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An Historical Opportunity for Blessed Children who have Fallen to Totally Restore the Original Path of Second Generation

Chang Shik Yang
November 28, 2006


TO: Regional, State and Church Leaders, Blessed Family Department Representatives; for all Blessed Central Families and Second Generation

FROM: Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Rev. Michael Jenkins and Rev. Phillip Schanker

DATE: November 28, 2006

RE: An Historical Opportunity for Blessed Children who have Fallen to Totally Restore the Original Path of Second Generation

For all Blessed Children who have fallen, or rejected the path of the Principle and Blessing for whatever reason, True Parents are extending a unique and historic opportunity for you to reconsider the meaning and value of your birth and heritage, and to reconnect to that path in a way that was impossible until now. This opportunity will be explained and discussed in two special workshops. The first workshop will be held on December 15-17, 2006 in a private location near New York City. The second workshop will be held on January 19-21, 2006 in a private location in southern California.

Foundation for this historic "amnesty"

With the advancement of True Parents' foundation of victory and kingship, and the establishment of the original tradition of the Blessing in 3 generations of their lineage, the foundation for the total sovereignty of God's standard of goodness has been established. The realm where goodness, justice and peace are sovereign is "Cheon Il Guk," the nation of cosmic peace and unity, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

As this realm expands through the establishment of the Blessing and is implemented worldwide through the Universal Peace Federation, the standards and values of heavenly, God-centered living are being spread throughout the world by our True Parents. In connection with this, Father is opening the gates of Cheon Il Guk for all those who may have violated its principles through misusing love, material, hurting others, etc. This "amnesty" or "pardon," offers the opportunity for all Second Generation (and First Generation) who wish to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk in preparation for its total establishment, provided they are determined to live in accordance with its principles from this day forward.

The "window of opportunity" for this renewal is between now and True Parents next birthday, February 23, 2007.

The "Special Amnesty And Renewal" Workshop

For all members of the Second Generation who have fallen, or for one reason or another have rejected the path of the Principle and the Blessing, but who wish to reconsider and possibly recommit to this path, a "Special Amnesty and Renewal" workshop will explain the significance of this historic opportunity, and provide time to reflect, discuss and consider its meaning for you.

East Coast Workshop

WHEN: Friday, December 15th, 3:00 PM through Sunday, December 17th, 3:00 PM

WHERE: The workshop retreat site is within 40 minutes of New York City and 90 minutes of several airports. For air travel, plan on early Friday afternoon arrivals and Sunday evening departures.

West Coast Workshop

WHEN: Friday, January 19th, 3:00 PM through Sunday, January 21st, 3:00 PM

WHERE: The workshop retreat site is within 2 hours of Los Angeles and 90 minutes of OntarioAirport. For air travel, plan on early Friday afternoon arrivals and Sunday night departures.


The 2-day programs will be held in beautiful and private locations. Participation is strictly confidential, and recommended for any Blessed Child who left the path of the Principle, but who wishes to reconsider their future and grasp the meaning of the current opportunity being extended by True Parents. Parents may accompany their Blessed son or daughter, with that child's understanding and approval. Parents of a child in this category may also attend by themselves.

Participants are expected to respect the confidentiality of all who attend, and will be asked to sign a written pledge to do so. Those who wish to attend should contact to receive a registration form. The exact location of the workshops and other relevant details will be given to each participant immediately upon registration.

Both workshops will be led by Rev. Phillip Schanker, Vice-President for Education of the Family Federation, as well as single and Blessed Second Generation from the Special Category Ministry.

The profound meaning of this great opportunity will be discussed, and each participant will have an opportunity to reflect upon their own spiritual circumstance, path to the Blessing and opportunities for renewal. We will do our best to answer any and all questions. Special meetings will be organized for youth who have attended previous SCBC workshops, as well as for parents.

We look forward to hearing from those young people who wish to find a clear path toward the Blessing, or simply to reconcile the past and search for their purpose and destiny.


Dr. Chang Shik Yang
FFWPU of North America
Continental Director

Rev. Michael Jenkins

Rev. Phillip Schanker
Vice President for Education

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