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Instructions For Participation In Dae Mo Nim's Tour In Feb. 2007

Chang Shik Yang
December 19, 2006

This Memo must be faxed by the District Headquarters to all the State Centers.

Please inform all Tribal Messiahs concerning the content of this memo.


To: All Members of FFWPU
From: Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Michael Jenkins
Date: December 19, 2006
RE: Instructions for participation in Dae Mo Nimís tour in Feb. 2007

On the foundation of True Parents victory in achieving the three generational settlement, a new era of Grace is now extended to all. This is a time to make sure that everyone who has ever known True Parents and anyone who has ever been blessed or touched in any way are informed about the grace of this moment in history. We donít know if this will ever be extended again.

Please make sure every member comes and that their children 12 and over come. This is part of the dispensational course we are to walk to fulfill the creation of the ideal family in our own tribe.

Here is some important information to help prepare correctly for the four events. Please read this entire memo carefully.

I. Enrollment for the event:

ALL of your forms plus your donations and fees must be turned in to your district headquarters. Please do not send anything to National Headquarters or contact the host cities for assistance. Each district will designate members who are prepared to answer your questions and assist you.

II. Ceremony registration:

Please complete your forms and submit them to your district HQ as soon as possible. (Compiling all this information is a huge task!) No forms can be submitted after January 31st.

1-A. Registration for Special Workshop for the New Beginning of CIG Blessed Families Every family who has someone attending the workshop must fill this out for Chung Pyung. Each family should attend the workshop.

1-B. Ancestor liberation

1-C. Ancestor blessing

1-D. Registration blessing (only for families of wives who completed 21-day registration workshop)

1-E. Bequeathing of Tongil candle for seungwha-ed 2nd generation

1-F. Spirit world/physical world matching workshop and spirit world/physical world blessing.

1-G. Back payment form

Wish papers will be available at each of the four events.

Please write in English, and PRINT when filling out the forms.
Make a copy of the completed forms for your own permanent record. We must all take responsibility for this.

(The "Guidelines for Preparation" (pdf) manual should answer most of your questions about how to fill out the forms. If you have additional questions, please contact your district headquarters.)


1. If you decide to go to the workshop in a different city after you submit registration for ancestor liberation or blessing, you MUST notify your district headquarters so that your information is recorded for Dae Mo Nim on the list for the correct city.

2. If one spouse is ascended, their husband or wife may liberate and bless the ascended spouseís ancestors.

III. Fees and Donations:

1. Workshop enrollment fee: To be decided. (Make checks out to HSA-UWC. Credit card can be used to pay this fee. It must be paid separately from the donations below.)

2. Donation of Gratitude: $120 per person for each member of your family, including those who are not attending the workshop. This donation is one of the four elements needed to participate in this special grace. ($120 applies to everyone living in the US, regardless of nationality or immigration status.)

3. Donation for Ancestor liberation and/or blessing: We suggest you give ancestor donations according to the following priority: First, bless all ancestors who have completed the 100-day workshop. (After their 40-day blessing workshop, these ancestors can return to assist you.) Second, complete back payments to finish liberating ancestors. Third, liberate additional generations of ancestors.

4. Donation for Prayer/Wish Request papers Ė a fixed amount is offered for every paper. Check with your district or state leader for further information.

(Checks for #2-4 should be made out to HSA-UWC-CSC. No credit cards can be used to make these donations. Checks going to Chung Pyung will be deposited in Korea by the end of February.)

IV. Internal conditions:

Each person over 16 should complete the 1-day fast either before or during the workshop.

Please prepare with sincerity the internal conditions for the workshop and ancestor liberation/blessing. For ancestor liberation our responsibility is to complete a 21-day condition for each set of 7 generations being liberated Ė either breakfast fast or 50 bows a day. See the manual for more explanation. If we do not complete our responsibility then Dae Mo Nim has to take that additional burden on herself.

1. If you have questions about your ancestor records, you may write to (English) and (Japanese). Include the following:

a. Husband & Wifeís full name (first, middle, maiden, last, nickname) - we need this in case you used different names at past registrations
b. Blessing group or year of blessing
c. State that you live in
d. Names of other family members (including 2nd gen. over 16) who have done liberation for you at Chung Pyung
e. Birthdays of Husband, Wife, 2nd gen. who have done liberation
f. Date you last did liberation in America, which generation(s) you liberated at that time, and in which city you participated

2. If you need information about donations you made during Dae Mo Nimís previous tours in the US, you may write to

IV. What to bring to the event:

Receipt or record showing payment of workshop fee and gratitude donation.
Each person (including children) should have: FM Radio Nice white shirt (t-shirt is fine)
Adults participating in any of the blessings should bring: Holy Robe and white gloves Blessing Ring
Parents receiving the candle for seungwha-ed 2nd generation should bring: A new white candle to be multiplied from Dae Mo Nimís candle.

Let us all cooperate as brothers and sisters so that all are able to participate in this most significant heavenly grace.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director - FFWPU
United States of America

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins
President - FFWPU
Unites States of America

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