there is a Tree of Love candle prayer meeting that all members participate in. Daily official schedule runs from 6 AM in the morning till 12:15 at night. For a more effective workshop, I would like to explain attitude of participating in every session in more detail.

a. Five Tree Prayer Meeting and the Water of Life

The way of restoration is a way of searching for what is lost because of the fall. What were lost in the Garden of Eden due to the human fall are heart, all creation, loyalty, blessing, and life. These are what Adam was to inherit. In the age of the Complete Testament, centering on True Parents, special trees and water found in the restored Garden of Eden are given these names as symbols to recover what was lost. By praying in front of these, we inherit love, heart, all things, loyalty, blessing, and life. As explained above, in order to find the above symbolic things, Dae Mo Nim made utmost effort by doing 40-day vigil, 10 thousand full bows, cold water bath, and fasting. Finally, on January 4, 1996, by giving the five trees and the water of life their names in his own writing, True Father opened a way to recover the things lost in the Garden of Eden. When we pray in front of each tree, we pray according to its theme.

At the Tree of Love (a willow tree), we should pray for reclaiming the parent-child relationship based on original true love and repent losing the position of true children by betraying God's true love. In front of the Tree of Heart (a mulberry tree) we should console God's sorrowful heart due to men's fall, console his painful heart in the restoration process and determine to find the original heart of endless hope. We should also pray to inherit True Parents' heart that led the providence of restoration with blood, sweat, and tears.

At the Tree of All Things (a chestnut tree), we should pray and determine to reclaim the three blessings and to bring them back to God's ownership. The Water of Life symbolizes True Parents' words of truth that all humanity is to partake. As Moses drank the water from the rock, the Water of Life coming from rock in all seasons also has a mysterious medicinal effect. Many people are experiencing the benefit of miraculous healing. The Tree of Loyalty (a pine tree) symbolizes changeless loyalty. We should pray and determine to have such loyalty to God and True Parents as their restored children under any difficult situations. Finally, at the Tree of Blessing (a pine nut tree) that stand on top of Chunseung peak holy ground looking over the lake, one should pray to fulfill mission as a blessed family and to reclaim True Parents' birth place, Chungjoo. When a couple comes together, they should pray holding each other's hands to accomplish the ideal and hope of blessing.

b. Divine Principle Reading

As directed by True Parents, during the 40 day workshop, one reads the Divine Principle 8 times, takes the Divine Principle test four times and does 7 day fast as a condition to reduce 120 days into 40 days. For 4 sessions a day (2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon), an appointed person reads with loud voice on the podium and the rest read along together. God created human beings with words (John, 1:3), but they fail to become the perfect embodiment of words by betraying it and ended up becoming beings with fallen characteristics. The Second Coming will come as a perfect embodiment of words (John 1:4) and judge the world with truth. By deeply understanding God's ideal of creation, the fall of human ancestors, and the principle of restoration through the Divine Principle, we find answers to the ultimate questions of life; who am I, where did I come from and where am I going? Through words, one realizes that, as a product of the providence of restoration, one is the fruit of history, the center of an epoch, and the beginning of a new history. By doing so, one can have a firm view of life, of the world, and of history based on God's will.

Most of all, learning the Divine Principle is to comprehend the reality of God who is the lord of history and the universe through words and the history of the providence of restoration. One comes to understand the anguishing heart of restoration and ultimately who True Parents are. Divine Principle reading time is a time to know realize True Parents as the Messiah of the whole world by truth and confirm it with divine spirits. Accordingly, one should not doze off at this time and make an effort to feel the heart of True Parents who won the fight with countless satans in search of words. According to Dae Mo Nim, many spirits are separated at this time of reading. Moreover, by taking the test, we can understand the words more deeply and affirm one's own view of life. One also attains the capability to spread the words to other people.

c. Hymn and Healing Time for the Separation of Evil Spirits

Although all programs of the Chung Pyung workshop are important, this time of hymn and healing is the most practical session since the evil spirits that have dominated fallen men's consciousness through out history are separated. First of all, it is important to recognize through Dae Mo Nim's words that we need a work of rebirth again even if we are blessed because we fell to the realm of Satan's dominion from the completion level of growth stage due to our unprincipled lives after the blessing. Hence, we need to participate in this session whole-heartedly. This session puts primary emphasis on separation of the evil spirits, cleansing personal sins, removing the fallen characteristics, repentance, and re-determination.

Although we have recognized vaguely our limitation in removing the fallen characteristics completely, it is quite shocking to know concretely that our blood, flesh, and bones are invaded by countless evil ancestors and evil spirits that triggers the fallen characteristics. The invasion of the evil spirits to us is due to personal sins, and this needs to be cleansed by setting up conditions on our own. The original sin can be removed by True Parents' blessing. The blood sin and associative sin can be redeemed by God's grace, but personal sins should be taken care of by oneself. Dae Mo Nim strongly suggests the following practice points for us so that we may cleanse our personal sins and do not commit any more sins.

