The Words of Reverends Yang

Understanding Dae Mo Nim's Earthly Activity at Chung Pyung from the Viewpoint of Divine Principle (Part 1)

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
March, 1998

Table of contents


Providential Meaning of Chung Pyung Holy Ground:

1) History
2) Providential Meaning

II. Chung Pyung History from the Perspective of the Providence of Resurrection

1) Providence of Resurrection
2) The Providence of Chung Pyung and the Providence of Complete Resurrection: understanding of the Holy Spirit's work and the good spirits' work.

III. Hong Soon Ae--Dae Mo Nim's Calling and Providential Mission: from the perspective of the foundation to receive the Messiah

1) Victory on the Foundation of Faith (before joining the church)
2) Victory on the Foundation of Substance (after joining the Church)
3) Victory on the Heartistic Foundation to Receive the Messiah (After Holy Wedding of True Parents)

IV. Missions and Roles of Heung Jin Nim, Choong Mo Nim, and Dae Mo Nim in the Spiritual World

1) The Commissioning of Heung Jin Nim by True Parents
2) The Commissioning of Dae Mo Nim and Choong Mo Nim by True Parents
3) The Relationship among Choong Mo Nim, Dae Mo Nim, and True Mother: as expressed in Father's speeches

V. Relationship between Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim, as her physical returning counterpart - based on the heartistic foundation for Holy Spirit's mission

1) The Foundation of Faith
2) The Foundation of Substance
3) The Foundation of Heart to Receive the Messiah (foundation for Holy Spirit's mission)

VI. Dae Mo Nim's Safe Settlement on Earth and the Beginning of the Holy Spirit Work

1) Ceremony of Transferring Earthly Mission
2) Completion of Substantial Return
3) Beginning of the Work of Chung Pyung

VII. Special Blessing of Four Families for the Foundation of the Work of Chung Pyung

VIII. Understanding the Relationship between Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Hyo Nam Kim from a Divine Principle Perspective

1) From the Viewpoint of the Divine Principle
(1) Mission of Ms. Kim as a Physical Person - intermediary
(2) Position and Role of Dae Mo Nim as a Spirit - Mission of Holy Spirit
(3) Relation between Dae Mo Nim and Mrs. Kim and Their Role-identical mission
2) From the Perspective of True Parents' Words
3) From the Viewpoint of the Providential Events involving Ms. Hyo Nam Kim as intermediary of the True Parents
(1) Blessing of Hyun Jin Kim's Family and Adoption as Dae Mo Nim's Son
(2) Blessing of the Spiritual World in Washington D.C.
(3) Benediction at the 'Opening Door for the Spiritual Blessing' Declaration Ceremony
(4) The Methods and Work of Ancestor Liberation
(5) Cooperation of the Resurrected Blessed Good Spirit
(6) Reality of Good Spirits' Return and Their Role
4) Questions regarding the Title of Ms. Hyo Nam Kim as a Dae Mo Nim's Agent

IX. The Significance of the Chung Pyung Special Workshop: its program and preparation

1) Attitude toward the Workshop

2) Workshop Progress and Educational Process

(1) Progress of the Entire Schedule and Its Significance

a. Five Tree Prayer Meeting and the Water of Life

b. Divine Principle Reading

c. Hymn and Healing Time for the Separation of Evil Spirits

d. Prayer Meeting at the Tree of Love and at Special Prayer Room

(2) Special Healing

(3) Rule of Conduct


1. New Self-Awakening - Repentance and Awakening Movement
2. Sacrifice and Love, the Great Love of Mother
3. New Life Movement to Safely Settle in the Age of Complete Testament


Because of True Parents' special interest, the three-day and forty-day Chung Pyung workshops have been going on since January 19, 1995. National messiahs have been sent out after a 40-day special workshop. All church leaders in the providentially central nations of Korea, Japan, and U.S. have finished the workshop between December 20, 1996 and January 1997. Leaders of all levels and members from all over the world have been attending the forty-day workshop continuously. Father has also mentioned that the second generation from third grade and up should attend the forty-day workshop three times before reaching blessing age. Thus, the Chung Pyung forty-day workshop has become a prerequisite for the second generation to receive the blessing. Father has also emphasized that all blessed second generation should attend the Chung Pyung forty-day workshop without exception. He has also said that they need to attend the workshop 120 days or even 6 months if they do not at first experience the spiritual world or separate from Satan.

