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Address at the Preliminary Won Jeon of Young Jin Moon

Chang Shik Yang
October, 30, 1999

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November 11, 1999 - Veterans Day

TO: Regional Directors, State Leaders, Brothers and Sisters
FM: Tyler Hendricks

Attached is Dr. Chang Shik Yang's address given at the preliminary Won Jeon Ceremony of Young Jin Nim, October 30, 1999. I read it at the Farewell Ceremony at the same site, before the transfer of Young Jin Nim's body to Korea, on November 7, 1999. Several members who were at the Farewell Ceremony asked for a copy, and Dr. Yang has given his consent that it be made available.

I believe that this address is an inspired summary of the providential meaning of Young Jin Nim's transition to the spirit world. It has been helpful to me, as a foundation for my prayer, and I hope that all members can benefit from it.

I encourage us all at this time to develop our heartistic relationship with Young Jin Nim, the True Parents and True Family. We can gain spiritual power by connecting in prayer with Young Jin Nim, and by doing so we will come to a deep and personal understanding of his death and presence in the spirit world.

The time in America corresponding to Young Jin Nim's Seung Hwa in Korea is tonight at 8 p.m. EST. I hope that we all can gather to participate in this event.


Fervent Request and Report Offered to Jehovah God and the Parents of Heaven and Earth at the American (Preliminary) Won Jun Ceremony Of Beloved Young Jin Nim

Time: October 30, 1999, 10:00am
Place: Sierra Memorial Garden #115,
Lemmon Valley, Nevada
Attending Persons: Chang Shik Yang, Hyo Yul Kim, Robert Smart
Author: Continental Director for North America, Chang Shik Yang

Almighty Jehovah! Jehovah, who is the parent and giver of life to all humankind!

Victorious True Parents, Parents of Heaven and Earth!

We kneel today at the Seung Hwa ceremony of Young Jin Nim, a child in the family of the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

Young Jin Nim was born on the seventeenth day of the fifth lunar month of 1978 in New York, USA, as the True Parents' twelfth child and sixth son, the second son to be born in the United States. He demonstrated a keen intellect throughout his studies and was a model of love among his siblings until around 10 o'clock in the evening on October 27, 1999, when he departed for the heavenly world at the age of twenty-one in circumstances that are known only to Heaven.

Oh God, our Father!

All events in this world - even it is a single autumn leaf falling to the ground in the fullness of time or a sparrow falling from the sky - are somehow related to the Providence of Heaven to recreate this world through the course of restoration through indemnity. Certainly, then, the events that occur in the True Family of the True Parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth, must be regarded as holding special significance. Even the breeze that is created when a true child moves, or the fact that something catches their eye as they pass by, is somehow connected to the absolute Providence.

Jehovah God, our Father!

Words cannot describe the pain in my heart when I first learned of the incident of Young Jin Nim's passing. Even for me to dare define such things in my imagination is a serious act of disrespect that violates my filial duty to You, our Parent in Heaven. Still, as a witness conducting this step of Young Jin Nim's departure, and in my public capacity as Continental Director for North America appointed by order of the True Parents, I offer my observations on the Seung Hwa of our beloved Young Jin Nim in the form of this fervent request and report. I pray You will forgive the inadequacies of my thoughts and words and that You will open wide the gates of heaven so that all the saints may surround and protect Young Jin Nim on his journey. I pray You will allow Young Jin Nim to have a peaceful path abounding with love and new hope under the guidance of Heung Jin Nim, the supreme commander of the spiritual world.

First, True Parents have recently declared the Ku-gu-jol (Nine Nine Day), Sam-shib-jol (Three Ten Day), and I-shib-jol (Two Ten Day) in accordance with the providential timetable controlling the spiritual and physical worlds for the purpose of accomplishing the total indemnity restoration of the six thousand year history of the Restoration Providence. On October 23, 1999, the True Parents declared the Day of Blessing and Liberation of All the Cosmos, thereby liberating all the creation and the cosmos. On this foundation, they have finally declared the beginning of the Age of the 4th Adamic Realm, that is, the age of the original ideal in which You exercise direct dominion.