First, in the relationship between spouse and children, we need to build true families based on absolute love.
Second, we need to remove the fallen characteristics.
Third, we absolutely must not fall.
Fourth, refrain from smoking and drinking.
Fifth, do not embezzle public funds including tithing.
Sixth, do not commit the sin of violation of heart.

Following is attitude in hymn and healing (ahnsoo).

Hymn is song number six in the Holy Song Book. This song is known as Chung Pyung holy song and was written by True Father himself in early days. Holy song is a prayer with melody. By singing earnestly reflecting on the meaning of its words, we should bring out our own divine spirits. In Chung Pyung, a drum is sounded at the hymn time. As we sing loudly and clap to the rhythm of the drum, we are swept away by grace. In the early days, True Father spoke after raising the spiritual atmosphere by having people sing one song tens of times. In Chung Pyung, for 40 days, participants praise God's grace by singing only one song, song number six in the Holy Song Book, and thank God with their whole hearts. During one hymn session, singing the song from the first verse to the fourth verse for 33 times took up the entire 70 minutes.

During the time of hymn and clapping;

First, we should have an attitude of determining to live for God's will repenting the past sins of our ancestors and ourselves.
Second, we should have heart of crushing our own sins and the fallen characteristics.
Third, we should make a wholehearted effort by going beyond our position, seniority, dignity, and reputation.

The hymn session begins by singing a preparatory holy song, "Pledge" and giving one full bow. After that, we offer the family pledge to God and continue to sing the hymn following the MC's command, and do 2 full courses of healing. It continues by doing full body healing, singing "Danshimga" twice, 3 minutes of unison prayer, 6 cheers of manse, and thanking True Parents after giving one full bow. Offering a prayer of thanks under the Tree of Love closes the session. This session is repeated three times daily in this order. Earnest effort (jung sung) is concentrated when repeating the same method with the same purpose. The holy song number six is sung about 100 times a day.

Following is the order and attitude during healing session.

Healing session begins with singing the holy song number six three times and making spiritual energy concentrated on one's palm through vigorous clapping. Then, following the MC's command, it starts from the back of the person in front and moves to one's head, face, neck, chest, stomach, lower body, lower back, legs, and arms in this order. For the healing of back, it will be good to make a front and back pair between brothers and sisters before it begins. Couples are to make a pair. Healing is more effective when slapping with one's palm without using too much force. If possible, for effectiveness, one should sing loudly, perform healing with fire, and pray with loud voice.

d. Prayer Meeting at the Tree of Love and at Special Prayer Room

Prayer meeting at the Tree of Love takes place from 11:45 PM till 12:15 AM with unison prayer following the MC's order. It is said that most of spiritual treatment occurs at this time, and all participants should attend with their own holy candles. However, one should not enter the rest room with the holy candle and should do one meal fast to indemnify this in case of a violation. The holy match should be discarded when one happens to use a rest room with it in one's pocket. New ones should be attained. One should attend with this much of a holy attitude. During the 40-day period, there are about three opportunities for the prayer meeting at the special prayer room. This room is where Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim are attended, and one offer unison prayer in this room. In the next room, Dae Mo Nim is making special conditions, and, with highly intense work of angels, hard to separate evil spirits are separated at this time. It is recommended that one prepare donation of gratitude for this time.

(2) Special Healing

After closing ceremony of the three-day workshop, there is a special healing time for family members with a chronic disease. This is a time to use the special healing power that Dae Mo Nim inherited from Heung Jin Nim at Won Jun and to mobilize powerful angels. Dae Mo Nim sometimes directly puts her hands on important patients. Usually, however, under the direction of the lecturers, patients get together by pairs according to their sick parts and perform intense healing patting for about 20 minutes. At this time, they generally feel more intense pain and experience their hands automatically seeking the sick parts. Dae Mo Nim especially puts her own hands directly on cancer patients.

(3) Rule of Conduct

Volunteers do most of the chores at the Chung Pyung training center such as the cleaning and cooking. It is the duty of the workshop participants to clean dishes, lecture halls, and rest room as a team. It is beautiful to know that there are many members who volunteer to do hard chores without asking for any recognition. Even on the day right after thousands of participants has gone by, one cannot find a piece of scrap paper on the floor. Participants are trying to outdo one another in cleaning rest rooms. Each action is a way to cleanse the fallen characteristics.


