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Cheon Il Guk Owner Award Guidelines

Chang Shik Yang
December 21, 2002

To: All Leaders and Tribal Messiah Families
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Re: Cheon Il Guk Owner Award Guidelines
Date: December 21, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings from the Continental Headquarters in Washington, DC. Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication to our True Parents as we move the Providence forward to lay an ever stronger foundation for the Cheon IL Guk Nation. At the event of True Parents birthday, our True Parents want to bestow upon us a special blessing. 500 Blessed Families will be chosen from our continent to receive a special "Cheon Il Guk Owner Award."

This cover letter below and the attached forms will give you the guidelines and criteria to chose those families in your Region who qualify for this very prestigious award. Thank you again for your strong faith and determined effort to expand the Kingdom of God on Earth.

May God bless you and your family.

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director, NA

To: All Leaders and Tribal Messiah Families
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Re: Cheon Il Guk Owner Award Guidelines
Date: December 21, 2002

We pray for God and True Parents’ abundant blessings upon you and families who are striving wholeheartedly for the complete settlement of the Cheon Il Guk.

On the occasion of their birthday celebrations on 6 February 2003 True Parents wish to acknowledge and encourage those who have served as exemplary leaders and members. In the spirit of honoring True Parents’ love and true family ideal and completely settling them on the earth, the "Cheon Il Guk Owner Award" has been established. Please nominate deserving members in accordance with the conditions set out below.

A. Name of Award: Cheon Il Guk Owner Award

B. Date and Venue of Award Ceremony –

True Parents’ birthday on 6 February 2003 (venue TBA)

C. Number of Awardees: 2,000

Awards will not be for individuals but for families based on the overall assessment of the standard of their life of faith, accomplishments and participation in providential activities. However, the award will be presented to either the husband or wife.

D. Candidates’ Special Workshop and Lottery

Dates: From 31 January to 6 February, 2003 at Cheong Pyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center.

Lottery: From the 3,000 candidates participating in the 7-day workshop, 2,000 award-winners will be decided by lottery.

Participants: Either spouse may represent their blessed family. Alternatively, both spouses can attend together.

Workshop fee: individual $90, couple $180

E. Qualifications for the Award Nominees:

1. Minimum of 14 years membership (joined on or before January 1, 1989)

2. Members who are carrying out basic mission as blessed families.

3. Presently attached to and attending their local church and recommended by their respective church leader.

4. Members not having serious flaws in their families (Families with a history of the sexual fall can still be nominated if they met the indemnity condition and participated in the Forgiveness Ceremony or in the registration workshop and registration blessing.)

F. Nominations based on Nationality and Residence

1. Korean National Messiahs residing in Korea shall be nominated from Korea. Those presently residing outside Korea shall be nominated as representing their residential countries.

2. Eve, Abel and Cain National Messiahs who are long-term residents in their mission countries in the course of their public mission shall be nominated from those nations.

3. Missionaries who are long-term residents in their mission countries shall be nominated from those nations.

4. Japanese missionaries who are long-term residents in an overseas mission country shall be nominated from that nation.

5. Lay members who have emigrated overseas shall be nominated form the countries receiving them. 

G. Allocation of number of people in each continent:



Allotted Number








North America















South America



North East



Middle East





Special Award Nomination

In Korea and Japan, when there are members with special achievement (families of martyrs, founding elders, those who have economic achievements, etc.), they can be nominated but should constitute no more than five percent of the allocated number of nominees for the nation.

Similarly, each continent can nominate those who have the same qualification for the special award but the numbers of such nominees should not exceed five percent of the allocated number of nominees for each continent (only where there are eligible nominees).

H. Assessment Criteria and Grading (from time of joining through Dec. 31, 2002)

Send this completed form to your Regional Committee

Assessment Criteria:


Total points possible

Points for our family

1. Spiritual Children



2. Organization of Tribes



3. Total Living Offering



4. Clergy, WFWP, Ambassador for Peace & other Educational and Outreach Activities



5. Offerings



6. Public life



7. Blessed Family’s Life of Faith








Maximum Points


1. Spiritual Children


Brought one unmarried person who was matched to the Blessing–2pt
Brought one married couple to the Blessing – 1pt
Brought one new full-time dedicated member (currently not matched) – 3pt
Completed Blessing of 160 families – 3 points

*Spiritual children are those who are presently active members attending services and donating to their local church.

2. Organization of Tribe


Return to hometown and start tribal messiah activity – 4pt
Give Holy wine to tribe/relatives – 0.4 point each
Relatives/tribe attended blessing ceremony –2pt each couple
Regular 1 family/1 church visitation for 1yr –4 pt
Regular 1 family/1 church visitation for 6 mo – 2pt

3. Total Living Offering


Payment in full – 10 points
Every10% of the full amount 1 point

4. Clergy, WFWP, Ambassador for Peace & other Educational and Outreach Activities


Brought church congregation (more than 3 couples) to blessing event – 4pt
Blessed congregation in their church – 3pt
Brought clergy couple to blessing event – 2pt
Each Organization leader, Political, Social, Educational and WFWP leader brought to the blessing – 2pt
Each Amb. For Peace appointed –1pt

