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Completion of first 40 Days of the 7 year course - 2nd 40 day begins Monday, 8-14

Chang Shik Yang
August 12, 2006

Dear Family,

The three 40 day periods starting from July 2nd represent the "Providence for the Start" of the 7 year course from July, 2006 through January 13, 2013. During this time period, it is of paramount importance that we set the right spiritual foundation for this time of transition and new development for America.

We are deeply grateful for your prayers and support in the successful transition that is occurring. We completed our first forty days on Thursday, August 10th and it is quite interesting that this was the same day that Dae Mo Nim brought the ancestor liberation and blessing to North America. Therefore our first 40 days ended with the offering of our prayer / wish requests and the special condition (through the burning ceremony) that our Blessed Ancestors record of mistakes was totally erased. This liberates us from any condition or curse from the past.

We will take three days for reflection and prayer between each forty day period of this first 120 days of the Seven Year course to 2013.

Therefore, the second 40 day period will begin on Monday, August 14, and ends on September 22 . At its conclusion, we will again spend three days for reflection and preparation. Therefore the third 40 day period will run from September 26 - November 4.

A special memo will come out tonight giving us new points for prayer and action for the second 40 day period.

We are deeply grateful for your commitment and support to lead the Elder Son Nation to fulfill its responsibility.

Sincerely in the love of True Parents,

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director
FFWPU North America

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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