1. New Self-awakening - Repentance and Awakening Movement

The final objective of God's providence of restoration, centering on True Parents who came as Messiah for humanity, is to establish the good world under God's sovereignty by annihilating hell on earth and in heaven under Satan's dominion. As such, the world of joy and happiness is where God and True Parents can safely dwell in the palace of heaven, humanity are restored as true children, and there is no more of lamentation by God, man, or creation. All the evil deeds that fallen people have committed apart from God for 6000 years produced spiritual pollution that are more severe than physical pollution and is bringing self-destruction. Even the sacrifice of countless prophets and patriotic forefathers and their emphatic warnings have been captured by the power of death. Fallen humanity have become deaf and blind unknowingly. To fallen humanity who became spiritually deaf, heaven's seeking voice was meaningless noise.

In this world, True Parents came as a savior of light. It's been almost 80 years since they came and started opening the way for human salvation by uncovering the boundless invisible world and winning over countless satans on their own. We are providential soldiers to settle the overall human history with the victorious True Parents. As Father said without the absolute faith that one invests in their whole life, it is impossible for fallen men to subjugate Satan, to overcome satanic environment, or to end the satanic lineage. This is why heaven is urging all without exception to be reborn as a new creature through the blast furnace of the divine spirit in Chung Pyung. The work in Chung Pyung is the movement of repentance and awakening that enable one to hear heaven's voice and to see oneself soaked in fallen characteristics.

2. Sacrifice and Love, the Great Love of Mother

The work in Chung Pyung is the product of True Parents' love who went the path of offering by paying every kind of indemnity condition with their filial piety to God and their love for humanity. Also, it is the fruit of grace laid by the utmost effort of Dae Mo Nim who gave birth to True Mother, walked the faithful path to meet the Messiah and to raise and dedicate True Mother to heaven. It is the cleansing work of mother, the Holy Spirit, who tries to guide children to father cleanly. It is the True Parents' detailed oriented statesmanship who paved the principled way step by step as they assigned missions to Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim for this day. It is the place where Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim's faith that is mediating Dae Mo Nim's work shines by representing believers on earth, In this article, we have investigated the paths of Dae Mo Nim who was called to do this work on the basis of successfully establishing the foundations of faith and substance to meet Messiah and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim who successfully set the reciprocal foundation for Dae Mo Nim. Through the work of Chung Pyung, we should receive the great and endless love of mother and light of life coming from the foundation of endless sacrifice and tears.

3. New Life Movement to Safely Settle in the Age of Complete Testament

The work of Chung Pyung is the education program to urge strongly heaven's request to sever the satanic blood lineage from the individual level to the world level for heavenly good people who are living in the age of the fourth realm of Adam with the aid of the end of the age of providence of restoration on the foundation of True Parents' victory. On February 2, 1998, through the benediction given at True Parents' birthday pledge, True Parents proclaimed the new age of the Complete Testament. The proclamation in 1993 had a significance of bringing in the age of the Complete Testament with True Parents' manifestation. The proclamation in February 1998 was to declare the advancement into the age of the Complete Testament as the realm of perfection before the fall. This is on the foundation of declaring parents' cosmic settlement of the realm of heaven and earth, also called 7.8 day, and the realm of the 4th Adam. With a completion of the 40 million couple blessing, restoration of eldest sonship, parentship, and kingship was accomplished. We are now advancing into the realm of God's direct dominion that humanity have been longing so long.

Heaven is urging the ultimate end of satanic blood lineage through the completion of 360 million couple blessing. Due to the fall of the human ancestor, the blood lineage was contaminated, and Satan invaded even heaven's seat and put God in virtual captivity. Today, we should humbly acknowledge the fact that satanic blood lineage and habits are embedded within us and should recreate ourselves with absolute faith toward God.

As a way to end the satanic lineage, heaven wants everyone, from infant to married couples, to drink holy wine to separate the blood lineage. Therefore we are moving from the age in which Divine Principle takes the primary importance to the age in which the living pattern assumes the primary importance. As a life guide, Father ordered Hun-Dok-Hoi which is a new pattern of life of faith in the Complete Testament age and the only way to inherit True Parents' life and tradition. From the perspective of such an advanced providence, it goes without saying that blessed families should live this exemplary life.

Heaven wants us to cleanse the entire past through the work in Chung Pyung. It wants us to become holy true children living in God's direct dominion. Dae Mo Nim's work is not only a work of rebirth through repentance but also a chance to see our own spirits directly. It is the way to become true children in front of True Parents. By doing so, God is hoping that true children, centering on True Parents' love, complete the realm of liberation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world. The work in Chung Pyung at this time is the big festival of the new life movement initiated by Dae Mo Nim on behalf of True Mother embracing all humanity. It is proper that children have a correct understanding of this and to be thankful. Amen.

At the holy mountain in Chung Pyung in the morning of February 25, 1998, Complete Testament 6th year.

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