Young Jin Nim has gone as a righteous offering representing the True Family to save all humanity in the spiritual and physical worlds who are unable to converge with this Providence directed by True Parents and are unable to stand in a providential relationship with the True Parents through their absolute faith and accomplishments. The True Parents, by their profound true love for humanity in both the spiritual and physical worlds, have brought liberation and blessing indiscriminately to a humanity that is terribly unprepared and lacking in merit. They have superceded the Principle teaching that a person may receive the Holy Blessing only while on Earth. They have even opened the gates of hell to give the Holy Blessing to more than seven billion spirit people, and permitted them to carry out the Three Day Ceremony with people on the Earth. I believe Heaven has permitted the sacrifice of the True Family's Young Jin Nim as dispensation for this incredibly large grace that has been given to us by True Parents.

Second, we are about to conclude October, the 10th month, a month of blessing and liberation, and are approaching the 40th celebration of True Children's Day on November 8th. For this day, True Parents are calling all blessed couples from the 36 Couples to the 430 Couples. In addition, they have called the broken second-generation couples for an internal dispensation of total indemnity and forgiveness. We are at the providential time when the Cain-type realm can receive forgiveness on the condition of the True Parents' realm of victory and their unconditional true love. Yet, we have not been able to establish the indemnity condition for such forgiveness through repentance and dedication, nor bring sufficient accomplishment to qualify ourselves for such grace. Young Jin Nim has gone as a representative sacrificial offering from the family of True Parents, who are the Abel among Abels. That is, he has become the condition that Heaven's side had to put forward in order that blessed families in the Cain realm could receive total salvation.

Third, Young Jin Nim has taken this path of sacrifice during this time when True Parents are in the process of completing the final stages of the Providence to liberate and save all people in the world by the Holy Blessing of 400 million couples centering on unmarried men and women. To do this, they have given the Holy Blessing to 1.6 billion unmarried people in the spirit world and given out holy candy so as to save all people from the womb onward. He has become a living sacrifice for them. Also, Young Jin Nim went to the heavenly world at the age of 21, thus completing the number seven three times and achieving the age of completion as a member of the second generation. He has gone in the position of a total sacrificial offering to bring to God not only the heavenly side second generation, but the satanic side second generation as well.

Fourth, Young Jin Nim goes at a time when the True Parents, by virtue of the realm of their victory, designated and blessed Korea, Japan, and the United States-previously the Adam, Eve and Archangel countries-as the Father, Mother, and Elder Son countries. Then the True Parents announced a Providence to unite these three countries through the third celebration of the Chil-pal-jol (Seven Eight Day-Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of the Parents of Heaven and Earth) on August 17, 1999.

Young Jin Nim was the second son of the True Parents family to be born in the Elder Son country America. He was raised as a citizen of the United States and has now left this world while in America. He has thus gone the way of sacrifice as the second son of the Adamic family for the purpose of recovering the Cain side Elder Son nation. Through his sacrifice, Young Jin Nim has established the mission and responsibility that was America's to do in the course of True Parents' Providence, so as to completely indemnify America's failure following the Second World War in its providential mission centering on the Christian realm and establish America as Heaven's side Elder Son nation.

Almighty, Jehovah God!

In conclusion, Young Jin Nim has passed into spirit world when we are approaching the completion of the six thousand year Providence through the Holy Blessing of 400 million couples under this year's motto, "The Cosmic Expansion of the True Blessing and the Cutting off of Satan's Lineage." He goes when True Parents-through Ku-gu-Jol (Nine Nines Day), Sam-shib-jol (Three tens Day), and the I-shib-jol (Two Tens Day) that followed-have cleaned away even the final vestiges of Satan. It is no longer possible or allowable for conditions to be established for Satan's accusation. Thus, Young Jin Nim's passing has no relation to Satan. Young Jin Nim goes as the final righteous offering that is required for us to move into the conclusion of Heaven's Providence, and as a living sacrificial offering for the total liberation of all Heaven and Earth. He goes for the sake of the entire Cain-type realm.