Father has also directed that all the first generation blessed couples and members of the business institutions should attend the Chung Pyung workshop. So far, about eighty thousand Japanese members have completed the workshop at each level, most Korean members have completed the workshop at least once, and many of core members in Western Hemisphere have gone through at least the ten-day workshop. Participation in the Chung Pyung workshop has been carried out under the direct guidance of True Parents. According to True Parents, the Chung Pyung training center transcends the national boundary of Korea since it represents the world level holy ground. In effect, the center of the Chung Pyung training facility is Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim, who reside in both the spiritual and physical worlds, and Ms. Hyo Nam Kim who is doing Dae Mo Nim's work in substance. Because the Chung Pyung workshop encompasses the elements of the Holy Sprit and Truth, we need to have systematic understanding of it as a "life movement" though repentance, revival, and rebirth along with understanding its providential background.

The purpose of this article is to correctly understand God's providence and the leadership of True Parents from the Divine Principle perspective. This paper reflects the author's opinion based on the study of the Divine Principle and True Parents' speeches. Thus all mistakes and misinterpretations are mine alone and I welcome all comments and corrections. It is True Parents' desire that all blessed members live in the midst of heavenly fortune as citizens of Heavenly Kingdom. This comes through abiding by the Divine Principle. It is my sincere hope that all will live up to God's providence. The completion of the world of freedom, peace, unity, and happiness through establishing the realm of liberation for the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual realm and on earth is the accomplishment of this desire.

I. Providential Meaning of Chung Pyung Holy Ground

1) History

According to the Principle of Creation, all things are created as substantial objects of God's Sung Sang (internal character) and Hyung Sang (external form). Through the fall of man, God's dominion over the natural world was lost. God has lost sovereignty even over the land. In the process of restoration the birthplaces of the founders of many religions were considered holy grounds and have become places of pilgrimage. As for the members of the Family Federation for the World Peace and Unity, the foremost holy places are Father's birthplace, Chung-Ju, and Mother's birthplace, An-Ju. Father said that all church members should make a pilgrimage to these places before entering the spiritual world and that people who understand Unification Thought will consider these places like Mecca and Jerusalem. Places like Heuck Seuk Dong where Father used to pray while in school, Bum Nae Gol in Pusan where original manuscript of the Divine Principle was written are seen as significant in South Korea. Also, the former headquarters in the Chung Pa Dong Church where True Parents' Holy Wedding and 36 couple blessing took place, is such a site. In this article, the focus will be on explaining the providential meaning of the Chung Pyung Holy Ground that is the center of the work of the Holy Spirit today. The present one story main building in Chung Pyung was constructed in 1971. However, the location was found when for 7 years beginning 1965 Father made an earnest effort to find a good location. The main building was completed in two weeks after the foundation work started. On July 8th, 1972, Father renamed all the area neighboring this Holy Place. This includes one lake, 15 mountains, 1 house, and so on. The new names of these places start with Chung that means Heaven in Korean. This was to proclaim that the area represented the restored Garden of Eden.

2) Providential Meaning

Father spoke about the Chung Pyung Holy Ground as representing the restored and completed Garden of Eden while calling it an excellent spot on a world level. Furthermore, he said that Chung Pyung is the growth stage prayer ground from the providential perspective. Among the formation-stage Holy Grounds are Pusan, Taegu, and Seoul. The growth stage holy grounds are Chungpadong, Sootacklee, and Chung Pyung. Accordingly, the Chung Pyung Holy Ground is the completion level growth stage holy ground, and Father had prayed there to establish Korea, Japan, and America as the central nations in God's providence. That is, until True Family moved to the US in 1972, Father had offered the most sincere prayers in the Chung Pyung Holy Ground as a preparation for the worldly providence centering on the US. So one needs a three-day preparation prayer period, at least, before coming to the Chung Pyung Holy Ground. Otherwise, God will not respond to one's prayer.