5. Offerings


30% tithing for at least 3 years – 3 pt
10% tithing for at least 3 years – 2 pt
Fulfill individual monthly Kodan offering –2point per year
Complete UFC Building Fund donation –1pt
Special donations: (all speaking tours and National Blessing Events, True Father 80th B’day, Blessing fee for 7 Generations of Ancestors, see list)
For all special donations listed – 4 points
For 50% of special donations listed above – 2 points

6. Public Life


Blessed wife participated in three year course on December 1, 1970 – 3pt
Blessed wife mobilized Frontier 78 –1point per year
Other Blessed wives Mobilizations –1point per year –specify time period
Blessed wife completed IOWC mobilization (3 mo) 1983-1985 – 1 pt
Blessed wife mobilized for 40 days to Korea after Registration Blessing – 1 pt
Public mission (at least 14 yrs. as full-time member in a providential mission) – 2 points
For each 12 months of National Messiah activity in the mission country – 1 pt
Blessed wife mobilize for Kodan Fundraising –1 pt

7. Blessed Family’s Life of Faith


Award from True Parents (count only 1) – 1 pt
Other awards - .5 pt
Chung Pyung 40 days workshop –1pt
Jardim 40 day workshop –1pt
Very regular Sunday service attendance – 2 pt per family
Children’s formula course:
Attended Pure love alliance tour (any year) –1pt
Mobilized for Service for Peace rally 7/02 –1pt
Attended workshops regularly one time per year – 1pt
1 yr. On STF -- 1 pt per yr
Received the blessing -3pt




*Note – When the term "the Blessing or the Blessing event" is used it refers to a Blessing officiated by True Parents. This can include a blessing attended via satellite transmission.

*Note – If any region wishes to confirm the Total Living Offering donation please fax or email to HQ listing the names & total donated for the TLO. (fax# 212-575-5105, email-

Please provide as much additional explanation that you feel is necessary.

Combine totals for each family member to reach point total for the family.

Total cannot exceed maximum in any category

I. Evaluation of Nominees for the Award

1) An award will be based on the entire family’s result; however, the awardee will be only one individual, either a husband or a wife of the family selected.

2) The evaluation period is from the date of joining until December 31, 2002.

3) The total points awarded to a family for each evaluation item cannot be higher than the allocated points for that item.

4) When there are many nominees with equal points, those who joined the church earlier will be given preference.

J. Definitions and Documentation

If necessary, please list any of the following information on a separate page:

1) Blessing of 160 families – This means that a member of your family gave the holy wine to one or both spouses of an already married couple (as was done at the time of the RFK blessing in 1998), and/or brought couples to a blessing ceremony.

2) Please list the names and dates of all spiritual children who are currently active.

3) Organization of tribe – list names of relatives that you have given the holy wine to, and/or who attended a blessing ceremony. List the church that you have attended for one year (once a month or more).

4) For outreach activities – list the church from which you brought 3 or more couples to a blessing, and/or conducted a blessing for their congregation; list the name of each minister you brought to an event, each Ambassador for Peace you brought, each WFWP woman leader you brought to the blessing.

5) Records of donations will be confirmed by local church offices. Please list all national level offerings.

6) Public Life: Feel free to include more information on your blessed wife’s mobilization

7) Family Life of Faith: Please list names of your children who participated in any of: a PLA tour, SFP summer mobilization, STF, Blessing.

K. Screening Process and Confirmation of Nominees

Regional Directors must appoint a committee of 5 or 6 leaders who can objectively screen nominees. The makeup of the committee should be from the following groups: FFWPU, WFWP, AFC, ACLC, Kodan, Business leader and KEA leader (where possible). Please email / fax the committee names and phone numbers to Jorg Heller. The Regional Selection Committee and Headquarters Selection Committee must evaluate nominees’ qualifications and achievements and make a decision about the nominees.

The committee appointed to organize the celebration for True Parents’ Birthday will screen the nominees recommended by the continental headquarters, make a final decision on participants for the special workshop, and announce the results on January 20, 2003.

L. Dead lines

Each Region should distribute the information and forms to the individual candidates by Sunday December 22, 2002.

Individual Candidates

Individuals should return the completed forms to the regional committee office by next Saturday, December 28, 2002.

Each regional committee office must submit all the documents about award nominations to Washington, DC Headquarters by January 7, 2003.

Please send these important documents by Federal Express only to the Washington DC Headquarters.

3224 16th Street NW
Washington DC, 20010

Headquarters must screen all the submitted documents, decide the nominees to represent their continents and submit the list of Cheon Il Guk Owner Award nominees by January 15, 2003, to the World Mission Headquarters.

L. Documents Attached

All to be sent back to Region & HQ (Microsoft Word format)
* Cheon Il Guk Award Nomination
* Cheon Il Guk Award Worksheet
* Spiritual Children Form
* Organization of Tribes Form
* Clergy, WFWP, Ambassador for Peace & other Educational Activities Form
* Offering Form

M. Administrative Details

In accordance with True Parents’ instructions, there will be equal numbers of men and women awardees (men 1,000 and women 1,000). Continental headquarters screening committees will therefore have to maintain the same ratio between men and women for the nominees for the awards. (Example: In the case of North America, 250 men and 250 women should be selected for participation). The continental director has final authority in decisions on this matter.

N. Headquarters Selection Committee

Dr. Chang Shik Yang – Chairman
Rev. Michael Jenkins – President
Rev. Phillip Schanker – VP
AlexaWard – VP
Steven Jares – Coordinator
Jorg Heller – Secretary
Jim Flynn
Eric Holt

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