Young Jin Nim's passing from the physical world took place on the 27th of October, the 66th day prior to the close of 1999. Thus, the sixth son of the True Family went into the spirit world as indemnity to restore the number six, which has been under Satan's dominion, for the sake of six thousand years of Providential history. In this sense, he has gone as a symbol of the total living offering, as a sacrifice for the total liberation and blessing of all creation and the cosmos, and for the opening of the Age of the 4th Adamic Realm. Clearly, this is because all blessed couples in the Cain-type realm-from the 36 Couples to the 360 million Couples-have not been able to fully accomplish for Heaven our portion of responsibility. Young Jin Nim has gone as the representative sacrificial offering that was required of the Abel-type realm because the children in the Cain-type realm could not come together and thus were inadequate to carry out Heaven's Providence. Thus, this is a pure and noble sacrifice brought about by the failings of all of us who are blessed couples. Young Jin Nim passed into spirit world four days ago during October, the tenth month, the month of blessing and liberation, at 10 o'clock at night, and this morning, we observe this heavenly ceremony at 10 o'clock in the morning. I pray to You, God, that you will connect this to the Sam-shib-jol and I-shib-jol, and receive it as part of the Providence to complete the number 10.

Oh God, who is the Almighty Jehovah!

Victorious Parents of Heaven and Earth!

From all this, the Seung Hwa of Young Jin Nim is an incident that You have permitted as part of the process by which the True Parents and the True Family are themselves indemnifying and accomplishing the portion of responsibility of the Cain-type realm that is required in order that Heaven's Providence can be brought to its final conclusion. Following the Seung Hwa of Heung Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim has become another sacred sacrifice of the True Parents and the True Family for the sake of the redemption of humankind. Even the investigators of the Cain-type realm have raised questions based on the absence of any major external injuries to his physical body and remarked that he looks as though he is only sleeping.

Oh God, who is the Almighty Jehovah!

Victorious Parents of Heaven and Earth!

Please open wide the gates of heaven and receive Young Jin Nim, who goes as the first pure offering after the beginning of the Age of the 4th Adamic realm.

Beloved Young Jin Nim!

How perplexed you must be to have begun this journey so suddenly. But, Young Jin Nim, you have come, and you continue to go now, on an internal course of the Providence about whose nature even you are not fully aware. In accordance with the words of the blessing that True Parents have already given for the path on which you have departed, please form a unity centering on your older brother Heung Jin Nim and with your older sister Hye Jin and older brother Hee Jin, form a four-position foundation in the spirit world centering on the True Children so as to become a guardian spirit for True Parents on Earth. Protect the True Parents, and become the filial son that you could not fully be while you were on Earth. In the unlikely event that you experience difficulty on your path, light your way with the holy item True Parents have handed down to you and which has now been placed on your right hand. You are going dressed as a prince of the heavenly world, so you can boldly command the angels to light your way. When you finally reach your rightful place and are able to settle there, please become a cornerstone for the eternal victory and glory of the True Parents.

Jehovah God! Parents of Heaven and Earth!

On the basis of this report, I pray that You will shine Your light on Young Jin Nim's path. I pray that his way maybe as soft as heavenly silk.

As a representative of all the Cain-type children throughout the world, I earnestly pray all this to You, Jehovah God our Father and the victorious Parents of Heaven and Earth in the name of Continental Director for North America, Chang Shik Yang, President of the Korean Education Foundation of the America's, Hyo Yul Kim, and National Messiah Robert Smart, blessed couples who have received the True Parents' realm of victory through the blessing.

Amen, Amen, Amen.


The holy item placed on Young Jin Nim's right hand was True Father's wristwatch, which Father gave for that purpose on the departure of Dr. Yang, Rev. Kim and Mr. Smart from East Garden to Nevada.

The World Seung Hwa Ceremony for Young Jin Nim will take place at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center, Seoul, at 10 a.m. on Friday, November 12, 1999. The Won Jeon Ceremony will take place at the Paju Won Jeon (near Heung Jin Nim's Won Jeon) on the same day at 1:30 p.m. The Sam Woo Jae (Third Day of Remembrance) will take place at the Paju Won Jeon at 10 a.m. on Sunday, November 14, 1999.

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