The Words of the Yang Family

Invitation To Special Peace Mission

Chang Shik Yang
October 16, 2006

Universal Peace Federation - Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace
North American Office: 3224 16th St., N.W. (Washington, DC 20010
Telephone: 202-319-3200 Fax 202-319-3201

Dear Religious Leaders,

On behalf of the founders of the Universal Peace Federation and the Ambassadors for Peace initiative, the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, it is our pleasure to invite you to join a special "Peace Mission" that will travel throughout the world to bring the Message of Peace. Our first task is to conduct 120 events in our pulpits throughout America and then we will travel to Japan on Saturday, October 21st in the evening. (This departure will be different for each area of the U.S. - some may depart on Sunday, October 22nd - We will most likely be using commercial air).

Our mission will be to extend the call for all people to end the divisions and barriers that divide us and enter an era in which we end war and conflict. This will be the era in which the family becomes the center and foundation for Peace. In this regard you will be going out to the whole world to bring God's Word and Love. You will also be conducting the blessing ceremony extending the power of the Holy Spirit of God to the family with such a power that divorce and adultery will be stopped. You will represent the Second Israel, the Elder Son Nation with the spirit of the Perfected Jesus.

Who is to come?


What will they do?

They will go to the churches, mosques or other locations in 120 places and deliver the speech entitled: "The True Owners in Establishing the Kingdom of Peace and Unity in Heaven and Earth"

How will we travel?

Air transportation will be provided by UPF USA and then the host country will provide food, accommodations and transportation to the 120 cities. We will travel mostly by commercial plane in groups of 12. There will be one Unification ACLC Pastor designated as a coordinator of each group of 12. That Coordinator will also be a speaker in one of the 12 places for that team. 10 Teams will cover 120 locations each day.

Passport Information:

Everyone should have a valid U.S. Passport. Visas will be secured for the group. There is no visa needed for Japan and Korea. After that we go to Europe.

Financial Considerations:

Please ask your church to sponsor you. This mission is a crucial effort to bring peace and therefore we request that all churches support their pastors and do as much as they can to offset costs.

Click Here for an Invitation Letter (pdf)

Tentative Schedule (Draft: Subject To Change)

Phase I - October 21 through November 10

October 21 United States
Ocotber 22 Travel
October 23 Arrive in Japan and go to 120 cities
October 24 Speak in 120 cities in Japan
October 25 Travel to Korea
October 26 ` Speak in 120 cities in Korea
October 27 Special Tours of Korea - DMZ - Briefings
October 28 Special Briefing and attend the World Peace Queen Cup
Soccer Tournament - U.S. Women's Team is participant
October 29 Travel to Europe
October 30 Europe
October 31 Europe
November 1 Europe
November 2 Europe
November 3 Europe
November 4 Europe
November 5 Europe
November 6 Europe
November 7 Travel to Middle East
November 8 Israel and Palestine
November 9 Jordan

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
UPF US Region

Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

James P. Flynn
Secretary General
UPF US Region

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