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America Honors the 80th Birthday of Reverend Sun Myung Moon

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General Information for Church Members October 22, 1999

Dear brothers and sisters,

As we prepare to celebrate True Father's 80th birthday, let us consider the best way to express our gratitude to our True Parents for their incredible investment in our lives. More importantly, let us think of how to gather the fruits of their 40-year ministry in America, and offer them genuinely with a heart of gratitude. There are so many in this country whose lives have been forever changed by meeting True Parents, yet countless others who have absolutely no idea about all the wonderful things that Father and Mother have done for God and humankind. How can we express our hearts toward our Parents, gather those who love and respect them, and make others aware of who they really are?

We are calling for an American celebration of True Parents' 80th birthday with these things in mind. The February celebration in Korea, connected to WCSF IV and the 400 Million Couples Blessing, will have the greatest spiritual significance, centering on Chung Pyung Lake and the Olympic Stadium. However, our American event will have the greatest public impact upon the world. We will make a serious effort to notify the media of this event, and strive to gain the most positive and widespread coverage possible.

Our Continental Director, Dr. Chang Shik Yang, has appointed Dr. Tyler Hendricks to serve as Coordinator of this event and Rev. Phillip Schanker to serve as Assistant Coordinator. We are now preparing a working committee to prepare the event; already much has been set up, but there is much more to do very soon. We send this memo in order to inform all members of the planning and what each of us can do to make this celebration a great success.


Opening Events: Press Conference, Thursday, January 20, 2000 National Press Club (tentative)

Congressional Reception: Thursday, January 20, 2000, US Capitol Building (tentative)

IIFWP Conference: Thursday, January 20 - Saturday, January 22, 2000 (location TBA)

80th Birthday Celebration Banquet: The evening of Saturday, January 22, Washington Hilton Hotel. This event is also the closing banquet of the IIFWP conference. This will be the crowning event of the three days. It will be a black tie affair for 3,000, featuring a performance by the Kirov Ballet Academy and New York City Symphony, a presentation of True Parents' ministry through a display together with videos and live testimony, and the reception of 2,000 proclamations, letters and awards.

Responsibilities and Opportunities for the American Membership

It is valuable for each of us to make an offering toward True Parents' 80th Birthday celebration in the Elder Son Nation. Here's some ways each of us can help. We will send out materials necessary for these steps this month, but we want you to start thinking about what you might be able to contribute.

IIFWP Conference: Invite local religious, political and academic contacts to the 7th conference (January 20-22) when it rolls around. If they attend the conference, they will automatically attend the Celebration Banquet. 80th Birthday Celebration Banquet:

Live testimony: Submit the name, background, and testimony content of a VIP who can give a moving, brief, personal testimony about their experience with True Parents. We will inform you if we can include your nominee in the program.

2,000 proclamations, letters and awards: Start to accumulate them now. We will gather them centering on the Regional Directors and State Leaders. All members in each region and state should coordinate with the church leader to gather these and send them to HQ.

Inviting Guests for the Banquet: We are selling tables for ten. Ideally, you can cover the cost of tables you order by having your guests buy tables or seats. We will send you invitational materials to use to invite guests.

Who should buy tables:

National HQ
Regional Leaders
State Leaders
World CARP / PLA (local and national HQs)
Business Leaders (local and national HQs, same as the church)
Tribal Messiahs
Christian ministers and leaders of all religions
Business contacts
Friends and relatives

How to organize locally to buy tables:

Members can join together to purchase one or more tables. If you have a large local membership, you may find it better to create a committee for this purpose. For example, a small state far away from DC could determine to purchase two tables. All the members and businesses in the state could contribute to cover the cost of the table and transportation for guests. We should expect that those non-members who will attend will want to honor True Father by paying for their own table or seats. A large state closer to DC could determine to purchase forty tables, and get together to decide how the various communities, businesses or departments in the state would share the responsibility.

Overnight in DC for out-of-region guests:

We will arrange hotel rooms (discount if possible) for guests (and members) who need to stay the night of the 22nd. Indicate on the table reservation form which guests will have an overnight stay.

Cost of tables: (We saved the best for last.)

We have to raise a significant amount of money for this event, including a gift for True Parents appropriate to the occasion. We should absolutely raise this money from our own resources, so that the event is a true offering of the Elder Son Nation. We will raise it through sales of tables and individual or corporate contributions.

Level, Amount, What you get

Diamond - $40,000

Your name or your company's name in the program as a Diamond Donor; a special edition program; photo at your table, framed as a gift to each person at the table; high priority table location close to True Parents.

Platinum - $20,000

Your name or your company's name in the program as a Platinum Donor; a special edition program; photo at your table, framed as a gift to you; second priority table location close to True Parents.

Gold - $10,000

Your name or your company's name in the program as a Gold Donor; a special edition program; photo at your table, framed as a gift to you; third priority table location close to True Parents.

Silver - $5,000

Your name or your company's name in the program as a Silver Donor; a special edition program; photo at your table; fourth priority table location close to True Parents.

Regular - $2,000

Your historical presence at this event.

"Early-bird" (payment received before Dec. 1) - $1,500

NOTES: For the regular tables, location will be assigned based upon order that the reservation was received. The earlier you make the reservation, the better your location will be. Diamond, Platinum and Gold donors may receive more than one table, depending upon availability.

How to Reserve a Table:

You can reserve a table by purchasing it (check to HSA-UWC memo field: 80th birthday; or by credit card). We will send you a confirmation.

As soon as possible, you should send the names of the party of ten that will be seated at your table(s). We are sending a form on which to provide name, location, position and other information about the members and guests at your table.


Our True Parents are very inspired and excited with our initiation of this 80th Birthday celebration in America. Korea and Japan both are preparing major events and offerings for our True Parents on this occasion. Instead of just participating in those events, we should create our own -- it will inspire the world. Especially we can make every effort to have good media coverage so that the larger society know that our True Father is still a major player on the global scene.

Let us make our True Parents proud of their Elder Son Nation. On the foundation of this victory, True Parents can stand before God, Satan and the world and declare God's ownership of the Elder Son Nation. This will serve to benefit this nation in ways spiritual and practical forever. Let us work together for the sake of the future of America -- and the world, centering on true love.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director
Dr. Tyler Hendricks, President
Rev. Phillip Schanker, Vice-President
Mrs. Yoko Kobayashi, Vice-President
Rev. Michael Jenkins, Vice-President
Rev. Levy Daugherty, Vice-President

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