Father also said that the Chung Pyung Holy Ground is so prepared that evil spirits will not confront one when praying here and that the prayer foundation built previously, for example in Sootacklee, he transferred to Chung Pyung. It is proof that Chung Pyung is prepared by God when prayer ladies saw the whole spirit world centering on Jesus and Buddha rejoicing when the place was purchased by Father. Father also instructed 36 couples to take turns praying at the Chung Pyung Holy Ground when he was moving to the US in 1972. At that time, many members who were deeply concerned about their spiritual life visited the place frequently because they could see the status of their spirit in several ways. In July 7, 1997 (lunar calendar), True Parents declared Chunji Bumo Chunjoo Ansik Gwon that will shine throughout the providential history. This was possible based on the condition of the successful 30,000 couple blessing (1992) which represented restoration of Canaan at a formation stage level, the 360,000 couple blessing (1995) at a growth stage level, and 3.6 million couple blessing at a completion stage level. Father named the new sanctuary that's being built now with the capacity to hold 10,000 people "Chunsung Wangrim Palace" and proclaimed the coming of substantial heavenly age based on the restoration of the eldest son's position, parental position, and kingship. Based on the condition of breaking ground to build heavenly palace in Chung Pyung (representing the completed Eden), the proclamation of Chunji Bumo Chunjoo Ansik Gwon, also called the 7.8 Jeol, was possible. This palace is to complete the prophecy in Revelation that promises a New World where God dwells as parents of humanity on earth and where there is no death. Father mentioned that the palace in Chung Pyung should exactly resemble the one already prepared in heaven.

The place where the palace is being built is a God prepared place in the middle of the Chunsung Mountain holy ground where a big pine tree is situated. When this Palace of our Heavenly Parents and True Parents is completed through the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the children of 185 nations then the content of Family Pledge # 8 will be completed in reality. This promises the liberation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in the spirit world. At that time, unification will come upon completion of the Palace. Father alludes to this with reference to the whole providential contents from Adam to the Second Coming. This will end the history of salvation of humanity and bring in the age of forever resting where there is no sorrow and regrets.

Likewise, based on the providence and Divine Principle the spiritual work of Dae Mo Nim should be correctly understood by all members visiting this place, Chung Pyung, the central sanctuary of the providence. Correct practice results from correct understanding that comes from correct interpretation. Correct interpretation is possible when we use as our base True Parents' speeches that are the center of the truth.

II. Chung Pyung History from the Perspective of the Providence of Resurrection

1) Providence of Resurrection

From the perspective of a physical person, the Chung Pyung special workshop is the work for repentance, resurrection, and rebirth by the Holy Spirit through Dae Mo Nim, who represents True Mother. For the inhabitants of the spiritual world, the Chung Pyung training center is the earth headquarters that controls and guides the returning resurrection of spirit men and their cooperative works. According to the Principle of Creation, spirits cannot grow without the aid of a physical body. This requires them to return to the physical world and support the work of their descendants or the believers with similar responsibilities. By helping them complete their missions, the spirits can receive the same benefit as the people of the physical world. The phenomena of the spirits' help resemble, in many aspects, the work of the Holy Spirit. That is to have the earthly person receive spiritual fire, cure illness, receive revelation, or prophesize. Ultimately, these spirits help their earthly counterparts to fulfill the will of God.

Generally, the spirits return to their descendants or to the followers of the same religions that they followed and support them. Additionally, the work of Chung Pyung encompasses more than the realm of the spirits in the growth stage completion level. The good spirits who receive the blessing at RFK on Nov. 29, 1997 were to go through returning resurrection on Jan 25, 1998 as absolute good spirits and were to meet their descendants and those whom they helped through Dae Mo Nim's benediction. Thereafter, these spirits are sent to places on earth to help and oversee the earthly person's life of faith. This is called returning cooperation.

2) The Providence of Chung Pyung and the Providence of Complete Resurrection: understanding of the Holy Spirit's work and the good spirits' work.

