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The 400 Million Blessing Campaign: Goals

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July 8, 1999
TO: American Family Church members
FM: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Dr. Tyler Hendricks
RE: The 400 Million Blessing Campaign: Goals

Dear brothers and sisters,

The formal 400 million campaign in North America began on July 1, 1999. The overall strategy is to first fulfill the quantitative goal and then go for quality. The quantitative goal is fulfilled through sharing the Pure Love Pledge, together with a local message, and a piece of Pure Love Candy. You can do this in the context of rallies and demonstrations, etc. More on this later.

Three 40-Day Periods

Dr. Yang announced a series of three 40-day periods in which to fulfill our 80 million blessing goal: July 1 August 9, August 10 September 18, September 19 October 28. Since then we have made great progress and we have heard good testimonies. Vice-President Michael Jenkins, based upon the Chicago experience over the July 4 weekend, believes that we can complete our 80 million North America goal by August 9.


Beginning August 10, Father has directed that the first matching toward the 400 million blessing begin. Thus the second goal for this first 40-day period is that each blessed couple send one applicant for that matching.

Regional Goals

We have set the following regional goals, based upon the number of blessed families reported in the monthly report, arranged according to the new regional configuration.

Region Goal (in millions)

1. DC 12.0
2. NY 16.0
3. New Jersey 11.0
4. Boston 3.0
5. Columbus 2.5
6. Atlanta 2.5
7. Miami 1.5
8. Chicago 6.7
9. Minneapolis 1.5
10. Dallas 2.0
11. Denver 2.0
12. Seattle 4.5
13. San Francisco 5.5
14. Los Angeles 7.0
15. Montreal 0.3
16. Toronto 1.5
17. Vancouver 0.5

Average per family: 30,000
Average per day per family for 120 days: 250
Goal per individual (given by True Father): 7,700

Awards Program

National HQ will give a medal to those families who reach 30,000 by August 9, the end of the first 40-day period. We will grant a special medal to the top 10 families of the first 40-day period.

The result numbers must be validated by your State Leader and Regional Director. The Regional Directors must send to National HQ the top results from their region at the end of the first 40-day period. We will present the names and photos of the award winners to True Parents.

The Pure Love Pledge

HSA Headquarters endorses the Pure Love Pledge in this campaign, as created by the Pure Love Alliance. For those who do not have it, this is the Pledge:

The Pure Love Pledge

The pure relationship between a man and a woman is a sacred gift to be cherished and honored for the sake of building a true family, healthy society, and a world of peace for future generations. Once that love is consummated, it should never be broken.

Therefore, from this day forward, I commit myself to:

Respect and honor the ideal of purity in myself and others Practice pure love as a child, friend, spouse, and parent Refrain from all sexual relationships before marriage Dedicate myself to absolute fidelity within marriage Encourage others to do the same.

For your information, the Pure Love Alliance web-site is <<http://>>


Please report your blessing results through your State and Regional HQs. Regional HQs must gather all their region's data and get it to National HQ, on Monday evening (latest Tuesday noon). We send the compiled report to International HQ on Tuesday at 5 p.m., and from there it goes to our True Parents.

God bless your blessing!

ITN, Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Dr. Tyler Hendricks 

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