The Words of the Yang Family

National Police hear anti-communist lecture

In Soo Yang
March 18, 1971

Anti-Communist lecturer In Soo Yang

On March 18th, there was delivery of anti-communist lecture by Mr. In Soo Yang on the subject "Establishment of victorious structure and Korean direction" at the Mapo Police Station with the presence of 130 persons including policemen, and health office members under the auspices of the International Federation for Extermination of Communism.

His passionate, systematic and humorous lecture during two and half hours led the audience to deep impression and excitement.

Mr. Kong Suk-Min, Chief of 3rd Branch, Mapo Police Station

During the month of March, Mr. Yang delivered victorious theory over communism at schools, government authorities and reserve army units whose audience in total is 15,000 with the positive coordination of Mapo Police Station (Seoul).

Especially, Mr. Suk Min Kong, chief of 3rd Branch, the police station gave his impression as follows,

"Mr. Yang made big contribution to making epoch in leading the Korean people to the unified one armed with victorious theory over communism through his sharp criticism against contradictory communist theories." 

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