According to the theory of Trinity, the Holy Spirit refers to God's spirit: i.e. the Holy Father God. He is the first cause of the whole resultant world, the creator of humanity and all things. He is the same God, who directed Noah to build the Arc, who appeared to Moses as fire on Mount Horeb, and whom Jesus called Father at Gethsemane. Divine Principle provides a clear exposition of the meaning of the Holy Spirit which traditional theology has defined rather abstrusely. The Holy Spirit (Sung Ryung) exists as a dual characteristic of the Original Sung-Sang and the Original Hyung-Sang and is a Mother Spirit who generally reflects the Holy God's female-Sung Sang attributes and who is the spirit of consolation and inspiration. Accordingly, Adam and Eve, as well as Jesus as a subsequent Adam and Holy Spirit as his bride, are the substantial object of Hyung-Sang that are separated and expanded from the dual characteristics of the Holy God who is the subject of Logos. Therefore, the Holy Spirit is the being of personality with the attributes of True Father and True Mother and who exists as the harmonized dual characteristic and as the ultimate cause of the existing world. Complete substantial manifestation of the Holy God is wholly seen in True Parents who came as the third Adam and Eve and established the four-position foundation through their Holy Wedding in 1960. In the mean time, Heung Jin Nim who entered the spirit world in the midst of True Parents' blessing is leading the providence there as True Father's representative in the position of perfected Abel and restored elder son. Dae Mo Nim, who is appointed by True Parents as an intermediary between heaven and earth, stands in the position of True Mother who is the substantiated Holy Spirit and is leading the work of repentance, salvation, and liberation of earthly persons. Accordingly, during this period of their mission, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim are Holy Spirits (sung-ryung) in the position of Holy Father and Holy Mother (sung shin). Additionally, on Nov. 16, 1996 in Uruguay, True Parents performed a special ceremony for Choong Mo Nim that connected Choong Mo Nim and Dae Mo Nim centering on True Mother in order to cleanse all the wrong doing in the history since Adam's family, centering on True Family. Choong Mo Nim's mission is to pray in the spirit world for True Family and is assisting Chung Pyung holy work of Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim. Hence, Holy Spirits in the Complete Testament Providential Age are the ones directly involved in the providence of recreation, resurrection, and rebirth in order to complete the providence of restoration. They are God, the creator, True Parents, who are substantial object of God's dual characteristics, Heung Jin Nim, Choong Mo Nim, and Dae Mo Nim. Jesus worked as Messiah in the spirit world before Heung Jin Nim's seung hwa. Since then, however, he is assisting Heung Jin Nim, who represents Father, in connecting Christianity from younger brother's position. After the realization of God's will of establishing the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and earth, Holy Spirits in the eternal heavenly world will be only the Trinity of God, True Father, and True Mother.

In addition to the Holy Spirit, we need to investigate good spirits who are assisting the earthly people. Good spirits refer to the spirits who lived a relatively good life on earth before entering the spirit world. However, since a fallen man with original sin can not become an absolute good spirit, a good spirit in this context means a spirit with more good attributes than bad attributes. In other words, they can be called "relative good spirits". These relative good spirits are central figures in God's providence of restoration and patriots who lived for the sake of nations.

In comparison to the concept of good spirit, there is a concept of absolute good spirit who cannot change under any circumstances. This is the understanding of good spirits of blessed family who returned to the earth on January 25, 1998. These are the spirits who received liberation through the work in Chung Pyung and received blessing in the spirit world on Nov. 29, 1997 after 100 day training in the spirit world. They returned to the physical world after attending a special workshop on the mission of blessed families. They fully understand the heavenly law and tradition, good and wrong doings of central figures in the providential history, and the Divine Principle. Hence, they returned to the physical world to support physical people to live accordingly. Those blessed families who went to the spirit world through seung hwa ceremony after receiving blessing, serving True Parents, and working in the front line are to be in the position of becoming the absolute good spirits by participating in the first resurrection. However, the fact that this is not the case must awaken us. Despite being cleansed of the original sin through blessing, these people did not grow beyond the completion level of the growth stage and those who committed wrong remain in the realm of evil spirits' reach until seung hwa.

In this age of Complete Testament, the spirits who believed in Christianity return to the earth for the completion stage resurrection providence and support their descendants or other appropriate Christians to follow the Messiah. These spirits can take the benefit when their earthly counterparts attain the level of Divine Spirit. Moreover, now is the time for no barrier between classes and religions since spirits who used to believe in other religions and even the evil spirits are return-resurrecting to assist the world providence of True Parents who are hastening to bring the Last Days in God's providence.

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